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This is a group for all who like to write! And I hope you find humor in the name haha get it we're not starving artists we're starving authors...haha...maybe I'm just weird. Anywho! :) We accept everyone and anyone! We have editors, people who need their story to get edited, people who like to read pony stories, people who like to write pony stories, people who like to make friends, etc. We love everyone here :)

I just want to give a BIGGGGGGG thank you to The Spectralist! For creating our banner :) Thank you!

I just wanted to say I'm so proud of how this group has grown :) Thank you so much to everyone who has added their stories, created posts on the forum, interacted with each other, or even just joined the group! It means so much that this group is finally flourishing :) I hope it only continues to grow from here ^_^

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Hmmm...this group seems pretty interesting...count me in!:pinkiehappy:

I literally haven't eaten in seventeen hours.

There are no people left. Only ponies.

Out of curiosity, is anyone here still alive?
It's been quiet here for a long time.

Hi all,

Gotta be honest, the group's name immediately leapt out at me from the get go. It perfectly describes my current situation in the sense that I am really keen on trying my hand at MLP fanfiction but unfortunately lead a very busy day to day life and struggle to find the time to write. My first fic is still in its infancy and I'm still very much enjoying writing it. Still, I gotta admit, while half the fun is in writing the story, the other half really is in seeing others have fun reading it. It's coming to the stage where I want to know if there's enough people enjoying my fic for it to be worth continuing despite how busy my day to day life is. I'd love to have some more feedback, thoughts, etc. You know how it is.

If you've got a moment and you like slice-of-life stories with a touch of drama and tear-jerking moments and/or you're a fan of the child/orphan-raising and rags-to-riches genre, please take a gander at my story - My Little Queen
Blurb: Through a brief series of unfortunate events Twilight Sparkle ends up caring for a little filly. But she's not just any filly, she's the heiress to the Changeling Empire. And to complicate matters, she is only half changeling, and Twilight's got a sinking feeling she knows who the father is. Sure, the little filly prefers a morning snuggle or two for breakfast and coccoons her carrots and alfalfa away, her idea of making her bed is building a giant changeling web in the bedroom, it's impossible to tell her from her school friends at pick-up hour, her favourite hide-and-seek hiding spot is the ceiling, and, worst of all, she never puts all the books she reads back on the shelf. And she reads a lot! Still, it's no different from raising any other filly, right? So Twilight Sparkle, accidental mommy, thought.

This seems like an interesting group.

I just joined and posted a new fic called "the Ward" (still working on a name, and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated) Hope you guys like it!:pinkiehappy:

By the way, any suggestions about the story itself would also be appreciated!:pinkiehappy:

My new story
Stallions of Harmony- Longest Night needs some pimpin', so there you go :)

Also, a few more proofreaders could help as well :raritywink:

Hello everyone. I have just added Lord of the Ponies: The Search for Harmony. I hope you enjoy it :pinkiehappy:

Hello everybody,
I just added Spike the Knight.
It is an action adventure story with Spike as the main character.
Hope you enjoy.

Excuse me, I added Maternal Instinct to the Complete folder by mistake. My bad, could you please remove it from that folder?

I would be extremely grateful if someone could give me some feedback on my fic, Legacy: The End of Harmony.

I have made it my utmost priority to provide deep, well thought-out characters, with a story that will provide plenty of surprises along the way.

I've recently made some changes to the synopsis and first chapter, so I'd like to see if my alterations have made a difference. :eeyup: Thanks in advance.

If you don't mind, I would really appreciate an opinion on my fanfic, Evil Rising. It's already in your Editors and people who need edits. I reeeealy need someone to read it and comment on it. If you don't mind:twilightblush:.

If I can actually get some help, I'd greatly appreciate it if someone could help me out. The story is Of Chaos and Tyranny.

no problem just pm me and I'll help wherever u need it ^.^

Well, I was able to get my hours in.
And i'm not working on logs anymore.
Now it's Degrees, minutes, seconds, and radians.
Some help there would be nice.

I took pre-calc last year haha If you need help with logs I can help you out ^.^
And yeah >.< I've never even heard of that before tbh .... Gr how are the hours going anyway you getting anywhere?

I can only work with one person.
If I had the option to work with more people, I'd probably be just about finished with my hours by now.
I'm not even sure if i'd even want to work with anyone else.
My partner guy is awesome and he doesn't make the assignment feel like an assignment.
It's just the whole issue with time that's messing everything up.

It's a little funny, out of all the high-schools out there, I just so happen to get stuck at the crazy one that makes you go through all of this unnecessary extra shit in order to graduate.
What were the odds of that happening?

The class that i'm a little shaky with right now is Pre-calc.
We're doing a bunch of stuff with logarithims.

Oh noes I'm so sorry :( Can you follow around more than one person? And :( What class are you having problems with?

Hmm ... where do I start?
1. In order to graduate from my highschool, the seniors must spend a total of 75 or more hours with someone who has a job doing something that we wouldn't mind doing after stepping out of college.
Well, everything was smooth sailing for me until christmas break, cuz my partner guys office was closed until Jan. 7th. Apparently, my school won't cut me any slack, so I have 2 weeks to hit the 75 hour mark, and i'm currently stuck at 27. And seeing as how I can only see the guy 3 times a week, i'm kinda pressed for time right now. And if I fail this, my school gets to withhold my diploma.

2. because of the whole "spend 75 hours with an adult partner thing", I only have 2 classes per day. Normally, that'd be pretty cool. But I have a C in one of those classes, and a C- in the other, and report cards come out next week.
Pretty sure a C and a C- averages out to less than a 2.0, so i'm probably gonna have to put up with my dad's mouth.
The aggravating part is that my dad told me that if I bring home at least a 3.0, he'll buy me a car since I'll be getting my license soon.

3.The class that I have a C- in is on the verge of turning into a D since everytime I ask her for help, she always says go look in the text book.

The list goes on and on ...

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