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Just your average gaming geek/college student. I study computer science, play pathfinder, and write stories, and have a patreon!


BOOK WAS UPDATED!! · 10:56pm August 22nd

Well, kinda.

You guys remember how, a while back, I was arguing with amazon, trying to get them to update my book for the readers that already bought it? Well, I managed to get them to meet me halfway. Specifically, they sent me this email:


This is Alex from KDP. It is my pleasure to assist you.

We've reviewed the changes to your book, and we consider the content updates to be minor quality corrections.

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Glad to have you aboard on Positive Ponies, friend!

2896849 I do, I was just working on other things atm.

do u plan to continue The Nautilus Protocol anytime soon. im wondering so i will read it

2838592 It's What I Am: Chapter VIII. Sorry, I'll consider doing just that.

Also sorry, but hey, if it ever becomes a huge hit, you'll have a collector's item!

The foot ‘race’ with RD.

But you get the point right? Finding the scene I want shouldn’t require asking the author.

Also: how dare you not defy the laws of reality to update my paper and ink copy of your book!

  • Viewing 155 - 159 of 159
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