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So, made some serious changes... · 4:51am January 16th

So, I took in all the input, and made some serious changes. Didn't know if any of you saw them, so I thought I'd post about it here before I committed to publishing it. Thank you so much for your input, you guys really helped me out, there!

The link, so you don't have to go running off to the other blog post:

What I Am: Chapter XLIII

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2814910 Eyup. And while it could, in theory, be called a simple reskin of my story, that would not be doing it justice. I've made a whole new race, with its own culture and history to replace the ponies. This means that, while many of the plot points are going to be similar, most, if not all, have been reworked significantly, to the point where they've been changed altogether.
It's the same basic story, yes, but I feel like enough has changed about it at this point that you'll be (hopefully pleasently) surprised at how much of it is different. Many of the characters in the published version are composit characters, or characters made from two or more of the older characters, while a few have been removed entirely. Some are completely new to this version, and will have their own part to play as the story progresses. The confrontation between Ilisk and Hazalk, for example, got a major overhaul, and Ilisk specifically went through quite a few changes. If you choose to go ahead and buy it, I hope you enjoy what I did as much as I did writing it!

Ya just saw it in the epligoue lol. Wont let me view sample tho. I assume you had to change the mlp stuff?

2814891 It's What I've Become, by Knight Breeze. I've been putting a link for it at the end of each of my chapters since I've published it. The link is also in the author's notes of the final chapter of the version of What I've Become that's here on fimfiction.

But, I'm not one to send other people on wild goose chases looking for the link, so here it is:
What I've Become's amazon page.

You have a book on Kindle? What's it called?

2761375 Thanks a ton, man! I hope you enjoy it!

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