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Xlibris · 10:03pm May 23rd

Hey, you guys ever hear of Xlibris? I've got an offer from them to publish my book, but I'm getting some shady vibes from some of the reviews I've read about them. Any thoughts?

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Converted Books

A comprehensive list of the books I've made on this site, then turned into something that won't get me sued by Hasbro if I published them for money:

What I've Become

Nightmare of the Past (A conversion of What I've Done.)
Legends of the Future (Working title, a conversion of What I Am, also coming soon!)

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3271983 You're fine, and all of those are excellent suggestions. I'll see what I can do.

Nice! Back in the day, I was actually a voracious reader in r/HFY but haven't been there in a few years. I'll head over there and take a look at what you got. Can't get enough of the Birb people:raritywink:

I wouldn't know where else to post your story, maybe r/creativewriting? But I'm not sure if it's against the rules over there.

Also, have you thoght about royal road? How about promoting on some Facebook groups? I know there are several groups out there that would allow for self promotion, but they are for very niche genres, so you would have to find a group that both allows self promotion and fits your genre.

Sorry, i couldnt be of more help more.

3271943 It's KnightBreeze, and I post in HFY. I'd post in other places, like r/scifi or r/fantasy, but they have specific rules against self promotion, and are more about discussing these topics, rather than posting actual stories about these topics, go figure. Yes, I'm actively looking for other subreddits to crosspost my story, but so far the only subreddit I've found that actually welcomes these kinds of things is r/HFY. Go figure.

Just bought it a few days ago, I'm 25% in and loving it!

Also I didn't know you where on reddit, what's your user name and what sub reddit do you post in?

And now caught up on what you have posted on Reddit. Loving it. Though, I've noticed several minor proofreading errors as I did. Thankfully, they're minor.

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