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Just your average gaming geek/college student. I study computer science, play pathfinder, and write stories, and have a patreon!


Chapter 3 is ready. · 10:17pm March 24th

Well, this marks the halfway point. Only two, maybe three more chapters to go before we're finished with The Last Testament of Myrddin. Like I said, it's not long, since it's purpose is to close this plot thread, while introducing information that will be referenced in later installments. However, I hope you guys still find it entertaining, and will still take a look at it, and be my wingponies before I publish it.

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I've already read the chapter and can beraly wait to so this masterpiece you wrote continued

2983707 Thank you for taking the time to read it! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

Also, if you liked it so much, you should be happy to know that I've already published the next installment. It only has one chapter so far, but I've been working on remedying that. You can find it here:

A Darkened Sky.

I just finished reading the human within trilogy, and I must say if that doesn't earn you a follow I don't know what does. Have a good day my friend

  • Viewing 160 - 164 of 164
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