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This story is a sequel to What I've Done

This is the third book in The Humanity Within Trilogy. If you haven't read the other two books first, go back and do that now. Don't worry, this will still be here when you get back...

Also, if you've already finished this trilogy, you should be happy to know that the next book in the series, A Darkened Sky, is out right now! Go read it, follow it, and all that stuff!

I don't know what to believe anymore. I was sure they were all monsters, all demons bent on destroying any peace I and my new friends might find in this life.

I was wrong.

Instead of burning this world down around me, their weapons are pointed away from the planet, not towards it.

As if that conundrum wasn't perplexing enough, I also have to deal with finding my own place in this odd, yet familiar society. But how does one simply go back to being normal? Especially knowing that the real monsters that caused this mess in the first place could be just around the corner?

After all, it's not like I'll ever see my home planet again. They may not be here to hurt me or my friends, but I still don't trust these 'friendly' aliens to get me a ride home...

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Interesting chapter.

Yay, now there seems to be a conspiracy within Equestria now. The guy just can't catch a break, can he?

7155923 Nope, he's my punching bag.:pinkiehappy:

7155923 In all reality, though, this story does have a happy ending. I firmly believe in happy endings.

Thank God!!!!! That makes you a rare person in my book!

OMG! Who disliked this? WHO?!

Good job Knight Breeze, keep up the good work~! :DDD

a new dawn has come. i hope things go a little bit better for Alex, but i have a feeling that may not be the case. i cant wait to see what you have in store for us.:pinkiehappy:

7155929 I hold to the age old philosophy of Don bluth. it doesn't matter how dark a story is; if it has a happy ending.

I kind of hope that you try and not just have the plot going and going like before, you never really take the time to really let the characters get the know each other outside of learning sessions or when things get bad. There really hasn't been much in the way of just chapters for character development in the past two stories so I hope there will be at least some in this. Just simple things like him getting used to things on this world, hell I don't think he's even been around as he was either hidden in the forest or stuck in the castle the entire time.

Well...that's what prototypes are for: "figuring out what went wrong with the initial design."
Looks like someone is getting ready to build Weaponized Human Mark II...step 1: "start shopping" :twilightoops:

Evil cliffhanger there.^^


scholar? Good start, have another upvote. I like the threads we're getting to start out here and I'll agree with Agent-G in hoping to see more character development, especially if this is part 3 of 3. The plot has moved along at a rapid clip, totally understandable in this sort of tale, but hopefully as we reach towards better opportunities for communication we get some dialogue between the characters who are going to not just pick up the pieces, but build something with them. As much as I enjoyed the irony of seeing broken sentences during tense diplomatic situations, I feel it's more or less run its course as a plot device.

Looking forward to seeing more of this one.

gonna make a picture for the cover :pinkiesmile:

Yay. There's more.

Although, I can't help but be curious. How far removed is Alex, at the moment, from being fully 'human'? The pony's descriptions are so accurate that I can't tell. His eyes are all black? Or are they not? Is he losing hair? Or is it just because it's thinner compared to theirs? Need a human perspective, here.

And how far, biologically, is he? How many of his organs are reformatted? What's his DNA like? Can he even be called human?

Awesome new story in the series! Kinda curious just how many of Alex's friends he was able to separate, and how long it will be before they have forms of their own.

Also fairly amused to see that you have two stories on the featured box at the same time. :rainbowlaugh:

Part 3. Ready, GO!!!

Will start tracking.


Haters be hatin'... Pony up and carry on.

The Humanity Within trilogy eh? I like it, but why stop at a trilogy? Then a printed hardcover and a graphic novel. TV, movie deals, and my god, the merchandising!

On second thougjt Hasbro would quash most of that. Oh well, still a good story so far.

Probably some fool who thinks that they don't need to read the stories that came before it.

All right! Now we get to see part in portion what's going on on Earth!
Glad to see the 'rents are worried, interesting his mom's profession (actually, technically dangerous to label her as his mom just yet, huh?)
Keep going! ;)

You got on the featured list almost instantly...

7156470 When I clicked the thumbs up 2-1/2 hours ago, I made it 100:1. It's now @ 193:2. This puppy's gone to warp right off the launch pad! :rainbowlaugh:

7156487 Currently it's in 2nd!

Valerie is supposed to be Alex's girlfriend if I remember correctly. It's nice to see what's going on with her after Alex's mysterious disappearance.

This is now #1 on the full featured list!

And there's only 28 comments ATM!

(The non-full one is with mature turned off)

I want to see the art for this story. :duck: I liked the last two. :pinkiehappy:

I'm sad to see the aliens still poking around earth, but I guess that's to be expected. :eeyup:

Darn. Here I was thinking you'd keep up with the whole "What I've Done" by Linkin Park title scheme....

MRW I saw this new story in my feed:

I upvoted and faved before I read, was not disappointed.

7156920 Nope. Like I told everyone else, the Linkin Park reference was purely coincidental.

7156469 Valerie is his girlfriend, not his mom.

7155969 To be honest, I have no idea. Every single story I've posted has had a dislike within the first couple of minutes, so I have a feeling that I've got a stalker that follows me around, disliking my stuff the instant he sees them.

7156042 Don't worry, I intend to focus a lot more on character development in this one. Sorry about how breakneck things have been.:twilightblush:

Huzzah! Now that the previous stories are completed, I can upvote them! :yay: <YAY!)

Don't go woobie on us now. I rather like this story. (I say this jokingly).

BTW: I feel like I already asked this, but does earth have native magic? Well, yes, but is it harnessed? Considering the plethora of mystic disciplines known to mankind through legend and the myriad similarities between them, surely there must be some remainder of magic use? I'd like to know just what can we consider "canon" for earth mages. Moreover, why is earth's magical field so weak? And finally, is the placebo effect a result of humans naturally using magic? If love to get the "Word of God" on this, so I'm not taking shots in the dark while I'm theorizing.

7157102 yup, didn't think she was, which is why we mentioned how it was dangerous to label her as his mother. It's been so very long since we've been in nostalgia mode dreaming of home with our valiant warrior...

Ohboyohboyohboy . . .

This deserves the full damn song.

(I know you're joking, but come on, this video is hilarious, and yet surprisingly deep.)

EDIT: also, you're topping out the feature list. Great job!

Friends, THIS is why we NEED X-COM.

I love this series so far, but to be honest... it had better be more than horrifying coincidence that the bad guys are targeting Valerie. Cause that would be a tough sell on the suspension of disbelief.

Ever since the translation spell I've been giving Alex a Russian accent in my head despite knowing he isn't Russian :derpytongue2: Just the way that you do the breakup on the speech feels like stereotypical Russian speaking English for some reason. Idk why I'm saying this now, probably has something to do with sleep depravation. Good chapter as always

It actually has something to do with how Russian works grammatically. It tends to drop the articles. Where English would say "There is snow on the train tracks," Russian says "There is snow on train tracks" while still being grammatically correct for the language. Inexperienced speakers tend to do the same thing to English as well, therefore the stereotypical accent. It's not that they do English wrong, it's that they do Russian right, so to speak.

And that's your bit of random trivia for today.

7157088 I know. Still doesn't change the fact that, no matter what, that song keeps playing in my head as I read the two previous installments...

So, I pre-emptively faved and upvoted before I even started reading.
Good to see my good faith was placed well.
So things are happening. That's a plus.
Vague comment. Yep, that's me.

But seriously, this is already shaping up pretty well, so I definitely can't wait for what you'll come up with next :twilightsmile:

Still, I don't think nice stuff will happen with Valerie. That's not shaping up too well for her unless some intervention happens.

Comment posted by Knight Breeze deleted Apr 25th, 2016

7158105 7157587 Who says that they're targeting Valerie?

7158139 I am pretty certain it's my paranoia :raritywink:

And the next chapter begins!

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