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This group exists to provide an easy source for those Bronies who enjoy stories featuring soldiers, marines, sailors, airmen, knights, samurai, legionnaires, and every other style of warrior who suddenly find themselves in Equestria. Anything and everything from Hoplites to SPARTANS are welcome here.

Warriors for this group will be defined as humans either part of a formal 'warrior caste' or part of an organized military force. Superheroes, such as Batman or Green Lantern, do not fall under this category.

Stories MUST feature at least one human warrior to be placed in this group. Any stories not meeting this single prerequisite will be removed.

NOTE: Any readers who know of a story meeting this description which has not yet been added, please post it in the comments.


Main: All stories will be posted here as well as in their specific categories for casual browsing.

Ancient: for stories featuring warriors of Ancient Greece, Rome, Persia, or any other civilization before the year 476

Dark Ages:476-1066. Stories featuring Vikings, post-roman Germanic Tribes, and any Arthurian characters should be placed here

Medieval: 1066-1492. Stories featuring knights should be placed here

Discovery/Colonial/Victorian: 1492-1899

20th Century: 1900-1999.

21st Century: 2000-2099. Most, but not necessarily all, stories featuring Special Operations Forces and contemporary military personnel should be placed here.

Post 21st Century: 2100+. Stories featuring advanced technology not likely to be in widespread use in the next nine decades. Halo Crossovers should also be placed here.

Native to Equestria: Human warriors from civilizations that arose on the same world as our favorite candy colored horses.

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quick question. In a fantasy world, wizards would be utilized by the military and thus there would be mage warriors. Would a human from said fantasy setting count. Cus I have a story about a battle mage who was brought to Equestria.

I was just wondering f my story would work on this group?
It doesn't really feature humans, however it does feature very humanized characters and an entire subset of draconic humanoids called Draka.

the story is called Never Broken

Heavily inspired by feudal Japan's warrior culture

An Extended Holiday

Does this work? Humans from Earth, become warriors in Equestria. So, posting it here for clarification.

Comment posted by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx deleted May 13th, 2014

what about modern takes on ancient styles, or fighters that do mixed martial arts and often times end up creating there own style.

Comment posted by Mister Horncastle deleted Jan 12th, 2014

first chapter is almost ready. I'll be posting soon. :)

oh and quick question. In my story, the protagonist, for the most part, is generally from a futuristic setting, or to be more exact a futuristic final fantasy kind of setting. It's definitely 2100+. So is it safe so say that my story will go into the folder Post 21st Century?

still working on my story here. I will begin posting as soon as possible

I would like to request, adding the story
"Battle of the Blanks"
to the "21th century" folder.
It has 37 chapters already.

The main character is a Human soldier who went on a 'hunting trip' (more or less), he's got a truck/humvee with him, an AKM (AK47), a SVD sniper rifle, and a Makarov handgun. By fate he gets thrown into the world of the MLP creepypasta version 'Story of the Blanks', though it is also crossed with 'Super Filly Adventure', because Luna is in the Everfree Forest aswell.

The story itself is a comical mix of romance and action, filled with alot of zombie ponies, who may be disgusting rotten cadaver's, but can still think, plan and make jokes.
Ther story is told from different perspectives by every character involved with alot of parallel events happening, and is very entertaining to read, give it a try!

What if I don't know the year, but I'm certain it far in the future, and it's a bad guy? A very bad guy...?

Space Marines are totally fine.

Hello, I'd like to submit my story (WW2 soldiers in Equestria).


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