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Oh, and XCOM 2 Expansion announced, end of august release date · 6:05pm June 12th

Editing: Didn't mean to submit so early. : |

So, what the trailer shows us: Seemingly unique elites from an alien faction not yet seen. Three new resistance groups with unique classes to unlock. Reapers look like FO: NV Rangers with their gas masks and long coats, the Templars seem to be a psionics coven, and the Skirmishers are bon-a-fide ADVENT rebels.

New ADVENT and the 'Lost' seem to tie into one of the dangling plot threads from the novel: Flamethrower teams being deployed in the wilderness to purge -something-. While out in the wilderness in the book, the main character observed wildlife gathering at the edge of the forest, seemingly to stand and watch them... It seems that was a reference to the 'Lost', the never-ending tide of zombie analogues that the majority of humanity (and wildlife, presumably) became after the invasion.

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Happy birthday, youngin!

Happy Birthday! :pinkiehappy:

When is the next chapter of Mente Materia coming out? I'm dying for more!


Believe me. He knows.

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