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Final chapter of The Sweetie Chronicles/Mente Materia crossover has been posted! · 3:14am Aug 29th, 2017

Evening folks!

Work is continuing for my Mente Materia chapter, I've settled on having a single 'short' chapter to break the hiatus before resuming my normal chapter lengths until the end of the series.

More immediately, however, I did want to share that the final chapter of the Mente Materia crossover with TSC has been released! Go read it and tell me what you think!

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I was looking through my tracked stories and realized their are a TON that I forgot even existed. It seemed absurd that Mente Mentaria hasn’t been updated in over a year, it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long... What happened?


But he still visits FimFiction right now it says OFFLINE last seen Last Friday

from the look of things, yes these stories are dead.

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