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A Midwest brony who enjoys writing about adorkable unicorns and alien invasions. Come join me for XCOM 2 livestreams!

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A quick and handy guide to commenting on my stories!

The guidelines to good commenting!
1.) Be polite -- I understand that discussions can sometimes get heated, and I will let these discussions resolve themselves so long as everyone keeps their flamethrowers on the British setting. Hyperbole is about the most I will tolerate. Posting in such a way as to anger or incite another reader (or myself) will warrant intervention.
2.) Respond to the subject at hand -- If a comment is left on a Mente Materia chapter, I hope it is related to what happened in that chapter or to the story as a whole. Occasional questions or comments may be acceptable so long as they aren't drug out into multi-comment discussions that are not related to the medium that the comments are being posted to.
3.) If the first rule cannot be followed in the comments, I will ask you to move it to private messages or user page comments. If the second cannot be followed, I will ask you to move it to the Stardust forums, private messages or user pages.

I suppose the first and last guideline you can follow is this: If your comment isn't something you would want on your page, or isn't one you would want directed at you, don't post it.


If you send me a message and I don't respond, it isn't because I haven't read the message or that I deleted it without even looking. I often check my messages at work but I can't actually reply to them until I get home. And by then I've forgotten. :S


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Your contributions to the world were pretty awesome.

no rush but hoping to see more xcom ponies hopefully you can write a final does city 31 fit?

Hi, are you still active?

Happy new (hopefully better) year!

Hey, man. It'd be nice if you could give us a retrospective. Or at least a status update. Or anything.

If you're leaving, that's fine, but please don't just leave it at dead silence. What would have happened in your stories? Where were you going to take things?

  • Viewing 259 - 263 of 263
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