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Hello there,
having recently played XCOM2 + War of the Chosen for the first time (as in ever, both packages at once), I had to come here after the a certain reveal left my brain in a condition of melted sludge. Im not talking story here but rather, the voice of a particular individual. That would would be the Templar leader "Geist", realising that he was voiced by the one and only John de Lancie...

Being a fan of both Trek, MLP and your works respectively, this left me deeply disturbed on so many levels and I just needed a place to mention that where people understand what I mean.

Also, apparently all the other resistance faction characters are also voiced by the former Trek cast.
Vold = Riker (even with the beard), Elena = Troi, Betos = Tasha Yar, Mox = Worf (Worf Effekt being in full swing ^^), etc....
Having said that Im now somewhat saddened that I havent played this game back during release. It was so much fun! ^^

Just wanted to mention that I bought a printed copy of Stardust at Galacon and then proceeded to binge read it in one week even though it was the fourth time I read the story. Still as amazing as ever, hope Mente Materia can also get a physical release once it's done.

I remember reading a portion of it a while back (before I started an account) but learned that the last chapter was quite old so I decided to discontinue for a while. I'll keep looking at it and will likely come back at some point! It's a good sign that a new chapter came out not too long ago! I hope it gets finished soon as that will convince me to read it all. Until then I will see what happens and make my decision when I feel the story is close to being in a finished state, how I will tell since I'm not all that deep into the story I don't know but I will keep the story in mind until then, hopefully I don't forget about it and learn it was finished long before I came back to see. I just don't want too many stories clogging my tracking and read later list!


I can understand this. There are many stories I liked to read just to learn later that they were abandoned or even cancelled which sucks. I don't know if this will happen to this story as well (I really really don't hope it happens but who knows) but this story, as its prequel are amazingly well written and I think you will be in for a treat if you give it a shot. :twilightsmile:

Yeah! I was wondering if I should read it since I don't like reading an unfinished story since I will likely get hooked and then sad that said story has no ending! Let's hope it gets finished one day, that would be great!

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