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Love telling stories to the top of my head and knowledge.

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What will I do to impress people today?

Stories have been part of my life and ever since I became a Brony on 2013 (Yes I know, I did not become a Brony in 2012 because I was living at England and their cable company and internet company sucked) I wanted to share to the world what I can do in this website. I basically make up any story to the top of my head and just keep on going. Such as my first story Transformation and the sequel (Is not doing as well as the first on in the like perspective) are my best work so far. I love to see what else I am going to write and I would love to see your input of each and every story. I am just babbling on about my stories and I am reading peoples stories when I can. If the story catches my eye I will favorite first then read it then like and follow. Oh the answer to my question overall is to keep on writing and good things will come to you.

My Stories

  • A Conversation With Yourself Princess Twilight of Equestria missed the amount of messages that was sent from Sunset and rushes to Canterlot High. Once she was at the other side, she meets her friends and herself? The next conversation they have becomes interesting. by Tank Drill 1,533 words · 4,563 views · 109 likes · 23 dislikes
  • Million Bits, But... The mane six have a sleep over at the castle, where Spike decides to play a game that he came up with. They were at first confused about it, but when they learn about what they would do for a million bits might make them crazy. by Tank Drill 3,324 words · 2,196 views · 107 likes · 13 dislikes


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Thanks for adding my story!

Yo, thanks for liking my story! More appreciated if you give it a like, if not already!:heart:

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