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Tank Drill

Retired Brony, if you come across this account, I welcome you. My stories are dated, but show my writing progress. Have fun with that.


Meet Zephyr, High school student in his Freshman year moves and transfers from Appleloosa high school to Canterlot High school. The reason? His parents had to transfer him to live at his own apartment because they're working everyday, only to have the weekend off. Feeling relieved that he moved away from his problems, he immediately meets up with Pinkie and the others making him feel more accepted. Though something is eating him up when he meets up with Sunset Shimmer.

(This is set in Equestria Girls and Rainbow Rocks. So all of them are human.)

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i can't wait to see their reactions when sunset and Zephyr formally meet each other and realize they live in the same building

2 Chapters Left! :pinkiegasp: I thought this would last longer than that :applejackunsure:

Don't worry they're going to be longer than expected.

Dr. OcSid


:facehoof: How Come I Didn't Notice Eailier

Now that i think about it....

What did you think about the story? Especially the plot twist?

6118951 It was neat, got a little raunchy but still good

I just bearly figured out that discord thing

Dude I never realized that Dr ocsid was discord spelled backwards. Pure genius.

7091773 you damn right, and don't ever forget it.

Pinkie Pie in a brown coat killed it.:rainbowlaugh:

Did you happen to know that the mlp show actually created a character named Zephyr for the show. He even makes a few appearances in Equestria girls.

This was way before Fluttershy's brother (Zephyr) was introduced into the show and Equestria Girls. So let's just say that this Zephyr isn't Fluttershy's brother.

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