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This story is a sequel to Celestia

Villains rarely appear out of thin air. They start as most creatures do, but fall victim to fate, choice, manipulation... or love. Princess Luna's descent into the Nightmare is something that has been long forgotten by modern ponies, but Luna will always remember.

(Sequel to Celestia, and a part of the past that she would rather keep hidden. Reading Celestia is strongly recommended!)
(Many thanks to my prereaders Noble Cause, Metallusionsismagic, and BradTheBrony!)
(Character tags will be added as the story develops!)
(Coverart is a placeholder for the moment, until I get something better!)

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Evening folks!

So here's the first chapter for one of the short stories I had planned: Nightmare. I'm going to be experimenting with the shorter chapter lengths to see if that helps get things done a bit more quickly, though that might change as the story develops. I also don't have a real good timeframe on when the next chapter will be done, for reasons that I will explain in a coming blog.

For now though, thanks to all my readers!

Praise Celery!

I’m afraid that is the end of this book and I’m afraid I have to be getting back to my duties

Double afraid intentional?

Alright, a new story in the "Lulu Destroys Everyones' Hearts and Pancreases with Weaponized Cuteness" saga!

Judging by this introductory chapter, it seems a small amount of time has passed since the end of Celestia. Probably enough for Celestia and Luna to become acquainted with their community, but not enough that most ponies feel comfortable around beings that resemble their former tyrant overlord. Time mending wounds and all that.

Speaking of mending wounds, it seems like Starswirl's harmony charged ascension spell not only healed Lulu but also reset her entire mind, not just her memories. This might have been an unintended side-effect of the spell (which was still highly experimental, hence why Celestia would give the spell to Twilight hoping she could correct it). Or it might have been an intentional choice by Starswirl to give his granddaughter a normal life by erasing the trauma she'd experienced. Regardless, I'm sure more will be revealed that will give more story hints to the Stardust series' future.

One last thing; I like the short-chapter format. Short, sweet and to the point. Kind of like a child wanting to skip past the boring math classes and go to recess. Fitting for Luna's childlike nature and I'm sure a relief for someone like you who's been working on far longer chapters for several years now.

Ooooh, this looks great so far. And I'm on time too!

Praise Celery!

Praise her. Or it, I guess.

Ah, the story about why you should beware elerium overdose :pinkiecrazy:

Take notes XCOM.

What makes me laugh is people seeing this fresh, having not read the others with no context, will have no idea this is XCOM :rainbowlaugh:

Another bit of expanded universe for the world of MM. I can dig that.

Doing these small stories really sets the tone for the different character's motivations. It's a great way to add a deeper meaning to their actions, apart from simply spelling them out in the main story.

I wanted to make a more elaborate comment, but I'm lazy, so I'm gonna let this gif here speaks for me.


I dig it. :3 Was a nice short read that held off sleep for a little while longer. :P

What a cute chapter. I wonder how this long-ago scene contributes to Luna's descent to NMM.

Arad, I hope that you have some idea of what you've just unleashed, because one needs not be a prophet to predict the clamor that is sure to come from many a commenter:


Hehehehe, you have no idea how excited I am to see this up. Always eager to read anything you produce!

Luna is soo cute and innocent that it actually hurts knowing that she will become evil later on.

7726718 Heck, it's SO much not obvious that I don't even put it in my Video Game bookshelf, despite knowing full well that's where the story as a whole will end up!

And so Luna's slow descent into madness begins.
Luna's so cute!

*Go through my Favorites list; re-read Celestia*
*Notice that the first chapter is over a year old with no updates*

I don't think the shorter chaps thing worked, Arad. *Teasingly spoken*

Any plans to continue this?


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