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Updated Riven Gloom's Intro · 1:56am March 4th

So overall this is a small update, but I'm mostly just letting you all know that I'm still alive...

I know I've put Riven Gloom on hiatus for a while now, but with my failure to come through on a story for this years EFNW Scribblefest, I decided that maybe it'd be a better time to start taking the time to work through it again, editing out unnecessary parts/conversations, adding left out tidbits, etc. Now that my laptop is back from the shop, I'm even considering picking up on writing chapter 6 again now.

To be perfectly honest, I've been going through a lot lately and I feel like it's just getting started (I won't bother anyone with the details), but with that in mind to make it clear I'm not going to make any promises that anything decent will be uploaded anytime soon, but for now, I'm taking the story off of the hiatus label and back into a work in progress.

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Same here although I am trying to branch out to other things such as anime, dragons, and wolves :P

Ponies mostly, I sketch other things, but most of my finished works usually tend to be ponies.

Thanks, I'm always working to better myself at my art. What do you draw?

You're welcome. ^^ Your artwork is pretty good, by the way!

Thanks (oh ignore the first 3 pieces that show up those were just ones that i messed around with)

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