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A New Yorker who likes anime, games, and good brony fanfic.

Highlights from BronyCon 2018

BronyCon 2018 was my first convention ever, as well as my first MLP convention. Ever since August 5th, 2018 I've been sharing some highlights from BronyCon 2018 with the world at the rate of one every Sunday.

Below is a chronological listing of the Highlights, including both the ones that I have posted and the ones that I have yet to type:


Thursday, July 26
That's Not Firebrand!

Friday, July 27
Where Art Thou, Firebrand?
Rain, Rain, Go Away
"That Game that Nobody Ever Wins"

Saturday, July 28
An Army of Bronies
Is That Keyframe?
Three-Way Magic
The Grand Galloping Gala

Sunday, July 29
Sunday Morning Shenanigans
Family Feud
The Ponies' Court
Say It Ain't So!
Magic and Nightmares
Bronies Forever! (pending)

Feel free to read and share your experiences in the comments. Let's reminisce about the good times that we've had as we prepare for the last hurrah that will be BronyCon 2019!

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Highlights from BronyCon 2018: Closing Thoughts · 10:26pm Dec 16th, 2018

In which SOH176 reminisces about BronyCon 2018 and these blog posts, gives some heartfelt thanks, and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.

Sunday, December 16, 2018: Four Months and Change after BronyCon 2018

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Merry Hearth's Warming. I believed that your series warranted it; note that I have shelves for quite a few good series I run across.

Thank you for starting a bookshelf just for my Quizzical stories. Merry Hearth's Warming.

thanks for the fav!

2449724 You're welcome. That was a poignant story; it deserved it.

Thanks for the favorite on "Never Again"! :twilightsmile:

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