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Highlights From BronyCon 2018: Where art thou, Firebrand? · 3:58am Aug 11th, 2018

Or: Alicorns, wolves, and hippogriffs, oh my!

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In which son_of_heaven176 gets more autographs, but still fails to find Firebrand.

Friday, July 27, 2018: Day 1 of BronyCon

This morning, Pinkie Guy, NR, and I stopped by the nearby Cosí for some breakfast sandwiches, then headed for Opening Ceremonies. And not a moment too soon; the line was already starting to form! Thankfully, we were among the first people there. And the line eventually got ridiculously long. However, I was stunned at the variety of people who had come. Sure, the majority were around my age, but there were little kids, middle-aged people, elders...who knew that this fandom was that wide? And, of course, there were the cosplayers, pony and non-pony alike. Pinkie Guy pointed out Princess Deadpool, whom he had told me about yesterday. Another cosplayer, who was waiting nearby, was dressed as McCree from Overwatch. (At the time, I had no idea who he was; I don't play Overwatch.) But after a bit of waiting around and watching everyone participate in some shenanigans or another, we were let in to the Opening Ceremonies.

After Opening Ceremonies, I finally talked to DarkWind and Pink Flash. DarkWind had given me his picutre earlier, but that day was the first time that I met Flash face-to-face.

Dark and I were planning to be at Scribbler's fanfiction panel at 1:00 PM, but we both had different plans before then: he was heading to a different room, while I was off to the vendor hall.

At the Vendor Hall, I was a man on a mission:
Get sleeves for my brother's Magic: The Gathering cards.
Find Lightning Bliss.
Find Firebrand; he should be near Lightning Bliss, or else she should know where he would be hiding.
Get a Princess Luna poster for my bedroom wall.

My first mission was a bust. I knew from the website that someone was selling trading cards. However, the table didn't sell card sleeves. They did sell deck cases, though, so I got that to hold the MTG deck.

Luckily for me, that vendor was giving away backpacks with each purchase. Score! I had been carrying a duffel bag and I wanted to get something less unwieldy. To do so for free? Yes, please!

After moving a few items from duffel bag to backpack, it was time to find Blissy and Firebrand.

Ever since Lightning Bliss mentioned that she might sell prints of this picture at BronyCon, I was determined to get one and have everyone sign it. Eventually, I did find my way to Lightning Bliss’s table, and praise Hieroneous, she had that picture for sale! And the price was so reasonable, I bought two: one to leave relatively untouched, and one for everyone to sign. Trusty Sharpie in hand, it was time for more autographs.

First, the Amber Hawthorne profile that I had made for her signature,

Next, she autographed one copy of the Chasing Imontillo picture

Lastly, I asked her to autograph the other copy next to her OC.

These pictures were taken after the fact. I would collect Finn’s signature that night.

Doc happened to be at Blissy's table at the time, so I wrangled another signature out of him on the Chasing Imontillo print.

Autographs obtained, my next mission was to find Firebrand. Blissy or Doc (I forget which) said that he might be near Silver Quill’s booth, and I was pointed in the general direction of the booth. A few steps away, someone else at the hall said that Silver Quill was along the perimeter of the vendor hall. Thanks to that helpful tip, I found Silver Quill's booth. However, even though the hippogriff himself was at his post, Firebrand was nowhere to be found.

A pity. I now had three things in my backpack for Firebrand to sign, but no Firebrand to sign them!

Oh well. I still had a Luna picture to buy, panels to attend, and a con to enjoy, so off I went to my next mission.

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