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Highlights from BronyCon 2019: The Tale of Silver Coronet · 7:20pm Dec 6th, 2020

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Highlights from BronyCon 2019: The Tale of Silver Coronet

In which son_of_heaven176 partakes in some tabletop roleplaying.

Sunday, August 4, 2019: The Final Day of the Final BronyCon

Thanks to trying to get Faust’s autograph, I missed Ponies’ Court and Family Feud (which were both at the same time; I would have had to choose between one or the other). However, I saw that Enter Equestria was scheduled for 12 noon, and I knew from a previous attempt to sign up for a session (said attempt not recorded in these Highlights) that I would have to sign up in advance. So off I went to StableTop Games, where I signed up for a slot in the 12 noon session.

Come 12 noon, Dark Wind was with me in StableTop Games. However, there was only room for seven in the session, and all the slots had been taken. Consequently, Dark Wind left the room. The seventh player didn’t show up, though, but poor Dark Wind didn't have a chance to take the slot: two people showed up. Since there was only one slot available, though, they decided to co-pilot one character.

Each of us was given a pre-prepared character sheet and we each had to come up with our own name. I was a Unicorn Noble, and I tried to think of something that would fit. Eventually, I came up with the name Silver Coronet.

My character sheets. Obviously, these pictures were taken well after the fact.

Our party was composed of two unicorn nobles, a pegasus guard, a unicorn guard, a unicorn rogue, a bard whose race I’ve forgotten (this was the two-player character), and one other pony that I’ve forgotten about. In addition to the info in our character sheets, the DM gave us all another ability that we could keep secret, and we were each given a secret goal. Mine was to get as good a reputation as possible.

Setup done, the DM weaved our tale. We were all present at the wedding of Cadance and Shining Armor. The Changelings have invaded Canterlot. The Mane Six are in the throne room with Cadence, but the Elements of Harmony are not in their possession. What would we do?

The rogue decided to just GTFO. So did the other noble. (That was his secret mission: escape.) As for the rest of us, we decided to head to the vault where the Elements of Harmony were held. I used my secret ability to charm one of the guards into guiding us to the vault, but I needed not do that: the guard was inclined to do so anyway! However, the vault required either Celestia’s or Luna’s horn to open! Someone came up with the idea of taking a statue of Celestia and channeling magic through it. An Arcana check revealed that that would work. So off we went to the vault.

Meanwhile, the other noble tried to find some way out of Canterlot. He went to the river that led to a waterfall out of Canterlot. He snuck into a barrel and Niagara Falls'd his way out of the city.

The rogue, meanwhile, tried to teleport out of the castle. However, teleportation _is_ a high-level spell, and our poor rogue wasn’t that well-versed in it. He teleported to a garden shed. He teleported back to the castle…only to encounter more changelings. The changelings gave chase, and he led them right to us!

It was time for combat. Roll for initiative.

Now look again at my character sheet. It’s a common D&D meme that when you’re a Wizard, the answer is always Fireball. And lo and behold, what’s that first entry among my cantrips? “Fire Bolt: Shoot an orb of Fire, attack.” (For those of you not well versed in D&D, there are “spells” and there are “cantrips”. Cantrips tend to be relatively minor tricks, like illusions or minor transmutations. Players can cast only a limited number of spells, but there is no such limit on cantrips.) Fireball as a cantrip? Yes, please.

Needless to say, I roasted my fair share of Changelings.

After the combat was over, we returned to the throne room to find the Mane Six all wrapped up in that changeling goop. So some of us distracted Chrysalis while others of us freed the Mane Six and gave them the Elements of Harmony.

During the coup de grâce, our bard tricked Chrysalis into wasting time monologuing so that the Mane Six could blast her with the Rainbow of Harmony, ending the session.

I liked that little foray into D&D, and if I have the opportunity, I might join a D&D session for real. But as for now, I’m OK with watching the misfortunes of others.

After the session, I stayed in StableTop games and played some Munchkin to kill time until the next item on my agenda: “History of My Little Pony: A Look at the Other Generations.”

A/N: My apologies about the ridiculous lateness of this entry. 2020 has had its share of ups and downs for me, as it most likely has had for us all. However, we are reaching the endgame here. The next Highlight should be the end of the Highlights of BronyCon 2019 blog series.

Returning to the topic of D&D, quite a few new campaigns have come out in 2020, and some older ones are still running.

First off, there is Brony D&D, a/k/a Welcome to the Show, which I have mentioned before in this blog series before. The DM is none other than Joshua Burner (joshscorcher), but it is posted on DRWolf001’s YouTube channel. The playlist is here.

Second is Josh’s Patron-only campaign Ravnica: The Living Maze. Playlist is here.

Third is a campaign led by the esteemed Mrs. Burner, that is, Aramau the Fiery Secretary (the voice of everyone’s favorite WttS characters Reiyn Dalgo and Hana Wormwood…among many other characters…whose voices she is able to switch between flawlessly on command). The campaign is called Ladies’ Knight, a/k/a The Planar Carriage. It’s currently on hiatus (get well soon, Ari!), so there’s time to catch up with the handful of episodes that have aired. Playlist is here.

Fourth is a campaign whose DM is Lunacorva (Josh’s shoulder-devil vice-DM in WttS and the voice of the character Ravvas Arkanen). His campaign is called The Lost Island, and the YouTube episodes are quite easy to digest at about a mere 30 minutes apiece. But don’t let the episode length fool you: the storytelling is not lacking. Playlist is here.

Finally, there’s a campaign under the guidance of none other than Eliyora (the voice of Faerthurin in WttS). Shattered Wilds only recently started, so you can easily pick it up. Playlist is here.

And finally, consider stopping by the Brony D&D Discord server, where we have channels dedicated to the above campaigns and more. Link is here.

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