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"I still can't wait to lose my virginity conquering Poland with Goldenwing." - /mlp/

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An Important Announcement · 6:24am Dec 12th, 2021

I would like you all to know that I have just moments ago received a piece of fanart featuring the lovable sisters, Ana and Gava. I will not show it here, however, for it is lewd. Relatively tame, but there's some heavy tongue action. It was drawn by Elicitie, an ornithologist who some of you may recognize.

Truly this is a historical event. Finally, someone has drawn porn of my characters.

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How's life going for you?

Thanks for the watch. I can't wait to disappoint :rainbowkiss:

Aren't you on the EaW team?

Not on here no. And its been kinda hectic these last 2 months or so

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