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"I still can't wait to lose my virginity conquering Poland with Goldenwing." - /mlp/

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On Respect, Rules, and Enforcement · 6:44am April 26th

The Ch. 29 draft is at 5k words. If you don't take part in the site community at all, this blog probably isn't relevant to you. Now, onto the matter at hand.

Bear with me here. I know, I haven't updated in two months, and I really do hate that the first time you hear from me in so long is for something like this, but I think it's something that ought to be said. I know I'm not a big-time author but I have my own little base, and I feel a personal obligation to speak up.

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Thanks for the watch. I can't wait to disappoint :rainbowkiss:

Aren't you on the EaW team?

Not on here no. And its been kinda hectic these last 2 months or so

Bruh is that where you've been the past two months?

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