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An Empty Horizons Poem · 5:20pm January 7th

Thanks to DualKitsune for writing this!


Come, sit a spell,
And hear a tale
Of the time our golden empire fell
And of the ones on whom our hopes dwell,
Even though the invasion they failed to quell
Plunging us all into this hell.

On that day,
I am sad to say:

Love’s Triumphant Chorus was tainted,
Cruel Deceit the conductor
leading a corrupting aria of ambition.

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Oh, gosh, certainly! I'm always happy to have my story in another group!

Hello there! You sir! You seem to have a story that fits the category of my group, New Horizons! I'd love if you'd allow me to make your story, Empty Horizons the first story to be added to this fledgling little group!

Bro, I thought you dead. Nice to see you're back honestly. :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 32 - 36 of 36
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