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Epic Government Petition PLEASE HELP NOW! · 8:12pm Feb 6th, 2013

I started a petition on the White House wesite to make the official language of the United Staes of America a language called 'Amercian'. I need as many votes as possible! Please, spread This Link around and get me votes! I need 150 for it to show up on the site without this link! Please, this is urgent! I AM AN AMERICAN WITH AMERICAN NEEDS!

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Hmm, lord Kita has not been on in three years. I wonder wh- shit.

Another anime character like me...

I'll tell you where it is when I can use the left half of my face again. :ajbemused:

Where Da hell is the Unchangeling Chapter you Promised?!
~MyLittleGecko28 :yay:

  • Viewing 78 - 82 of 82
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