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News flash! · 1:52am Jan 25th, 2013

Hullo followers. I have some news. Follow me mmkay.
1. I'm getting WiFi for my new house tomorrow. So expect a new story soon
2. I'm now going to write shorter randommer stories. By that I mean stories that popp ion my head in the middle of the night. They'll be one chapter with only about 1,000 words. I'll try to make them every week.
3. I'm scrapping Gilda's Apologies. Yeah sorry.
4. And if you see Regidar. Tell him to follow me goddamnit.

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Pixie Kitties, what cool pictures

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262986 Kurt was a marvelous individual.

That's a serious: "Dafuq did I just read/see?"

No problem :pinkiehappy:
It's good to follow people who:
A: First commented on your first story, cool pic by the way.
B: Does good crossovers.
C: And listens to a kick-ass band.

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