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"My brain only has two sides; right and left swipe." Dom Mazzetti.

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Taking a break · 5:00am Nov 28th, 2015

It's been a long while since I did a blog post, and, this sounds more like a pithy, desperate cry for attention more than anything else, but I've been rich with personal drama over the past 2/3 months/lifetimes and I don't think I can make any positive contributions to writing nowadays until I get it settled.

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That's a real damn shame. I just decided to properly read through Different Strokes yesterday

He's left the fandom for the time being. Focused on his health and career. I miss 'em too.

So... are you planning to start writing again?

I wonder when you'll come back. My discussions have become a lot less gay since you decided to take life more seriously.

2113537 I was actually thinking of rereading some of your stuff. I've always enjoyed the easy conversational style your narration has. The unassuming, smile-inducing narration. It always reminded me of the way one of my friends might tell a joke or some story of a long and hilarious sort, where the action speaks and you get pulled in.


Someone put on his humble pants today...

I like it. It's got that sort of. understated, subtle building, laid back style that I've always thought made your stories a cut above your average horse story. I'll go back and read it now and again and I, like, never do that.

That, and your take on Rarity and Dash fumbling towards a relationship is pretty adorable to read about.

what is "Bears It Out" doing with such masterpieces (the one with Dinky is pretty great)

That story is so overwrought tho


But all I want is to write mediocre teenage sex comedies and by-the-numbers clop.

This is real. There were men, and women, in a room who saw this animated by the trembling tiny hands of small Taiwanese children in some sweatshop animation studio and decided amongst themselves that this was fit to air on television. Matt Damon, who was phenominal in Stuck On You, Mystic Pizza and Happy Feet Two, saw this and agreed to do it.

What's the point of waking up in the morning, man?

  • Viewing 195 - 204 of 204
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