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It's do or die time.

Button doesn't get out much, but tonight he will. Tonight, he's going to party.

And, you know, resolve the hoard of personal issues he's built up in the past few years. Stuff involving his best friend and his own mind and the fact that he needs to be alone sometimes. But that'll be easy. He has a whole night to do it, right? He'll get it done. Hopefully.

Probably not.


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It’s super long!

u da best

And the award for most accurate depiction of how I feel at parties goes to.....!
Seriously though, that was a fun read. Things I loved: really fascinating scene setting with DT's Willy Wonka-esque house, a fun little unexpected heist scene, and some delightful shipping (and risque hints at naughtiness!).

:heart: kinda flubbed it on the publishing time but i’m glad you liked it, parker

u 2

hell yeah

What a great read! Got real sweet at the end.

Button and scootaloo would make a sweet couple fight me

An enjoyable and relatable read.

That was a great time. I have a soft spot for stories where the protagonist fails but their effort is worth it anyways, and the shotgun blast of futurebuilding was really well realized.

Also this paragraph...

It was like Celestia had never existed, and Rumble was the princess of the sun instead. His smile was radiant and regal and—and it was so proud. His eyes were bright and his ears were up, his teeth sparkled and even the way his nostrils flared all blended together like the different parts of an orchestra, and the song that it was playing was the most beautiful song in the world.

...was graceful.

Thanks for writing!

Just finished reading this...
Thank you for such a Masterpiece of Fic, i really loved it, it gave me so many emotions, and the music i listened while reading helped a lot to get in the story, i will try to read your others fics as well, but for now let me congratulate you, u are pretty good, i wish you the best.
PS: Sorry for the bad english, is not my native language.

dud, ur english is perfect

Thank You!

I'm 37 years old and empathizing with a teenaged colt. I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry or both. This feels way too relatable with my anxiety.

Thank you. Maybe there's hope for me yet.

Okay, that ending was adorable.

This fic was just perfect, pacing, storytelling, characterisation, description, the feels...damn dude this was a lovable adventure trough and trough :heart:

There are so many ships here it's a god damn harbour.

I love it.

This is a truly amazing story.

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