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Apple Bloom's latest idea for the Cutie Mark Crusaders leads to a row between her and Scootaloo, during which she unintentionally makes a harsh remark about the Pegasus filly's poor flying capabilities. Ashamed and angry, Scootaloo turns her back on the Crusaders; but shortly after their dispute, she bumps into a two-tone grey Pegasus colt named Rumble, who instantly feels sorry for her after hearing how bad she is at flying, and the two Pegasi strike up an immediate friendship.

As time goes on, Scootaloo starts to wonder if maybe her feelings for Rumble run far deeper - something that the other Cutie Mark Crusaders have noticed too, and soon, they begin making plans to bring them together. But when Apple Bloom decides to take it to the extreme, she accidentally lands Rumble in mortal danger. Will Scootaloo be able to save him?

Chapters (10)
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This is really good so far. I am impressed. :moustache:

You've earned a favorite/follow/upvote from me.

I thought this looked familiar. Starting to submit stuff on Fimfic I see.


Well.. Wasn't that cute

20 spike-stache!:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

this story is amazing so far. why is bloom being such a bitch

best rumbloo story I ever read. fantastic

3717174 Probably just really annoyed with how difficult Scoot had been about their CMC dating plan.

No dont fallow her you stupid pony:rainbowhuh::flutterrage:


When i read this an ad for e-harmony popped up, it scared the living crap outta me :twilightoops:

Im starting to hate applebloom

Read the whole thing and I want to like it. I really do. rumble/scootaloo is an OTP of mine. But the dialogue was so awkward and unnecessarily detailed that it kept throwing me out of the experience. I mean scoot and rumble didn't talk in character and Applebloom COULD have done all of that but the words didn't feel right. If I may, and feel free to call me an ass, I'd suggest a page 1 rewrite. Hell, I'd even help, if you wanted. I really want this fic to go over well

Excellent work! Rumbaloo is a great shipping that isn't used nearly enough. I give you a like and fave! I LOVE THIS STORY!

Comment posted by DrWhooves007 deleted May 25th, 2014

My first thought when I read the title:


Try to read this chapter with this

You sure did a great job on this story!! Love it, but does Spike ever forgive scoots and become friends again?

4609181 Read "Oh Mother, Where Art Thou" to find out. :raritywink:

That story about Rumble's cousin is sooooooo sad. It put a lot into the story though and I cant imagine what it would be like without it. Good work!

Tootie Flute kinda sounds like she could get her cutie mark in stalking....otherwise, good chapter! /)

Dawwwwwwwwwww, that was so sweet of Rumble to defend her. Although, the Cutie Mark Stalkers were kinda pushing it there. Couldn't they of just asked Scoots why she was acting different? Eh, I guess if they did that, it would be a pretty short chapter. Good job so far! If my emoji thing would pop up, you would get a thumbs up!

4627310 Well, they could have, but at the moment, Scootaloo just isn't speaking to them after what Apple Bloom has said to her. You know how it is when friends get into such a massive row.

Oooooooooooooooh! I like this chapter. I especially liked Scoot's reactions! Keep it up!

Hmmmm? This is turning out to be rather intersting. Although Applebloom is kinda taking it a bit far. Couldn't she have nust given them a place to meet saying that she wanted to talk like them. Knocking her out is goin' to far Bloom..........

(P.S. Nice story by the way, dont change a thing!)

Oh sweet Celestia! I cant stop crying! That was a beautiful chapter! Bravo!!!!!! I....I....love those two more than ever! Waaaaaaaaaaaah! ~Shimmer Rose

I loved this story. I wish it had a sequel! In my opinion, I give it.... 1000 flying Scootaloos out of 10! /).

Monday why did it have to be Monday :facehoof:

Noooooooo you stupid ponies don't mess with there relationship you idiots :rainbowhuh: :twilightangry2: :ajbemused: :flutterrage:

Bloom stop being the vengeance equivalent of diamond

that was a vary dawwwww moment but apple bloom is still a b***h

Comment posted by Mr mustash deleted Jan 3rd, 2015
Comment posted by Maverick Cloud deleted Mar 4th, 2015

And it begins....
Love this ship like bronies who love MLP
this is my SECOND favorite ship!

I'm not so sure about the pairings because I haven't heard many of those names before but overall it's a really good story
Can't wait to read the rest

I'm like 'yes! Somepony is noticing Scootaloos crush, mushy state!'
Then I'm like 'wait is that a good thing or a bad thing..?'
Well let's just find out

i wish it could have a sequel, for real!!

If a shipping story manages to kill me slowly :trixieshiftright:
It's a great story:moustache:
And yes I am allergic to love:twilightoops:
That might be a problem

It's like the cursed Tuesday in MLP :unsuresweetie:
Every friendship report in season 1 was given on a Tuesday :rainbowlaugh:


3713122 Your avatar goes great with your comment.

And I slightly agree.

Applebloom seems a lot more awful in this fic than in most fics or in the show.. Do you not like her character or something?
Just wondering.. Other than that, this is great! Can't wait to read the rest.

5878326 Well, it's not that I don't like her, I was just aiming for a strained relationship between otherwise good friends. If I've over-exaggerated it, I can only apologise most profusely. Glad you like the story, by the way.

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