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Honestly, I'm not actually fond of AppleDash. I don't really have any interest in specific pairings, I just appreciate a well written story.
Obviously, I prefer to read about characters who I genuinely like, but if I exclusively did that, I would miss out on a lot of worthwhile reading. Well, as worthwhile as amorous horse words can get.

Regardless, while your supposedly positive opinions about me and my nationality are terribly misguided, they are also your own. Hence, whether or not you elect to enlighten yourself is your own goddamn business.


You're british. And you're awesome. You love Appledash. That's enough! Ahhahaha

...You have a strange tendency of following people who do literally nothing at all.

Thank you for the follow! Much appreciated.


To be honest, i dont have cable where I am from since my parents despise anything that will hinder me from my studies. However, I am still able to watch and ehem rewatch the series whenever i want in the internet. You can try that too if you'd like!

  • Viewing 15 - 19 of 19
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