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Stories that I may or may not have written (Spoilers: I wrote them)

List of Buckets

Because buckets.

[x] 10 followers
[x] 50 followers
[x] 100 followers
[x] 250 followers
[x] 375 followers
[x] 500 followers

[x] 100 likes on a story
[x] 250 likes on a story
[x] 500 likes on a story
[x] 750 likes on a story
[x] 1000 likes on a story
[] 1250 likes on a story

[x] 10:1 like/dislike ratio
[x] 15:1 like/dislike ratio
[x] 20:1 like/dislike ratio
[x] 25:1 like/dislike ratio
[x] 50:1 like/dislike ratio
[x] 75:1 like/dislike ratio
[x] 100:1 like/dislike ratio
[] 115:1 like/dislike ratio

[x] Get a story featured
[x] Get two stories featured
[x] Get three stories featured
[x] Get a story on EQD
[] Get two stories on EQD
[x] Hold number 2 spot on fimfiction for at least one day
[] Hold number 1 spot on fimfiction for at least one day

[] Win a contest

[] Get named in the Austraeoh series
[] Get named in Appledashery

[x] Be watched by someone I admire
[x] Be watched by 5 people I admire
[] Be watched by 7 people I admire
[x] Collab on a story with someone I admire
[] Get a watch from Kaidan
[x] Get a watch from The Abyss
[x] Get a watch from Pizzema Forte
[x] Get a watch from Kilted Key
[] Get a watch from Lambent Dream
[] Get a watch from Titty Sparkles
[] Get a watch from Pen Stroke (please :P)
[] Get a watch from AnonponyDASHIE
[] Get a watch from TwistedSpectrum
[x] Get a watch from Loyal
[x] Get a watch from MadMaxtheBlack
[x] Get a watch from Cold Blooded Twilight



Anyone still around? · 8:28pm Jul 20th, 2018

Haven't posted anything in well, forever. Was just wondering if people are still active here :)

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Is your name pie mirrored

Hm. I guess Rainbow Rises will never see the light of day again huh?

It's sad to see you go...

Haven't heard from you in a while. How's things going? :moustache:

Thank you very, very much for the Watch! I really appreciate it, and I hope that I can keep doing my best to deserve it.:twilightsmile:

1961611 Lol have fun with that.


1961595 Your wish is my command... except it's beta weekend for the Guild Wars 2 expansion XD

1961588 Ponies. You can never have enough poneh pones. :P


1961079 I have been pretty dead recently, haven't I :P And what to blog about?! Life, the universe, and everything? Nah, too clichè

What's up, dude? Long time, no talk haha.

P.S. You should blog more. :twilightblush:

1959868 XD I'm new here. I came from "The Second Pool" but good luck hitting 500! :derpytongue2:

  • Viewing 89 - 98 of 98
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