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Yo, I'm a mid-twenties guy living in the Mid-West of America. I love the taste of a good IPA, or Stout, and nothing can beat a good bottle of Whiskey especially Rye.


Main Goal for 2018 Finish Osaka Jones · 6:52am Jan 3rd, 2018

“It’s not early it’s after 5,” he argued.

“Is this a house full of Wonderbolts Soarin?”

“Well technically no.”

“Then it’s early, so shut up,” I said entering the kitchen and turning on the coffee pot, “Now take a seat and tell me why you’re here.”

“But you told me to shut up.”

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Depends on the game but since Diablo is mainly from FF8 and I'm not the Tonberry King I'd be weak.

If I summoned Diablo, would you be weak, or immune?

Comment posted by Harms Way deleted Dec 15th, 2015
Comment posted by Harms Way deleted Dec 15th, 2015

Thanks for adding my story to your library. Much obliged.

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