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This is a group dedicated to finding the best of the worst stories out there. The ones that make you facepalm at the sheer badness of them but at the same time you are drawn to them like a train wreck.

Our views are not to mock, but to celebrate. Like the guilty pleasures of watching a bad movie, so should come the desire to read a bad story every once in a while.

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Well this got inactive. Groups never last though, it was fun?

361258 What?
are you leaving?

Well, so long Plan 9. It's been fun.

361013 I guess I kind of figured this part. It's why I tried to add my stories to too many groups from time to time, without propper consideration, as to how it affected the stories in the first place.

The meaning of the Criteria is up to interpretation for each member. Some misread this on purpose too, sadly. It goes all the way up to the Creator of some groups, which led top me leaving a group or two before.

I guess my writing is generally moving away from the clear cuut Plan9, since I've come up with a few new tricks in enhancing the writing of my stories, in part due to the helpful comments I get from readers.

More groups, as in more interested readerrs would make sense. Overecposure only burns your story out from bad comments. could compare this with photography.

If Uma reads this, I would love to suggest to have a few helping out with the Group.

If it was me, I would create another account for the Blogs altogether if it risk my other activities here.
I may consider adding yet one more, just to maintain groups, specifically, separated from story activities. I want my stories to stay safe from what ever may lurk out there.

Plan 9 from Equestria is a group. Stories being added to groups increases exposure; whether that exposure be good or bad is dependent on how closely the story fits the group's criteria and how interesting said story sounds to the members of that group. Since your story doesn't seem very poorly written after all, you probably won't get many Plan 9ers attracted to it... but it can't necessarily hurt.

More groups added is typically better. Plan 9 will get you more views, so more upvotes/downvotes dependent on if they like your story. What they may or may not stand for won't change that. :pinkiesmile:

Uma is still around, just busy with real life. Probably deciding on where to take things from here, what with the mods jumping down his throat about certain blog posts and certain group members causing problems.

360885 Woah, that IS impressive.

uh, but I vaguely recall this Episode too ..


So the stories are in for life?

Uma's gone and he took away everybody's access. Since he's the only admin for this group, that means there's nobody to take your stories down.

360875 Currently, it is still on a possitive note, even if the trend goes down.
Several of my old stories would fit with this criteria, as it stands. Maybe I wasn't quite as good at writing for this site back then?

So the stories are in for life? pondering how my readers take the fact that most of my new stories never qualifies to have the down votes?

I've had several feviews at the Ragers, and I seems to have survived?
So long as the review is as good as the story, I should most likely enjoy it, even if most reviews for the better stories is less entertaining then the bad once.

If you enjoy it, read it and write. I hope you manage to get to the new chapters, since I have a feeling you'll enjoy them more.

I'm delving into a few things you probably don't see to much of either on canon show or in stories. :pinkiegasp:

Your story no longer fits the criteria of Plan 9, no. It has to have at least 10 more downvotes than upvotes; I'm not sure if that's the only criteria, but the one time I tried to request a story to be added, it was declined based on that.

This doesn't mean that your story should be removed; if it fit the criteria at the time of being added, it's usually in for life. I believe that all stories go through Umachan or at least a moderator who's very familiar with the rules at the time of being added.

We also do reviews if you'd like, though your story doesn't seem poorly written enough to constitute a Plan 9 review. Some of the people on here aren't the nicest in their reviews, but if yours was actually a story that fit the criteria, I'm fairly certain I'd enjoy writing a review for your story. :eeyup:

359981 your profile pick looks like the second trickster from the flash's rouges gallery
and well, Why does no one ask or notify when stories are added to groups? It seems so... uncalled for

360312 I don't even know where to begin with you.

I'm just curious, does my story; Silly Filly - From Beyond the Everfree still qualify here?
The story has grown considerably since you had it submitted here in the fiorst place, now at 23,000 words and counting.

Speaking of which, does this group make any reviews of stories, or just pull in the stories deamed worthy?

It's always good to enjoy a bad read.

That's why we're all here, right?:pinkiecrazy:

We don't do that here.

Check out a group that actually does editing.

360308 i luv u

you guys should be ashamed of your self's attack other anthers hard work then make fun of some one cus they have autism you guys are dbags i hope this group dies soon :moustache:

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