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No I don't remember and if you're this much of a headcase coming onto my page and posting a message only to delete it after then I really don't want to know you.

Please go away.


Remember me? The guy who raged at you for insulting my fanfic and stuff? I write a full apology to you but you obviously didn't read it or bother to help me when I asked for it. I took my crap fanfic off the web because 1. It wasn't going anywhere and 2. I'm interested in BlazBlue right now but I still want to be part of the fandom.

Somebody want to let me in on what's going on? Namely who the hell are you and what are the two of you doing on my page?

1777149 Look dude I'm not mad anymore. I gave up on that fanfiction because no one likes it at all so yeah

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