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Casual MLP fan. I'm hoping to maybe make a return. Novice voice actor

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I have returned!

Hello there, UltimateDemonBeast65 here! It's been many years since I've updated or done anything on this site. Though MLP has ended and I am not longer a Brony, this series still has a place in my heart. The False Killer was a story I started writing back in 2015, and as you know I have moved on from that.

My writing has changed a lot since then, I have done more stuff on FanFiction.net than on here. But I do wish to perhaps make a come-back with a possible story idea. As for the False Killer, I am going to cancel the story. I am sorry to those who really wished to see how the story ends. Maybe I might remake it but as of now I want to focus on other things.

So watch out, for I might have another story brewing soon.....

Hey there guys, UltimateDemonBeast65 here!

Damn, this is my first update in three years! Three years! It sucks that I haven't really done much. So anyway I want to start off with why I haven't been active in over three years.

The biggest reason is because I'm no longer a Brony anymore. I am still a fan to some degree, but I haven't seen any of the new season or episodes, I have only seen the movie and the newer Equestria Girls content but that's it. After Season 6 I kinda just stopped and wasn't really interested, granted I watched the premiere and finale of Season 7 but that's it, anything else I have not seen. I just don't like the show enough anymore to really watch more. I might watch Season 8 but that might be awhile.

I just have more or less moved on from MLP, it doesn't excite me as much before, hell some of the episodes I thought were boring or stupid. I thought some of the messages I thought were screwed or just weird. An example of one I thought was weird was the episode where the Flim Flam Brothers appeared. In it, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy go early to the line for the Apple Family's Apple Cider and see that Pinkie Pie is already there, as she is always there before everyone else. Then when time comes, she buys a shit ton of cider, and when it's finally Rainbow Dash's turn, they run out.

Now why do you think that is? It's because someone was allowed more than one mug! It's Pinkie Pie's fault!

She bought more than she needed, she knew people were in the line as well and yet took no notice of this! She even rubs it in Rainbow Dash's face when she doesn't get any, which is quite mean-spirited for a show about friendship. RD and the other ponies were right to rage at Applejack.

It should have been one mug per person! I know you make more money by selling multiple drinks to one person if they have the cash, but in the show promoting messages like kindness, sharing, honesty and so on, you'd think Applejack would have made it, 'One mug per Pony', but no! She instead was only looking out to make money, not share, the message was about how natural foods grown and tended to by hand are better than proceed chemically altered ones, but no room for sharing! No, just be a greedy bitch and let corporations tampering and conning people be the message here! Again Pinkie Pie doesn't help, I thought she would have shared all the mugs she bought.

Back on topic. For the reason why I haven't written or posted the next chapter of The False Killer.

I do know what to do. I don't know how to write the next scene, I know what's going to happen and have a plan but the in between bits, the bonding and friendship thing with Reyals becoming friends with the girls I am conflicted with. I feel that it's weird he's only friends with these girls and not boys. Now it's perfectly fine to be around girls and be friends with them but this is furstrating me, I don't want to do these nammy pammy friendship stuff and just go to the action, I want to do the scene I want to do, but it won't be a very fleshed out story if I do.

So what do you think I should do, can any of you guys help me? I might even need a co-writer if anyone is interested. So depending on what happens, I either will have to cancel this story and leave FIMFiction or who knows, maybe you guys can help me.

Thank you for adding 'Equestria's False Saiyan' to your favourites!

2424998 oh thats right. sorry i havent been on Fanfiction for awhile. i kind of like fimfiction better

2424983 Well 1: There one of my favorite fanfics ever and 2: Don't you recognise me from Fanfiction.net? We've been acquainted with each other before on many occasions.

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