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Raziel Lupercal

I am a Dyslexic Bi-Polar Aspie with a strange fixation on small equines.


Age: ??/??/????
Country: USA
Favorite background pony: Vinyl Scratch
Favorite food: Lasagna
Favorite Historical figure: Cesare Borgia
Favorite Mane Six member: Rarity
Favorite Villain: Sombra
Favorite Author: Howard Phillip Lovecraft
Home: Los Angles
OC: To many to list reasonably.
Philosophy: Nihilistic Utilitarian
Prominent likes: cats, good fanfic, Monsters, books, music of varying sorts, religious debates that aren't shouting matches, European history from 400 BC to 1800's, a large amount more.
Prominent dislikes: Morality, Death,Dead fanfics, Bigots, Mosquitoes, my uncle, a few other things.
Sanity: Low comprehends realty fairly well simply doesn't agree.
Subjects of intended study: Mythology and Theology and the transference between the two

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Thank you, it's not nice to hear that but it certainly makes sense. Your also not wrong by any means. So thanks also for being just a nice guy it's appreciated.

tbh the ptsd diagnosis is actually the likeliest candidate, its nasty enough to cause people to exhibit symptoms of all the above, or worse, exacerbate existing neurological disorders from mildly effecting to extrememly harmful

the worser part is that ptsd also can be simulated by the other disorders you listed when in combination like you have them, so the worst possibility is "D: All Of The Above"

your dad probly didnt like the idea that your life (home/school/otherwise) could have been so bad (through the filters of your existing disorders) as to induce ptsd symptoms, because what parent likes the idea that they screwed over their own children, even if by accident, or incident of circumstance, or sheer genetic or environmental gactors out of their control

Hmm, you have a strong point here, it is an odd mix isn't it. Dyslexia runs in my family on both sides though it may have resulted from a head injury it's argued by my family to this day Or my eye sight is just that bad. No one is quite sure.
The asperger syndrome, is minor I was considered barely on the spectrum and am passable after two years of schooling on human social ques though sometimes I still make little mistakes. I forget other people didn't have my life experience fairly often so I say things off cuff that they find disturbing or strange that to me are simply normal. Though theirs a good chance this was actully a is digonisis for a wonderful case of trying to handle trauma that no one bothered to consider might distance my abilty to process social behivor Becuse I hadn't experienced their version before. Again my own personal theory their. My father had me digonised with asperger.
The one that's definitely real and is by far the strongest is the Manic Depression or Bi Polar again I don't get why these sometimes to some doctors are the same, others say they used to be called that or claim their diffrent conditions all together. I suffer from wonderful boughts of unctorbale energy and creativity with spending frenzy added in, followed by deep depressions That convince me I'm worthless garbage. Followed by my resting tempture of somewhat spiteful minor depression symptoms with anxiety attacks and sensory overload plus what at least one therpist before my dad got rid of him called the worst case of ptsd he had ever seen outside of soilders. So who really knows sorry about the ramble.

I am a Dyslexic Bi-Polar Aspie with a strange fixation on small equines.

ok wut lemme think about this.
aspergers autism syndrome is comorbid with a dopamine(epinephrine) neurotransmitter imbalance/malprocessing.
bipolar disorder is comorbid with seratonin neurotransmitter imbalance/malprocessing.
dyslexia is comorbid with neither.
that means three different kinds of fucked up have been induced in your brain during in vitro growth and/or during your formative years and/or are inherited epigenetic markers expressing symptomatic or source cause traits.

i see now, you CAN have all three at once!

the only thing weird about the combo is that each syndrome will filter the abnormal behaviorisms associated with the other two, so a average human member of society would misdiagnose you against the wrong stereotypes.

spooky, horrifying, neat.

I don't suppose you'd be willing to clarify, I'm more then willing to have a discussion on the matter, And that terminology is perhaps a bit of a misnomer.

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