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Luna's life since her return to the world has been more than she could have hoped for; her sister welcomed her back with open hooves and has done everything in her power to make Luna happy. On top of that, the Moon Princess has even made some friends in Twilight Sparkle and the ponies from Ponyville. Luna is the happiest she's been in a very long time, and she can't help but hope that her life has seen the end of its trials.

However... not all remnants of the past are willing to stay there.

One night, high in the mountain capital of Canterlot, Princess Luna is confronted by four ponies who all share a very deep connection to her; and the past that Luna thought was buried forever is suddenly unearthed and threatens not only her new life, but also the lives of Twilight Sparkle and her friends, as well as that of Princess Celestia.

Hatred has come to Equestria, and its power may be more than even the magic of Friendship can endure.

Sequel Stories:
"Of Thistles and Honey"
"The Chronicles of Dark Star: A Blade of Redemption"

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O i think i see where this is going and i'm going to hate the generals every step of the way.:twilightangry2:
:twilightblush:man your good. so have a:moustache:

I for one find it hard to hate the generals I hate Luna for how she manipulated and corrupted them. :fluttercry:

poor luna:raritydespair: damn you darkstar how can you not see reason why must you be souch a pain in the frigging but and not drop your hate ughh
anyway on a bright note atleast i know twilight is getting ready to be up to the challenge hopefully the elements of harmony dont get corrupted:scootangel:
anyway i still give you my best score without stars i have to use staches so have your five:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:.
also i didnt notice any mistakes so you did pretty well if someone else notices mistakes then you can chalk it up to i'm oblivious:pinkiehappy:

i'm really going to get annoyed by wildstar if she goes after dashie.:pinkiesick:
anyway another update and a good job waiting to see the next update:pinkiehappy:

twilight down plays her abilities to keep herself from being impure and cruel. morningstar will find her job of removing twilight sparkle nigh unto impossible.:yay:

Thank you! I hope you like the rest of it, as well! :D

Thank you for the moustache, Xaldon. ^^ I'm glad you like it, and I hope that you continue to like it as the chapters progress. :twilightsmile:

Yeah, it's hard to not hate Luna for what happened- but ponies can change for the better, and sometimes all it takes is seeing it.

No, Wild doesn't go after Dash; unfortunately, Dash gets something a little more horrible. :facehoof:

390558dang daft pony what the buck keeps hapenin to all the comments? its like there gettin deleated or sum'in.
anyway damn dash had it hard in that last chapter i really feal sorry for her anyway i do hope that twilight can turn the tables around on the fools that are turning her friends on her. or maby she can go uber twi and just go on a killin streak its not like she's cellies proégé for nothing lol. also i qonder how much damage she could do if she were able to tame and compleetely controll her raw power rather than sealing it or are you going to alow her to be her usual op self?
also :trixieshiftright: would approve the full embarrasement of twilight sparkle via morning stars jealousy and power.
anyway ty.

I haven't seen any comments other than the 6 prior to my response, Xaldon, so if they've been vanishing, it's a fimfiction.net malfunction, and not me deleting them. :twilightsheepish:

D'AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW shooting starx pinki pie ... hopefully anyway twi's got dash and everything's gonna turn out good in that area.
aj's in for a world of pain and rarity too. also all hells gonna break loose when twi gets pissed.:twilightoops:.:pinkiecrazy: cue the dramatic music.:yay:
good show bro good show. cheers:moustache:

hay D4ftP0ny i'll see if i can share this story with some others its pretty good.:pinkiehappy: maby you should also try for EQD.

Well, thank you Xaldon, I'm really glad you like it that much; I know as I'm reading this again, I realize just how much I truly love this story, and you wanting to share it with others makes me smile! :D

And I've been told I should submit it to EqD, but... meh, I'm still on the fence about it. I just don't know. >.<

494984 as for EqD wait till your finished. or atleast mostly finished its a good story but you might find a few things you'll want to change before you finish it.:twilightsmile: other than that tis still a good story. as for the one i've done i dunno it pales in comparison to yours.:applejackunsure: anyway cheers:moustache:

great scot it seems the elements of harmony are having more of an affect on dark stars allies than though possible or even planned for.:pinkiegasp:
and pinkie finally gets shipped in an awsome way :pinkiehappy: now how are things gonna turn out for twilight sparkle and morning star?:twilightsmile:

I DUNNO :raritydespair:

I don't get lots of comments on this story. But that's OK! It makes each one special. :twilightsmile:

Dark Star.
You're an idiot. :facehoof:

But what if Pinkie Pie and Falling and Rainbow are talking and Rainbow calls Falling Meteor and Pinkie calls him Shooting Star? :pinkiegasp: Me suspicious.:trixieshiftleft:

epicarous hs nothing on this:twilightsmile:

Best I have ever seen of any story related to this!
It needs... MORE!!

In before the Stars fall in love with the Elements or their friends.

I think I see a reference. Alicorn complex

As always Xaldon, I'm glad you like it! Yeah, things are about to pick up in pace a little- LIGHT THE BEACONS! XD

:twilightblush: Thank you very much, Dusk; it means a lot to me. And don't you worry, there is quite a bit more! ^_^

Actually, only one of them, and that was a fluke; it wasn't originally planned at all... but hey, who am I to stand in the way of how a story is being put together? I just write it. XD

Yeah, I'm a fan of that phrase myself... but it's more of a play on a Napoleon Complex than anything else, even though it sounds a bit like another and very different complex. :rainbowlaugh:

Yay! Another update! You just made my day! :yay:



Thank you both for your comments and support; I'm not kidding when I say it means a lot to me. :3

652107 no problem just keep up the good work your doing way better than me at the moment:twilightblush:.

quote 'Why does doing the right thing have to hurt so badly?!' but feel so good afterward! horray for updates!!! :pinkiehappy: and pinki pie is awsome.
dude you dont know how much i cant wait for the next chapter.

twi is beginning top realize what pinkie found out already hopefully she decides to help the healing process. and morningstar not to mention pinkie must have falling star onto the next chapter:twilightsmile:

its all comming to a head now onward to the end:rainbowdetermined2:

The end is near:fluttercry:
So, happy ending, or sad ending?

:twilightsmile: Great chapter

:twilightoops: Mom?!
:trollestia: wazup

LOL!! I was wondering how long it would take for someone to grab that. X3

What do you think? Any speculations? :D

Yes, yes it is. I hope you are ready! X3

724419 can i join in the speculations?

726104i believe it shall be a medium ending some what bitter sweet hopefully pinki pie gets to have falling star and wildstar gets to spend time with the young one also i do hope twi and morning star become friends that is if the stars survive the fall especially after darkstar fights luna. anyway it will nomatter what happens be bittersweet unless luna dies then i think darkstar and i will need to have a piece of you.

Aaaah, so you foresee tragedy in the end?

No, I prefer dark over happy. I see the story going either way.

hay discord you'd better not choose now to escape from stone else you will suffer severe consequences due to how much the elements of harmony are gonna be overcharged o and darkstar is soo getting owned without the help of his fellow stars thank you pinki pie:pinkiehappy:.

!!! Holy stars Batman! We have 4 insane generals out to destroy harmony! PREPARE THE CANONS!!!!! :pinkiehappy:
(Inar prepares his Sledgehammer and looks for stars to pummel *looks at favorite button* *SMASH!!* one down.)

Need moar, but then it ends...


X3 Thanks for the fav- I hope you enjoy it!

Well, it's gotta end sooner or later... the good thing is, even after this story is done... the adventure is nowhere NEAR done. :raritywink:

764850 Does that mean sequel?

This is going to be a much longer story arc- there will be around 8 more stories. They won't be nearly as long as Stars, but there are plenty more to come.

764889 :yay:No longer saddened by the coming end:yay:

You just made my tomorrow!
Yay for consistent updates!:yay:

Took you long enough, Twi...

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