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All things told, Princess Flurry Heart really doesn't have any major problems in her life. Sure, she's a Princess and heiress to the throne of the Crystal Kingdom and potential successor to her mother Princess Cadence, who has been, without question, one of the Kingdom's best rulers since it's inception, but she know she'll grow into that.

She might have Princess Twilight Sparkle as an overly-enthusiastic teacher who seems to think she can learn everything there is to know in the world before she hits her teens, but Flurry Heart knows that her Aunt Twilight means well and knows that as long as she tries her best the Princess of Friendship will be happy with her.

All in all, the Princess's life is pretty good, all things considered.

Now if only she could figure out why she's hearing voices late at night: voices that mention crystals, the sky, and her name...

Chapters (2)
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Oooo this looks interesting. Going to follow this for sure, I love a good mystery.

Very nice first chapter. I love how you've written Cadence; it's very realistic. I'm also quite interested to know whose voice that is.

This is marked incorrectly. It can't possibly be complete.

Conflicted... not particularly thrilled with who the voice turned out to be, but at the same time I'm intrigued as to where this is going because of who she is.

That is the answer.
[No the answere is a payload of around 150

I... did not see that coming. Is she Cadance and Shining Armor's daughter from the Refelection's Equestria?

Wait it says complete? Is... is it over? There are so many unaswered questions here. Please say it isn't done yet.

Thank you very much! I was hoping to give it a realistic parental feel so that her worries wouldn't feel superfluous. ^_^ It's funny, I didn't even plan on Cadence being the opening act for this story -- it just kinda happened, and I was 3 pages in before I sat back and thought "This story is supposed to be about Flurry Heart... why am I starting with Cadence??" It was too late, of course, but it all worked out fairly well anyway, I think. XD

As of this moment, the story is complete. I wanted to write something short that left doors open at the end for speculation and a little mystery, if you will, but that was it. I have, however, noticed a few requests to continue and will certainly take them into consideration as I move forward. I can't tell you that this story will be continued -- as I said, it wasn't meant to be -- but I will say that I'm not against it, and having people actually ask for a continuation is something I'm not sure I can say no to. XD

I ended up doing quite a bit of character building from Skyla's perspective to figure out exactly what her motivations where, how she accomplished everything that she had, etc., and the short answer is no, she's not from Reflection's Equestria.

The LONG answer is a really really long explanation of mirror world concepts and multiverse theory, but I'll say that she IS from a mirror world, one that exists somewhere between Reflections Equestria and main Equestria.

I was reading this and I was like 'haha wouldn't it be funny if it was Skyla?'

And then, Skyla.


( Am I getting good at predicting fanfics yet? )

I love both Flurry Heart and Skyla, but I don't want one replacing the other.

Don't worry, replacement was never my goal! The brainstorming I've had about a possible follow-up story has been more of an integration kind of story where Skyla learns more about Flurry Heart and her family and finds her place among them. More of a warm, fun and possibly slightly dangerous story about the two of them growing closer and stronger together. That would be my goal. X3

Apparently you ARE getting good at it. XD

It is the very nature of Gravity Falls to be in everything and anything. Ergo, it belongs here. X3

Gah, just in the best part...

Please sir, can I have some more?

I'm glad that you enjoyed this story enough to want more! X3

As things stand, I do have a sequel planned for this but I haven't exactly ironed the plot out to my satisfaction just yet. I'm going to see how everything goes, and hopefully I'll have something moving on it very soon -- so look forward to it! ;3

Thank you again for reading! :D

I'm glad to hear that! I've officially started on a sequel, so I hope that you'll look forward to it! X3

The princess of the Crystal Empire, warned that something is trying to contact or influence her daughter, goes to the market with her for a pie for their lunch... Somehow I find that odd. Does the palace have no cooks or serving staff?

7002074 OK, so there is a Skyla character somewhere, and she wasn't just invented in this story..?

7517224 Interesting, but I really need to learn morea bout SA and Cadance in the alternate universe to really get roped into this...

There was some pretty great tension in this, well done! Kept me guessing 'til the end. :rainbowlaugh:

I really like this story so far, this is really well written and uses a lot of larger words that aren't usually seen in fanfiction.
This story is awesome! :twilightsmile:

Oh... and Shining Armour? DefCon-3. Just in case, you understand?

Oh lord... someone else who uses multi-verse theory in their works... I think I'll read this and it's sequel just to see how you used it. Multiverse theory is a major part of my current work, so it's always fun to see how other people use it.


> one of the Kingdom's best rulers since it's inception


Please, Please, Please continue this story soon.^_^

but she know she'll grow into that.

Typo in the description.

bagh, great. now I have to follow you until you make a sequel

If Flurry Heart and Skyla were voiced, what would they sound like?

If Skyla was voiced, what would she sound like? If you don't know, then please, just say so.

What would she sound like..? Hmmm... Well, if I was to describe how I hear her, she's got a medium high voice that is a little breathy most of the time, but when she gets serious that drops away. I don't have anyone IRL that I could compare it to, but that's kind of how I hear her. :3
Obviously, you're free to hear her however you want. ^u^


This... feels more like a prologue than a story, to me.

Well, it didn't start out that way, but it ended up being more of a prologue to this story here than its own standalone story. :3



Oh, yeah. I've been reading that as well. It's a good story. I was just wondering why it's split over two, well, stories, so to speak.

There are only five alicorns in the world that we’re aware of and, of those five alicorns, two move celestial bodies through space, one controls the power of friendship, and one,” she lifted her hoof from her chest and pointed to her face, “controls the power of love.” She dropped her hoof back to the stone beneath her.

I wait for the moment someone said "There are only 247 Alicorns in our world"

While these are not my favourite characters, somehow the fact that the sequel is about a certain someone, that it still somewhat unknown to me, makes it interessting enough. Maybe it even is because I don't think that the rest of the show is that much important, I only know that I like it till now.

The taller alicorn smiled slightly. “Actually, I’d love to meet them… because I’m their daughter, too.”

OOhhh come one, I think I would actually have prefered an adoption. I don't know why but I never really warmed up with Shining Armor and Cadance,...actually I like Cadance a bit, I only hate how she is often supposed to use her powers and I only really loved one version of her in one story.

That Skyla is from their blood too makes it less exciting for what is maybe going to come somehow.

I hope that at least Shining and Cadance doesn't know her and that maybe Skyla is a bit hesistant to just seek attention from them. I like it a bit mysterious and that the parents and children slowly have to get attatched to each other.

This should not be it's own story. By itself, it's practically nothing. All the interesting parts happen in the sequel, and you should have just had them both be one story.

“She also thought pink and yellow went together,” Flurry Heart muttered furiously, her ears flattening against her pink, purple, and teal mane as she frowned. “I saw the pictures of her coronation – those colors did not compliment her coat in the least .”

So Rarity probably didn't make the dress :moustache:

Okay, I really like this interpretation of Flurry Heart and Cadence.

“Is this really worth waking mom up for? Sure, the voice managed to answer a question… that doesn’t mean you suddenly know what it is.” She raised her eyes back to the door, her ears standing straight up as she stared determinedly at it. “That doesn’t prove anything – it could be a ghost, or a changeling, or a pegasus down a storm drain, or anything! – and that’s not something you can take to mom and wake her up for.”

Oh, child, any of those things would be worth waking your mom up for...

And then: oh, good, it does continue. Like ZeirMakavar, I am also very much into infinite universes, and (like this tale) I also have a continuity where I am exploring various otherworldly twins meeting. When this tale ended, I was hoping you might, as well! :yay:

I look forward to reading more about Skyla, her past... and especially her future. :twilightsmile:

Cadence and Flurry's interactions are adorable. I wonder what these voices are?

Please forgive the odd question, but after reading the storys description I became curious. Is Skyla an OC or an unused Canon pony?

9641908 She's a somewhat non-canon character from one of the toylines, if I recall correctly.

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