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Flurry Heart has made the ultimate sacrifice, but is it truly over? After using her own life essence to restore Equestria to an inhabitable state in her own world, she is reborn into a new one. But this one seems much purer, while the enemies that cost her everything to defeat are all either banished or destroyed. Even her mother and father are still alive, and more surprisingly, even her Aunt Twilight? What is this twist of fate and what does it mean for Flurry Heart?

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I shall watch this story from the sidelines.

Adding to my Track list... Let the story commence! :twilightsmile:

Friendly word of advice, link to the previous story.

Sombra vs Flurry, Mr. smoke said plaques you. Meant to be plagues. Few others I think but interesting. I thought it would be a rebirth thing, but this looks interesting as well.

Well, then. New story to read.
I like it.

...I see a title like that, and I immediately think of this:

I like where this is going. I hope you post the next chapter soon.

What in the hay is going on?

What's the matter Flurry, never been through forced interdimensional time travel before :trixieshiftright:

A very strong beginning I applaud your work.

the description lead me to believe that this was a sequel to another story so i was hesitant to start reading in case i accidentally spoiled the ending for another story but i'm glad i finally got around to reading this!

Interesting story! I hope you continue it!

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and this story still DED :fluttercry:

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