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"Ever since I had my realization about the lack of respect most fanfiction authors receive, I’ve wanted to create a consortium, a gathering of those who are tremendous writers and those who have the potential to be tremendous writers. A group of like-minded individuals who could stand together, communicate, and support one another."
-Jade Ring, Founder of The Nexus

What We Are

Imagine it; authors of romance, comedy, horror, sad, and even clop stories working together to spread their wealth of knowledge. Educating authors with less experience and helping them become the next generation of excellent writers, helping the ones that have already established themselves as "good" to become better.

This is what we are, and this is where you come in.

Once you become a member of the Nexus, you accept the responsibility of spreading the message of fanfiction far and wide. You will seek out those with great potential both in the Nexus and outside of it. You will teach them and guide them. You will use your influence to draw attention to those who deserve it. You will work with your new brothers and sisters to further develop not just your own skills, but their skills as well.

Those of you who wish to join will be invited based on your response to this initial message...

So the question must be asked. Will you guide? Will you collaborate? Will you learn?

Will you write?

The Nexus FAQ

1. The Nexus is not a secret organization. We are quite the opposite. Feel free to flaunt your status. Promote this group is you wish.One hopes that eventually we become recognized to the point where writers seek us out for various purposes.

2. Can anyone be a member of the Nexus? Yes and no. If you are chose, it ha been based on a set of parameters; number of published works, frequency of being on the site, quality of writing, etc. Anyone you may wish to invite into the Nexus must be affirmed by at least five of your brothers and sisters. If you wish to nominate a Potential, you will do so in the group’s message board.

3. A major part of the Nexus will be the sharing of story ideas. If you have a story idea but doubt your ability to write it, tell your brothers and sisters. Amongst us, I’m sure that you can find a co-writer or someone who simply wants to tell that story (with full credit given, of course.)

4. All Nexus Members will have their own folder in the Group. It is up to you, however, to decide which stories to add. There will also be a folder for recommended works.

5. Depending on how many initial members there are, a separate profile just for collaborations may be created. More on that as it develops.
So there you have it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. I hope to hear from you soon.

We are one,
Jade Ring

Important Threads

-Invitation Thread
-Fanfiction Idea Thread
-Story Collaboration Thread

(put more ideas for threads below)

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Hey guys! I'm new here and I want help with my Achilles heel... Romance. I am willing to share my expertise in Descriptive Writing, Action Sequences, and Anthropomorphic Anatomy (There are three kinds). Feel free to message me and talk! I look forward to making new friends.

((As a preview of what my source of inspiriations click here and scroll to the end.. ))

Greetings everyone. It'll be a pleasure to be working among you. I'm Obscuruptus.

Allow me to be the second, third, or even fourth person to welcome people to the group. This comment serves as the first step of the thousands of comments that may follow in the future.

Welcome one and all, and may your words never dull! :twilightsmile:

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