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A Christian Pegasister who loves MLP and anything that has to do with stories!

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Thanks for the favorite! Awesome to see another Christian on the site :)

2229262 I don't care what comes up on my user page, but I really do like your story. I would love to see where it goes. :yay:


Haha, cool! And thanks! :yay:


2020148 Yeah she is a new friend I got into the show. She and I both write fan fiction in all of our free time so I thought that I might just welcome her to the site by giving her a shelf for stories I have read and loved and are also iconic/she would love them. BTW I love your story! :rainbowkiss:

So, I'm a bit intrigued by the bookshelf named "Kim." Is there a story there?

Also, thanks for the fave, and it's nice to see another Christian brony! :pinkiehappy:


  • Viewing 5 - 9 of 9
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