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Update on Everyone's Status as of Empress Returns · 7:27pm September 8th

Hello all.

Many of you have asked me if certain characters will show up in The Empress Returns. since it would take me some time to reply to all the inquiries, I thought I'd create a master list of who's where as of the 45th millenium.

-Space Marines
-- Marneus Calgar: KIA on Terra battling Kairos Fateweaver and Ahriman
-- Cato Sicarius: KIA on Terra battling Kairos Fateweaver and Ahriman

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My sister watched the video and check the year.
The video is 2 years old and I did not notice. I'm so sorry

Ok I just wanted to mention it just in case

2478111 I hear stuff like this practically once a year. It's concerning, but usually never goes that far (the fact that I haven't heard about it on any news networks also lessens my concern).

So I'm worried. Apparent and allegedly fan art and fanfition. Is going to be illegal in the United States. Is not just an attack on anime fans but this may affect the brony. If you write stories of something that exits and you do not have permission you can be Arrested for copyright
Here is the video of the news

  • Viewing 160 - 164 of 164
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