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Annual April Post · 5:49pm Saturday

In ten days, I will have been on this site for nine years. I want to say that makes me part of the old guard or something, but there have been way more people who've been part of the fandom longer than I have.

That makes me... what? Slightly less than old but still pretty darn old guard? Second wave? Pretentious?

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Ah, I was wondering about that.

I don't think you needed to delete the Omake. It was plenty interesting on it's own. Felt like it belonged to the universe.

2879717 Yeah. I ultimately felt it was relying too much on Shock Value as well, so it's gone now.

Managed to read your Omake: Interrogation before it dissapeared. A good bit of backstory for Sunset but I would agree that it wasn't nessesary for the main story.

Looking forward to more empress updates 😁

2768383 Soon, your patience will be rewarded:twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 172 - 176 of 176
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