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Omake: The Magic of Friendship · 7:29pm January 16th

Nigthmare Moon had managed to reach the castle before her sister's insipid student and her friends. That would give her all the time she needed to set her trap, and perhaps located the Elements of Harmony before the others did. The dark alicorn roamed the decrepit throne room, searching for the best place to lay in ambush for when the little ponies arrived.

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Report iowaforever · 377 views · Story: The Empress Returns · #hugs

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Ah, I was wondering about that.

I don't think you needed to delete the Omake. It was plenty interesting on it's own. Felt like it belonged to the universe.

2879717 Yeah. I ultimately felt it was relying too much on Shock Value as well, so it's gone now.

Managed to read your Omake: Interrogation before it dissapeared. A good bit of backstory for Sunset but I would agree that it wasn't nessesary for the main story.

Looking forward to more empress updates 😁

2768383 Soon, your patience will be rewarded:twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 172 - 176 of 176
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