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This story is a sequel to The God Empress of Ponykind

One thousand years ago, Luna, Warmistress of Equestria and sister of Empress Celestia, fell to the powers of Chaos and plunged Equestria into a brutal civil war. The Traitors were defeated, but not before Luna made the ultimate sacrifice and was sealed away in the Immaterium with only the soul of a slain Primarch to keep her company. For a millennium she has been locked away, waiting for a chance to return to her home and her sister.

Now, she has been freed from the Immaterium, and as she takes her first steps in a new Equestria, one ruled by the powers of Harmony, only one question remains:

Does Equestria still need the services of a Warmistress?

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more iron hooves of mexicolt

Having Celestia play Nightmare Moon to save Luna was humorous and a good, creative in universe way to explain why Celestia never showed up to fight NM in the show. Trollestia seems to be alive in well. Can't wait for the next chapter to see what the Eldar are up t. to be honest when I first read that paragraph I thought they were members of the Everfree Sentinels pony legion or whatever the Legion has the word Ranger in its name.

“No. As my physical form was destroyed, I am forever bound to the Warp.”

That was gold in the story, atleast to me. Same with Horus's final line. Don't know if that's an error, or I'm seeing things.

3207519 It IS a mistake, those two lines should be silver:

“No. As my physical form was destroyed, I am forever bound to the Warp.”
“Of course, my friend.”

So Luna is back, now what are the Eldar doing here? Also, why are they in pony form? A disguise maybe?

We shall see what the future holds.

3207629 Oh my gosh! You are right! :trollestia:

So I'm not going crazy.

Hmmm... interesting. It looks like some of Celestia's old playmates have come for a visit. I wonder if they know who precisely it is whose affairs they are planning to involve themselves? I doubt they'd care, even if they knew.

While I am still annoyed with Celestia impersonating Nightmare Moon I do think you handled it fairly well. So it seems we veer off into true AU territory with this other faction appearing. Well I guess Luna will take back her title and Celestia will show why you don't harm her little ponies.


Sorry I must disagree, that was not trollestia there is not a trollestia in this 'verse. She did not impersonate Nightmare Moon for the lulz or her own perverse amusement, she did it as one last chance to help somepony else, to bring her sister back to her. Most importantly she even explained her actions to the Bearers, knowing full well that she may loose all trust they have with her all because it was the right thing to do. Trollestia would never do that.

“There is some merit to your words...” she stepped away from the pedestal, using her magic to pull out several runes from a pouch on her flank.

This tell me we may have Eldar disguised as Equestrians. Well stranger things have happened in both universes.

Good opening, lets see how Luna copes in a time of peace.

Pansy Space Elves!

Permission to decapitate? Pretty please? :pinkiecrazy:

if the Eldar still exist after all these years what about the Tau do they still exist did they ever unite the galaxy under a banner of peace for the greater good like they said they would

...the Lost is Discord, isn't he?

3207918 Maybe; you can never tell with Eldar... or deer, as the case may be

INB4 Luna is the lost and she has to be sacrificed to spare the world cataclysm.

This is going to be so awesome:rainbowkiss:

Doubt it. Without having to worry about chaos the Imperium, which I believe is still standing strong, would be able to redeploy billions of troops and resources at least. The second the Tau try anything, the Imperium would be able to send more troops and could afford to direct increasing attention to the Tau. And in a war of attrition, the Imperium will always beat the Tau.

Shit's about to go down... where is my storm bolter.

Looks like the Emperor wasn't the only person to get hippomorphed. I do wonder what the Eldar's initial reaction to that was like.
Also, I would be anticipating a rather epic military campaign - a true exploration of the concepts of hammer vs scalpel.... except for the fact that the Emperor seems to have mellowed in his old age. Provided the Eldeer don't do their patented 'hit and run for the good of the future that only we are smart enough to understand', I can't really see this version of the Emperor getting quite so xenophobic as he used to.
Finally - lol, the Eldar got something wrong.
They speak as though the Sister Princesses were long dead historical figures - I wish could see their reaction when they realise that the current Pony rulers are the same ones.

This looks good. Please, keep going.

Glory to Chaos!

I have just finished reading through the Dornian Heresy... and The Empress has a sequel.

and bloody eldeer, can't leave anything alone can they?
time for an equestria wide game of 'Hunt for the last webway gate' yay:ajbemused:

By Khorne that picture is AMAZING.







I am safe to assume this, right? This is true, is it not? Okay then. So.......


With all of the Chaos spam.... I do wonder one thing. Where the heck are those "heresy" blamming commissars?


3208486 *BLAM!*
Commissar: you were saying?

Good, good. My fellow servant of Chaos. Now to substitute the sound of my applause with the lovely intoxicating music of bones shattering..... :pinkiecrazy:


*dazed and confused*

Oh hello! Did someone get the number of that Baneblade? :derpyderp1:

Thrice-damned Commissars......

I do know one thing: If by some crazy Warp shenanigans I end up in this Equestria ala shitty HiE fic, I'm so fucked. And I won't like it since I'm not some Slaaneshi cultist bastard. :twilightoops:

3208453 Harriers for the Cup!

Was I meant to read the entire first book in one sitting? I don't know, neither do I care. Anywho you have been followed and favourited. I'm glad to know I can follow such a great story.

I notice you still incorrectly use "it's" (it is) in place of its (ownership). Things are much better these days so again I would like to offer proper editing for you if you so desire. Perhaps with larger windows of time to actually edit it for you ;p

3207827 i knew in character/story she wasn't trolling but to me it just seemed to fit with something that fannon "trollestia" would do

Uh... since it wasn't for the lulz she wouldn't do it in this situration. But yes I have seen art done that is trollestia pulling that stunt

3209012 That wasn't what I was aiming for :fluttershysad:

Yes! Sequels! :pinkiehappy:

Iowaforever you are amazing!! I give you all the moustaches! :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

3209031 i didn't mean to make you sad :pinkiesad2::fluttershysad:. Readers have different interpretations what a writer writes just as a writer tries to interpret the message/images in their mind.

Let me guess, Eldeer? I know, I know, terrible pun.

Eldeer YES!:pinkiehappy:

Eh, Celestia pretending to be Nightmare Moon....Yeah, I didn't care for that. Was there really a reason to do so?

(And I wonder why Celestia eventually released Discord. Are you going to explain that sometime in the future?)

3207920 Eldeer? Also how?

3208884 Not necessarily, but I would recommend taking a look.

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