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After washing up on an island somewhere far from Equestria, Soarin' finds himself under the care of Diana, Daughter of Hippolyta and Princess of Themyscira. Soarin's arrival has presented a unique opportunity for Diana: a chance to leave Themyscira and explore the world of mortals.
It is not a chance that Diana will give up quickly, but is there a place for her in this new world?

Set in the same universe as Mare of Steel; reading that is recommended, but most likely not required.

Cover Art provided by Supersheep64

Comments may contain spoilers. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

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Omfg awesomeness !!!

Now all we need is a flash crossover for my life to be complete!

2580171 I have plans for one, but most likely I won't get around to them for some time

A nice start!

Ironically, in the original mythology, Luna (a moon goddess Titan) was supplanted in that role by a new moon goddess -- Diana. :twistnerd:

2583775 Glad you like it :twilightsmile:
Although I think Diana was her Roman name, but that doesn't really matter, now does it?
Funny, one of the first things I came up with when writing this chapter was little Diana pouncing on Nightmare Moon.

Maybe she should be a blank flank and only earns it once she defeats Ares.

Or you can go with a stlyized eagle or something

2602984 That is an option.... that's actually a pretty good idea (hard to justify with her age, though :applejackunsure:)

The "cute flanks" line actually made me laught out loud, something that doesn't happen often in pony fics.

Hmmm... A tiara curie mark for the princess? Or a W if she'll be called Wonder Mare, maybe. OK, not very imaginative suggestions, I admit.

2602990 Hmmm....that is true....puzzler this is.

Humm some interesting questions pop up. One thought I have is the Amazons main beef with Man's World was just that, it was the world of men, wonder woman often had to face the disparity of women's roles in the real world, one of her primary villains even wanted revenge on males. But Equestria is itself is ruled by a female, it's greatest heroes are females and most of it's population is female, but stallions haven't been reduced to second class citizens. Unlike some in my head males and females are equal in Equestria, Mares are in charge because their are more of them so it's much more likely. Seeing such a world where mares and stallions live in harmony could cause Diana to find it hard to accept that Equestia was ever like the world the older Amazons knew. Other ideas are of course Diana's reactions to the way Celestia has chosen to live, among mortals rather than above them, Luna's return and redemption(I assume the first few chapters are set before the show), and Diana's relation to the Elements of Harmony (as they seem to have brought her to life rather than the gods) and what it means for the main 6 as the bearers. Also I see Ares outright HATING Equestria, a kingdom of love and tolerance would surely piss of the god of War.

I'm liking the casting you have going on here.:pinkiesmile:

2603561 Chapter 1 does take place before the show, all future chapters take place sometime before Keep Calm and Flutter On
You do bring up some interesting points (might have to work a few of them in to the story). I do plan for Diana to meet most of the mane six (sans Rainbow, for reasons that have been explained in Mare of Steel). Should be an interesting little meetup :pinkiesmile:

2604106 I like this. Can I use it for cover art?

Sure thing! I've been thinking of going into the habit of drawing cover art for fics anyway, so if you ever need any more, give me a call.

First Superman, now wonder woman. Two great works by you my friend

Just one question....aren't you forgetting someone? someone important? Someone who can be a pretty bad ass, even make something like...oh idk..something like na na na na na very bad ass?

2611039 I'm getting to that. Bats will show up (First in the upcoming Side Story to Mare of Steel, then he'll get his own stand-alone work)

2611384 instead of doing straight batman style, why not mold mare do well into the caped crusader

2611500 That is an option. I haven't really thought out what exactly I'm going to do for Batman (I do have ideas for the villains I want to use), so using Mare Do Well is always available. However, we don't exactly know how widespread the Mare Do Well fad was, so it would be a little complicated to explain how the pony I use heard of it (Unless I use another of the mane 6, but I already have plans for Pinkie, Twilight and Applejack).
I need to think on this some more :trixieshiftleft:

2611782 Cryptic, however i can say that the fancy pants idea floating about your fandom may be the route for you to go, if not Fancy....maybe his daughter

I'm loving this so far. I'm hardly a Wonder Woman expert, but this is working quite well. Soarin and Diana have very good chemistry with one another, and the humor is great.

I take it your main inspiration is the animated movie.

2687134 Uh... kind of?:twilightsheepish: (haven't actually seen the movie, just the TVTropes Page)

I figure Diana would have a sword and round shield for a cutie mark, but maybe that just because I've been playing Injustice a lot.

2602984 I agree with the Blank Flank idea, except she gets her Cutie Mark when she finally adopts the mantle of Wonder Mare (or whatever she's gonna be called).

Also, iowaforever, you mentioned that the leotard was based off the crest of a fallen ally; the only hero I could think of that would wear anything similar to that would be Captain America (or rather Captain Equestria), but that's a Marvel hero. Who was this mysterious ally? Is he/she gonna be an important part of the story? Would telling us spoil the story?

2702197 the leotard is based off the fact that Wonder Woman's outfit is based off the insignias Steve Trevor's mother was wearing when she washed ashore on Themyscira. She died protecting the island and Hippolyta had the outfit made in her honor (that's one version of the story)

It might not have a major impact on the story, but it will be explained in due time

Dude the entire last half of the chapter is in italics.

But asides from that this is shaping up to be AWESOME

I see GL as a hotshot Pegasus named Vapor Trail. But, maybe that's just me.

2602990 Heh ive got to say so far im loveing the story like always, great work bro im looking forward to many more storys. :rainbowlaugh:

2687193 I highly recommend it, it's among the best of their recent animated movies.

Apokolips? Oh boy...

Darkseid IS.

After Injustice: Gods Among Us, I can't read the lines of Ares and Diana without using their voices. The same for Lex and Deathstroke in Mare of Steel.

2747412 Hey, that works. (Admittedly, Injustice is the whole reason Deathstroke has his cameo in Mare of Steel, because he was awesome)

Princess Cadance as Luna's daughter, interesting idea that. :twistnerd::raritywink:

Off to a good start here, can't wait to see how the rest of it turns out! :pinkiehappy:


2773497 It was Dash as Supermare; this chapter takes place at the same time as Part 2, Chapter 3, so she's on her way to stop Silversmith's plot to sabotage MagiTech

Nice reference. I wonder how dash missed a costumed flying red earth pony what with her being all super and stuff.

Diana doesn't play around.


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Have a nice life. :trollestia:

Well, if Self=Darkseid, that means I'm Darkseid and I rule the universe. I will have a good life, thank you.

Awesome story. I love superhero ponies! Almost as good as Supermare! :heart:

There does not seem to be a realm in the multiverse where Ares is not an asshole.

Yeah, that's Diana alright. So, what is she going to be in this universe Wonder Mare?

Where is the cameo? I can't find it.

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