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That was what Starlight Glimmer had sought when she set up her community, a place where all ponies would be equal in everything they had or did. No fighting, no competition, no cutie marks: it would be the perfect symbol of Equality by which the rest of Equestria would rally behind.

But one stormy night, a mysterious mare arrives to question Starlight about her beliefs, doubting whether Equality is truly what Ponykind needs. Surely such notions are those of an older time, and Equality is a future that Starlight can defend.

... isn't it?

Special thanks to Avenging Hobbits for editing and proofreading.

Comments may contain spoilers. You have been warned.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 33 )

Why do I feel like Starlight is messing with a far more powerful being then she realizes. Hopefully she grows from this experience and doesn't squander what it looks like she is being given.

Well this shows promise, hopefully it won’t end with Our Town being destroyed and Starlight dying with it.

9186907 "E" tag's there for a reason :pinkiesmile:

Iowa, you ponified The Last Church.....whelp, here's hoping Starlight doesn't suffer the same fate as Ulrich.

9186935 While Starlight does share some similarities with Uriah, martyrdom is not in her future.

Uriah, that's it. Hopefully she doesn't end up like the TTS version of him too

What's the point of life, if not to be different

“Who’s purpose, though?” Revelation frowned. “What point is purpose if you have no say in your part in it? And to be set along a single path, without a chance to turn to the right or to the left.” she looked away. “That sounds like a horrible fate I would not wish on anyone.”


The fundamental problem here is that Starlight Glimmer is a cultist-in-chief, not a philosopher. She is fundamentally incapable of good faith debate, and quick to resort to violence.

I think I know who Revelation is. Hopefully Starlight learns fast becuase I don't think she will like the outcome if is doesn't.

Have a feeling there is more to Revelation than meets the eye

Well, now that L- err, Revelation has demonstrated her tea catching powers, there's no way Starlight can resist.

Yeah, you definitely did starlight's backstory better than the show....

I wonder how long into the story it will take Starlight to realize just who Revelation actually is? Once again I hope she takes this chance and changes her ways.

9191724 This isn't going to be a very long story, so she'll learn sooner rather than later.

Well, discussing vague abstract (and arguably non-existing) stuff, as always, degenerates into heated "which side is more brainwashed and manipulative" competition :rainbowlaugh: At the end of previous chapter it seemed that they're switching to discussion of real world consequences of implementing Starlight's thing, but apparently not yet. Maybe next chapter?

“Because I was just like you, Starlight,” Revelation said. “I was once scared and alone, unsure of where I stood in the world. I once tried to control others and twist them to their wills, and I paid the price for it. I am reaching out to you because I am the mare from the story.” With that, a brilliant light engulfed Revelation, Starlight shielding her eyes as it filled her house. The thought of defending herself flowed through her mind, but with no idea what she was facing no good spells followed after.

When the light faded, Revelation was gone. In her place stood a majestic alicorn, her wings gently lowering her to the ground. Her coat was a deep midnight blue, her mane a swirling mass of blue energy flecked by motes of starlight. She wore silver shoes and a black necklace marked with a white crescent moon, reflecting the cutie mark displayed prominently on her flank. Starlight’s jaw fell limp, her brain trying and failing to make sense of who stood before her.

“P-P-Princess Luna?!” she cried. “But... how did you...?!”



I think several people where guessing it was Luna. Now Starlight can begin the healing process.

I can hear and see the dreams of every stallion, mare, and foal that falls asleep in Equestria. I see their hopes, their memories, their losses.

After her return Equestria became very poor place to commit thoughtcrimes.

“I tried to overthrow my sister and plunge Equestria into eternal darkness, yet somepony still thought I was worthy of forgiveness.”

I would say that "I have guys who like me enough to let transgressions that epic slide" in not really clever rebuttal to Starlight's "no one gives a single damn about me" :rainbowlaugh:

So it was Luna eh? Nice twist.

I can't really agree there, especially considering the details that Parent Map added to her backstory.

I was honestly half expecting the twist to be that Revelation was a Starlight from the future of another universe.


Maybe is my human perspective, but the Cutie Marks social system sounds a lot like Plato's Republic: everyone has its place destined by birth, and any intent to rise above your natural station is born from arrogance and selfishness, thus can only end in tears. Happiness come from acceptance.

Of course, this has been the general justification for any caste/feudal system in real life, which typically are unfair and oppressive.

Sadly, the ethical implications of Equestria as an idealized caste system enforced via Harmony stamping destiny brands on everyone's rump aren't usually discussed. The closest thing we have in canon are Rumble's tantrum in the Cutie Mark Crusaders' camp...and of course Starlight's village. Both depicted as in the wrong without considering if the strawmen had a point.


Happiness come from acceptance.

Of course, this has been the general justification for any caste/feudal system in real life

Well, cynical economist would say "what other incentive one may have for saying something like that?" :rainbowlaugh:

I'm not sure about stamped destiny stuff: cute marks are usually what writer of current episode wants them to be, not something with consistent properties. Those two guys had much more simple and personal issues and just used abstract philosophy to argue their way (as abstract philosophy is always used).

I don't even care if there is going to be a sequel or not, this is the perfect ending to a great fic :heart:

One of the best Starlight Glimmer stories I've ever read.

And trust me, with my feelings about the character, that's some high praise indeed. XD

“That’s not possible!” Starlight cried. “Weighed down by the pressures of modern society a young pony is broken until she does not trust anypony. She withdraws, shuts down, becomes useless in the eyes of all.”

"She gets a guitar she never learns to play, dyes a black streak in her mane, and starts calling herself Starblight Dimmer!"
"I get the sense we are no longer discussing a hypothetical young pony."

... Oh. Huh. Ended up predicting the next line. :derpytongue2:

Brilliant work in integrating all the concrete points of Starlight's life into the path that led to Our Town. She might be the toughest nut the Princess of Therapy had to crack, but the process was thoroughly satisfying, as was the end result. Seriously, Starlight, ponies might be the most forgiving species on the planet... as long as your name isn't Trixie.

Thank you for a great read.

A very good Pony-version of The Last Church. At least in this version there were no troops with flames waiting outside.

I haven't read this yet.
However: noting your prior 40k love and the.. descr i think this is your version of "The Last Church"

Edit: Def "The Last Church" infuences

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