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Hi, I'm not dead! / Seriously Considering Writing · 7:45am Jan 19th, 2015

Been on a long hiatus, just coming back now, no idea for how long though.

The best way I can explain my absence is that I've simply been trying to juggle how I spend my free time. There are a lot of awesome communities I like to be involved in, but it really divides my attention- and my levels of interest in each have waxed and waned over time.

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Why these? Well...

Halo: On the Wings of Angels:
This is the first fic you see on my page for a reason: THIS AIN'T YO DADDY'S HALO CROSSOVER FIC! The lack of Master Chief and an HiE aside, what makes this fic unique is the combat scenes it describes. They are horrifyingly good, and are deliciously gritty, as with dare I say, Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers. Also, for once, the characters' decisions in combat MAKE SENSE and all the fluff is accurate, what more could you ask for in a military fic?

Mass Effect 2 - DLC: The Equestrian Equation
A truly unique crossover that wasn't just a good read, it was an experience. L2L let the readers choose the direction of the story via the classic ME decision wheel- read the comments if you don't believe me! The amount of world building done in this story and the intricacy with which the ME universe is woven in is astounding. This is one fic that you CANNOT miss.

One of the first Fics I ever read - loved it. A slice of life that has warm and fuzzies all over it. Also nothing inflammatory for anyone, no shipping, no dark, no clop, no gore, no crossovers, no sad, no NOTHING... It simply is. Slice of life at it's best.

Emperor's Child in Equestria:
I won't lie, this fic made it on my list out of sheer hilarity alone. As a W40k fan, this fic knew how exploit every theme, piece of fluff, and work of fanon to MAXIMUM effect. It is hands down the funniest fic I have read. Ever. Period. (Should Imperius ever decide to post it again, read it.)

Come, step into my office- if you please!


I came for ponies and I stayed for the quality of work, this fandom is amazing.

Trying to be a helpful and insightful critic, the more fics the better! I am WAS an approved TWE reviewer (until the group- you know..) and I hope that I'll be able to do some good around here. If not, I can still kick back and enjoy some of the fine literature you people produce.

If you think there's anything I should read, just post a comment below.

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Currently tracking ??? fics with ??? unread chapters.

Now 1000+ fics in my "Read Later" list. Thinking about writing + trying to catch up on my fics, been away for a while...

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You are quite welcome, need to tidy this place up at some point, been ages since I've been active.

Thanks for the follow!

Do you know how to contact Silent Bob?

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