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For all of those who were inspired and loved the Mass effect series, anyone and everyone looking for some great Masseffect fan fiction this is your place.

(Also for anyone confused by the new Mass Effect group Commander Ponysun the founder of the last group has been banned for quite a wile so to keep the Mass Effect dream alive on this site I present to you this new one.)

~Enjoy NeverKnown

Everyone is welcome to enjoy all of your favorite past and present Mass effect Story's in all of their glory in this brand new group. (Post your Mass effect story's to help us build ourselves up to the past group)

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My, what alot of Sci-fi groups on this site. I've just joined the Star Wars and Star Trek group, in my opinion despite the ending Mass Effect is one of the greatest Sci-fi stories told, perhaps not the no. 1, but still pretty darn good.

In your opinions, what's the best Mass Effect fanfiction you've read?

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Comment posted by NeverKnown deleted Apr 23rd, 2014

might want to consider posting a link to this in the old group, just so people know.

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