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The Offical Dragon Age Fanfiction Group
All Are Welcome To Are Group
But First Theyre Some Rules

1. Be Respectful To Others
2. No Spaming
3.Have Fun
4 No Trolling
5 Put stories in their correct folders
A new and improved Group hope yall enjoy

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Looking for artists and moderators

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Why can I find legendary weapons in dragon age inquisition

I remember making this group so long ago i look at it now and i see is failure i might delete this group i dont know if any off you want me to keep it up let me know if not it will be gone thanks for joining

Hey guys we got a new group Apex legends hope you all enjoy link can be found in description

Cool been awhile since we got any stories hope it turns out good

I'm active right now for I am making a new fanfiction about an Antivan Dwarf.

I started promoting our group hopefully soon we'll have active members

Hey everyone I've updated the group hope its a bit better

378936 Just a minor issue I need to bring up, the Origins tag in the stories section is misspelled (Oringins? - Origins). Could you please rectify this problem as soon as you can?

Sup Everyone i would like thank you for joining the group and hope you help contribute to our little group and help prosper. Sincerly SNIPING2GOOD4U

367314 Well we'll have to get advertising. First I think we should as I've said before re-design the banner, then go to an advertising group The Shamless Self-Promotion Group, and spread the word of our existence.

i joined because...... well idk but dragon age inquisition is coming out i have it per-ordered and i so want a fan fic made after i play it:yay:

367314 It won't be for long

Comment posted by BconfTwifan294 deleted Aug 1st, 2014

wow this place is derserted:fluttercry:

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