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The Offical Dragon Age Fanfiction Group
All Are Welcome To Are Group
But First Theyre Some Rules

1. Be Respectful To Others
2. No Spaming
3.Have Fun
4 No Trolling
5 Put stories in their correct folders
A new and improved Group hope yall enjoy

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50 Yes

Looking for artists and moderators

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I started promoting our group hopefully soon we'll have active members

Hey everyone I've updated the group hope its a bit better

378936 Just a minor issue I need to bring up, the Origins tag in the stories section is misspelled (Oringins? - Origins). Could you please rectify this problem as soon as you can?

Sup Everyone i would like thank you for joining the group and hope you help contribute to our little group and help prosper. Sincerly SNIPING2GOOD4U

367314 Well we'll have to get advertising. First I think we should as I've said before re-design the banner, then go to an advertising group The Shamless Self-Promotion Group, and spread the word of our existence.

i joined because...... well idk but dragon age inquisition is coming out i have it per-ordered and i so want a fan fic made after i play it:yay:

367314 It won't be for long

Comment posted by BconfTwifan294 deleted Aug 1st, 2014

wow this place is derserted:fluttercry:

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