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Twilight Sparkle has disappeared. Not just from the face of Equestria but possibly from the face of her universe itself. She must now learn how to survive in a place unlike anything which she has experienced thus far. Luckily she has a friend out in the Wasteland. Join Twilight and The Lone Wanderer as they try and discover a way to send Twilight back to Equestria. Of course this is the Wasteland and things are never as simple as they appear...

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Oh Fallout crossovers, why can't I quit you?

Tracking, and liked,

If this were Littlepip or Blackjack, they would be makingthe Capitol Wasteland their bitch.

*After reading*

Very well written, KEEP IT UP!
Only thing is, Twi should be a little more reluctant to kill. War isn't something that happens in Equestria. Try the Velvet Remedy path: Non-lethal weapon and incapacitation spells. It would hep to prevent a psychological breakdown, and Twi wouldn't be useless in a fight.

I like your Lone Wanderer, he reminds me of my own. Except he isn't wearing the T-51B power armor and toting a M.E.R.V.

i love how casualy he acts around her has oh god this is guna turn out to be one of my faviote fallout stories omg dude can you do it so that they come across the cannabal town? or at least another town like the old one?

Love the story so far do you think a pip boy would fit on a hoof if you modified slightly?


Yeah don't worry at the moment she's still not thinking all that clearly, things are going to be tough for her once she's actually holding a gun

A few punctuation errors (missing commas and periods), but otherwise excellent.


Thank you, like almost everything I do i wrote this at 2 in the morning and my editor won't look at it till he beats the game so i'm on my own as far as that stuff goes... Anyways thanks for reading :twilightsmile:


You've come a long way since "Shepard's Adventure", my good man


Thanks that means a lot, to be honest that story kind of became a cluster fuck... Now if only my stories wouldn't pass moderation at 3 in the morning

Or she could place a few bullets in their kneecaps. A bit more lethal, but at least it gets the job done with out killing them.


Zoe: "Preacher, don't the Bible have some pretty specific things to say about killing?

Book: "Quite specific. It is, however, somewhat fuzzier on the subject of kneecaps."


Hmm... my potential good fic sense is tingling. And even though it's a radioactive waste, talking unicorns are still pretty weird. Other than that and a few little parts where it gets a little weird this is pretty good. I'll fav.


Yes but the Wanderer has seen way to much odd shit for a talking purple unicorn to mean much on his weirdness factor. Compared to Nuka Cola bottles that explode and create baby noises Twilight is tame.

The rest of the people who haven't been around Ethan long enough to experience his normal company are going to be staring, it's just that the people of Megaton are used to him bringing home odd things and people

Eh, makes sense, considering the whole "Aliens obsessed with robot ponies" DLC.


You know I was just playing that earlier... Also can you imagine how jaded Lucas must be after seeing all the stuff that the Wanderer has follow him around, I mean the actual introduction of Fawks had to be epic

*Shoots super mutant that entered town 14000 times, removes one bar of health due to leveling errors.


The best thing is that Fawks would probably just shrug and ask Lucas if he would kindly stop shooting him

*AI glitches, walks off cliff into Deathclaw pit.


Pulls out first deathclaw's spine and then uses it as a sword against the rest


Mister Deathclaw have you been introduced to my friend mister Novasurge, oh you haven't? Well say hello bitch!

Well, quite a few formatting issues, minor grammatical issues...
But hey, it seems like an entertaining ride.


Formatting issues?

For example, tabbing twice in a few paragraphs.
And only once for the others.


Oh, i can fix that easy, i just discovered the indent button on the top and i might have hit it twice sometimes, thanks for the catch.

as for grammar it comes from doing stuff at two AM :twilightsmile:

Yay! I'm no longer the only one who write a fallout crossover with twilight going to the capital wasteland. You sir have outdone yourself. And I thank you greatly, because you have just inspired to continue my crossover. I owe ya one! Wooooooooo!!


Thanks. Frankly i'm surprised that there are so few crossovers involving Twilight (Or any of the other ponies for that matter) leaving Equestria. It really is an untapped spring of ideas

Sorry about the lack of action that'll pick up next chapter, also I am aware that Vegas happens a few years after fallout 3, in this case I'm ignoring that :twilightsmile:

Oh and please comment!

Cue the Rocky training montage.

Energy weapons from the start? Lucky girl. I wonder how she'll react when one of her leg shots melts an enemy into green ooze?:twilightoops:

Okay then, grammar looks good, although there were a few mistakes. Solid concept, and I like the way you alternate between Equestira and The Wasteland. It will be officailly added to The Mojave express.


Cool, thanks a lot :twilightsmile:

The lone wanderers wife is the courier?! I feel sorry for anyone who gets in their way. If worse comes to worse, they end up having God like children. As for twilight, energy weapons are her thing, no pony can dent that. great so far! Keep up the good work!:twilightsmile:

1063894 Sparky, it's OK. He felt no pain as his body melted into a pile of green goo.

It looks as if you went with my advice (unless you already had it in mind) to go for the kneecaps... this will prove to further my amusement.

Party Time Mentats... I'm assuming the woman's name is Littlepip?

Pull the pin and count to three... Monty Python, anyone?

The courior is his wife... I can now rest easy, knowing the Mojave is in very good hands.

And one last thing... I wonder if Amata finally opened up the vault to the world. That would be something to think about.


Well I didn't quite have the kneecaps in mind at first, but then I thought. intelligence=energy weapon, so Twilight would naturally be good with them, but she's not going to want to kill people, so kneecaps are the best alternative. Then again with plasma you never know when things are going to get sticky...

And yes Littlepip, can't write something fallout related without her being referenced in some way :twilightsmile:

And the plot thickens. This chapter was brought to you by the noble people of the Mental Breakdown Express, please tip your ticket taker in the form of comments

damn legion

1. Caesar.
2. I fucking hate him.
4. Mental Breakdown Express? What did we ever do to you?
5. Yay! Molecular destabilization! And in my favorite flavor: Green Goo.

Ceasar*...Wait...Did you just........Ceasar? HOLY SHIT!

I wouldn't say it's untapped, merely it hasn't yet been overdone. Unlike HiE and shit.

Also, a Fallout crossover? That's not Fallout Equestria? I'll have to watch this. :twilightsmile:

If it makes you feel better he probably would’ve raped you to death, eaten your flesh, and then sewn your skins into his clothing. And if you were very, very lucky, he’d have done it in that order.”

Dat Firefly Reference...:rainbowkiss:

1049950 I have the Winterized version and wielding the Lil' Macintosh .44 Mag. mod, along with the Zebra Carbine mod too.

A few grammatical errors, I think Cesar was supposed to be Ceasar. Unless it's Ceasar's cousin Cesar!
Also, two chapters in one day. I love you. *hug*
:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache: 5/5 moustaches!

As well as never being attacked by foes from other floors, the billions of bottlecaps I have in my left pocket have no weight, mass, or physical form unless I throw them at people.

1071943 1072360

Thanks, I write at 2 AM without an editor so stuff like that slips through the cracks :twilightsheepish:

Also I love Firefly

Love the way you wrote Discord. It feels...right.

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