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Dark Wanderings - ed2481

Twilight journeys to the Capital Wasteland

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Edit: I’m well aware that the beginning of this is full of bad grammar, missing commas, and other errors, that being said if you can get to the point where my editor signed on then it gets worlds better

Dark Wanderings


It was a late night in Castle Canterlot and the royal sisters were once again going over the disappearance of Twilight Sparkle. Celestia lay with her back on the baseboard of her bed while Luna sat next to her on the bed. They were both drinking some very good watered down red wine, although Celestia was noticeably deeper into her glass then Luna. Celestia looked into her glass before taking another sip; she looked very sad, and extremely tired. Luna looked at her sister with a frown but she didn’t let her concern for her sister show otherwise.

“Okay Tia let’s go over this again.” Luna said calmly as she laid a hoof on her sister’s shoulder.

“Yes I suppose it might help.” Celestia said with a frown.

“We might have missed something earlier; you know what mother would say.” Luna said with a small smile.

“Yes that I should stop worrying about it and try and find a way to bring her back.” Celestia said with a sigh.

“Exactly, now start at the beginning.” Luna said with a nod.

“Twilight and I were testing out a variant of the common teleportation spell except this one was supposed to not take as much out of the user.” Celestia began.

“Go on.” Luna said.

“Well we worked on the theory until it was flawless and then Twilight volunteered to test the spell, it seemed harmless so I couldn’t see any reason why she shouldn’t try it. She activated her magic and that’s where it happened. Her eyes glowed green, and not the kind of green that you’d find in nature, it was sickly unnatural green. Then she vanished.” Celestia said with another sigh.

“We’ve sent missives all over Equestria looking for her sister, wherever your teleportation spell sent her she is likely no longer on the continent.” Luna told her.

“I know that Luna.” Celestia told her sister. “All that I know for certain is that she’s still alive, I would know otherwise.” She added after a few seconds of silence.

“I’ll tell you if anything changes sister, oh and the other Elements are on their way to see if they can help somehow.” Luna said with a gentle smile.

“I doubt that they will provide much assistance, but Twilight could be in great danger if we do not find her so every little bit helps.” Celestia said her voice full with worry.

“Try to sleep sister, you look terrible and you need rest.” Luna said gently.

“Alright Lulu wake me if anything changes.” Celestia said before settling into her bed, Luna gave her sister a kiss on the cheek and walked out of the room taking the now empty wine glasses with her. “Be safe Twilight.” Celestia whispered before sleep claimed her.


Twilight Sparkle star student to Princess Celestia ruler of Equestria looked around herself in confusion. She was not where she’d planned to be…Instead of the comforting shelves of books and familiar furniture of her library home she was confronted by the sickly smell of rotting flesh and horrifying sight of a bloody mattress covered in guts and gore.“Well looky here boys, fresh meat!” A voice behind her shouted with undisguised glee.

Twilight whirled in place and found herself confronted by four figures. They reminded Twilight slightly of diamond dogs except leaner, and possibly more intelligent. To her surprise and horror they seemed to be covered in blood soaked rags and Twilight could quite easily smell the scent of death around them.

“Please don’t hurt me!” She said; her senses were still too shocked by the overwhelming scent of them to do much more.

“It can talk?” One of her assailants asked in confusion.

“Don’t matter it’s still fresh meat, besides we kill things that can talk all the time!” Another said leering at Twilight its eyes clearly showed a type of madness that the lavender pony had never seen before.

In its hand was what appeared to be a butcher’s knife covered and smeared in long dried blood. Twilight tried to back away from her antagonists but found that her movement was blocked by a cold metal wall.

“Time to die meat!” One of the disgusting figures shouted ecstatically, he swung a rust covered sword at Twilight’s head.

Twilight had recovered just enough to remember the basic self-defense classes that her brother had given her after the wedding. Instead of standing there like an idiot Twilight dove away and the sword dinged harmlessly off of the wall. Twilight was on her hooves immediately and began to search for an exit to the small shack. Meanwhile the other bipeds were laughing at their companion’s failure.

“It sure showed you.” One of them laughed before it drew a shiny metallic object and pointed it at Twilight. “Why don’t you let me show you how it’s done?” It asked hefting the object with a sadistic grin on its face.

Twilight didn’t know what the object was but she knew that she didn’t want anything that these murders had pointed in her direction. Twilight ran towards a small hole in the wall of the building that she’d noticed and dove through just as a loud bang filled the air behind her. Twilight suddenly felt a horrible burning sensation as something smashed into her flank and sent her into a rolling landing. The things came out of the small hut laughing.

“Did you see that it thought it was going to get away, wa, ha, ha, ha, ha!” The thing with the silvery thing that apparently spat objects laughed as it stalked towards Twilight as she lay prostrate and bleeding on the ground. “Any last words meat?” The thing asked as it leveled the shiny object at her head. Twilight thought for a second before she shouted.

“SOMEPONY HELP ME!” The thing chuckled while the rest laughed.

“Bad choice, horsy nighty night.” The thing with the object laughed. Suddenly the thing’s head exploded in a shower of blood and gore. The others looked around in confusion and Twilight shuddered, some of the thing’s blood had stained her coat and she could feel the sticky redness sink into her fur.

“Who the hell did that?” One of the things asked.

“I don’t know but I’m going to ki-” Another replied but was cut off as its head exploded in an equally impressive shower of gore. The last two things stood back to back looking around apprehensively for any signs of whoever had killed their fellows.

“I don’t want to die.” One of them whispered as it clutched his knife.

“Shut up, don’t be such a pussy.” The other replied

“You don’t think it’s him do you?” The first asked, they’d apparently forgotten all about Twilight because neither moved to stop her as she desperately began to crawl away.

“Na he’s too busy with the mutants to be up here.” The second replied confidently. “All we need to do is find where this little pussy is hiding and kill him that’s all.” It added with a grin.

“And then we can eat the talking horse!” The first said.

“Exactly!” The second said “Now when I give the signal you-” His sentence was cut off as his head exploded as well. Twilight had only been able to drag herself a few feet away from the things but she still managed to avoid having any more blood stain her coat and she now looked on in horrified interest. The last thing looked around its eyes wild and filled with fear.

“I actually wasn’t all that busy you know.” A new figure said as it emerged from behind the last of the things who had attacked Twilight.

“Shit!” The thing shouted as it swung its knife at the new figure. The figure chuckled as he (its voice was obviously masculine) grabbed the remaining attack’s wrist mid swing and Twilight heard the distinctive sound of bones braking at her rescuer slammed the wrist into its knee.

“You know I remember posting a warning to all of you raiders out here.” The figure carried on casually as if he was holding a conversation over tea. “If remember correctly it said that if you don’t give up being a raider and turn over a new leaf then I was going to hunt you down like the rabid dogs you are and kill you as painfully as I could.” The figure added.

Now that the figure was no longer hiding Twilight saw bipedal figure who looked like the ones who had recently been planning to eat her. He was wearing a long brown duster that looked like it had been well worn and patched multiple times. Cheerful blue eyes looked out of a young face that was framed by a slightly messy brown mane.

“Fuck you!” Her attacker told the man cringing in pain and clutching its wrist in pain.

“Hmm… well I’m on a tight schedule if I’m going to stop the talking unicorn from bleeding out so this is your lucky day.” Her rescuer said with a wide grin.

“You’re going to let me live?” The attacker asked.

“I never said that did I?” Her rescuer answered with another grin faster than Twilight thought possible the rescuer had his own shiny thing in his hand and without warning he fired directly into the attacker’s head which exploded outward somehow the rescuer avoided getting wet. Twilight was beginning to feel lightheaded at this point but she held onto consciousness aware that her rescuer may not have good intentions for her.

The rescuer crouched down next to Twilight and flashed her a smile. “This is going to hurt for a few seconds while I get the bullet out of you okay. Don’t panic it’ll only make my job harder.” He told her reassuringly before he pulled his backpack off of his back and began to pull out several different items. “I’m giving you a shot of Med-x to help with the pain, but besides that I won’t be able to do much for it. I don’t want to give you too much in the first place in case it reacts badly with your biology.” He added before Twilight felt a sudden burn near the area where she’d been shot. She yelped at the pain but it quickly receded and was replaced by a sense of calming numbness.

“Thank you.” Twilight whispered.

“Don’t mention it I’m not in a rush and you’re the first unicorn I’ve ever met, besides I couldn’t let you be eaten by raiders could I?” He asked rhetorically as his hands moved rapidly. Twilight saw him take a bottle of water and sprinkle it over her wound before getting a pair of tweezers and inserting them into the hole.

Her rescuer worked quickly and quietly and before long he pulled the tweezers out of the wound a piece of metal clutched between their teeth. He sprinkled a little more water onto the wound and removed another syringe from his pack. “This is a stimpack, it’ll close the wound and prevent infection, or at least it works that way with humans…” He told her with a shrug before he stabbed the needle into Twilight’s side. To her surprise and amazement the hole in her skin immediately began to close and a new coat of purple fur grew over the area.

“Wow what kind of magic is that?” Twilight asked in awe, she’d seen healing spells before but they required a lot of time and effort.

“It’s not magic, just a little bit of prewar medical tech.” Her rescuer told her with a shrug as he returned to his feet. Twilight to her surprise rose to own as well without any difficulty or pain. She discovered that her head was on level with his waist. “So what’s a talking unicorn doing in a raider camp?” Her rescuer asked.

“I don’t know, I was testing a teleportation spell with Princess Celestia and suddenly I found myself surrounded by those things…” Twilight said directing her gaze towards the headless bodies of the raiders.

“They’re called raiders, they’re what happen when someone gives up on living like a human being and become ruled by their basic needs.” Her rescuer told her in a grim voice. “So what’s your name?” He asked her after a few seconds of awkward silence.

“Twilight Sparkle.” Twilight replied simply, the shock of her situation had worn off and she was now doing her best not to panic.

“Well I’m Ethan Smith.” He said offering her his hand to shake, Twilight shook it nervously and Ethan smiled at her. “Come on we aren’t that far from Megaton and we should make it there before dark if we hurry. You can stay with me for a while as long as you don’t mind sharing a house with me, a dog, and a sarcastic robot butler.” Ethan told her before setting off as Twilight scrambled after him.

“So umm Ethan, where am I exactly?” Twilight asked cautiously.

“You’re a few miles north of Megaton, which is located roughly the center of the Capital Wasteland on what used to be planet Earth.” Ethan replied cheerfully.

“I’m not on Equis anymore?” Twilight asked in panic, she’d already known she wasn’t in Equestria but she had no idea she was no longer on the same planet.

“Sorry Sparky I’ve never heard of Equis.” Ethan told her with a shrug.

“How can you possibly be so nonchalant about an alien telling you that she’s from another planet!” Twilight yelled at him but Ethan only chuckled.

“Trust me Sparky I’ve met aliens before, although I’ve got to say that they were a lot uglier then you.” He told her with a shrug. Unobserved to Ethan Twilight’s right eye twitched dangerously.

“Please don’t call me that.” She said her voice was low and sounded slightly dangerous. Ethan didn’t seem to care.

“Sorry Sparky I calls em like I sees them.” He replied with a grin. He was unexpectedly thrown forward by a blast of pure force. He hit the ground with a roll and had his magnum drawn before he’d finished the roll. His eyes looked around for a threat but they (Along with his trusty pipboy) displayed only Twilight who was still marked as non hostile. To Ethan’s surprise the unicorn’s horn was glowing with a faint purple light.

“I said don’t call me Sparky.” Twilight said calmly, Ethan just smiled and shook his head before holstering his magnum and returning to his stride while Twilight caught up.

“Whatever you just did was pretty cool Sparky, but seeing as I’m your only hope of living I would suggest you not try and kill me. I mean I’m not really worried about you killing me, but I’d prefer it if you didn’t wear out my jacket by hitting it with blasts of kinetic energy.” Ethan told her nonchalantly while Twilight just stared at him.

“How aren’t you hurt, I hit you with enough force to make a manticore flinch?” Twilight asked in shock.

“Well you see Sparky I’m very, very hard to kill. Once you’ve survived about half as much as I have you begin to not feel much pain unless you’re about to die” Ethan told her with a chuckle. “Now how about some traveling music?” He asked with a grin before he tapped a few buttons located on the thing attached to his wrist.

Hello Capital Wasteland! Stocks are up, unemployment is down, and the UN has declared global peace forever, and now the real news.

The Lone Wanderer was recently sighted taking on a swarm of fifty supermutant masters in a climactic battle at the center of the Washington mall. Witnesses report that the Wanderer clad in his now iconic leather duster reduced the mutants to bloody mush with the aid of a magnum and a plasma rifle. Good work kid drop by the studio next time you’re in the area and I might have a toaster you can fix.

And now here’s everyone’s favorite man, Butcher Pete!

"Meh there weren’t fifty of them.” Ethan said with a shrug.

“What?” Twilight asked in confusion.

“I said there weren’t fifty of them, honestly there were only around twenty and most of them were just brutes.” Ethan told her with another shrug.

“You’re on the radio.” Twilight said flatly.

“Yep I’m friends with Three Dog and he reports on my exploits, although he occasionally paints me as a messiah.” Ethan told her with a roll of his eyes.

“A messiah?” Twilight asked in shock.

“Yeah, apparently once you return fresh water to the Wasteland and destroy a large prewar organization bent on wasteland domination essentially singlehandedly you’re elevated to the status of messiah. Personally I think that I’m nothing special, but Three Dog needs symbols for the ‘Good Fight’ so I don’t really mind the reputation boost.” Ethan told her simply. They spent the rest of the walk in silence listening only to the radio and came within sight of Megaton just as the sun started to set.

Twilight’s breath was torn from her body as the giant metal gate of Megaton began to slowly rise with a great mechanical shudder. The town was surrounded by tall metal walls and a man stood above them on a little watch tower holding another shiny stick thing. They strolled into town and a large black skinned man walked up to them, he took one look at Ethan and sighed.

“Ethan please tell me that that isn’t a unicorn.” The man said in a tired voice.

“Alright Lucas, she’s a magic talking unicorn.” Ethan said with a wide smile, Lucas had a very pained expression on his face that Twilight could already emphasize with even after only knowing Ethan for a few hours.

“Hi I’m Twilight.” Twilight said stepping forward and offering Lucas her hoof, the man sighed and shook it with the resigned look of someone long suffering through such odd introductions.

“I’m Lucas Sims and I’m the sheriff of this town, come to me if you have any questions or problems that Ethan can’t handle, although problem wise if he can’t handle it I can’t either.” Lucas said with another sigh. “Stay out of trouble Ethan.” He added before he started to walk away.

Trouble me? I never get in trouble Lucas.” Ethan said with a grin before leading Twilight towards a large two story house built out of large sheets of metal. “Okay Twilight this is how it’s going to go. I’m going to open the door, my dog is going to put his legs on my shoulders and give me a face bath. Then he’s going to turn to you and start to growl, don’t let that scare you he’s a real softy unless you’re a raider. All you have to do is offer him your hoof. He’ll smell it then probably bathe your face too. Also don’t be freaked out by my robot butler he’s a little weird looking if you haven’t seen one before but he’s nice.” Ethan told her before opening the door to the house.

An enormous (by Twilight’s standards) dog rushed forward threw itself at Ethan who laughed as its tongue ran over his face, after a few seconds he pushed the dog off and it turned to Twilight who found herself looking into the beast’s eyes. Twilight gulped but offered the dog her hoof to sniff; the dog narrowed his eyes before cautiously sniffing her outstretched hoof. Then to Twilight’s surprise he gave a small happy bark and began to coat her face in slobber. Twilight started to giggle and tried to push the dog away. Eventually Ethan had to come to her rescue and drag the dog away.

“And now you’ve met Dogmeat.” Ethan said with a grin. “Honey I’m home!” He called, Twilight expected a female to answer; instead a slightly odd male voice replied.

“I see that master, I see that you’ve also found another traveling companion.” The voice said to Twilight’s astonishment a white metal creature that somewhat resembled a floating spider emerged from the upper floor of the house. Its top turned and Twilight found herself looking into a glowing yellow light bulb like eye. “Greetings madam I am Wadsworth it is a pleasure to meet you.” The robot told her, now that she thought about it used the same tone of voice that several of the palace butlers used.

“I’m Twilight Sparkle and I’m happy to meet you.” Twilight replied with a grin.

“Always nice to meet more of the master’s company, although you are much more polite then the normal rabble.” Wadsworth told her nicely before turning away and heading for the stairs. Twilight looked around the house and for the first time got a real impression of Ethan’s home.

It reminded her somewhat of a Canterlot apartment filled with cozy chairs and a coffee table. Hanging from the wall were several very interesting items and Twilight found herself drawn to a certain book in particular. She was about to touch it when Ethan suddenly appeared and knocked her hoof away.

“Wadsworth, how did the book get out of its vault?” Ethan called to the robot.

“I assure you I don’t know, although I imagine that as a cursed object used by an insane man in a swamp it surely doesn’t care much for the laws of reality master, as always I recommend destroying it.” Wadsworth replied as he appeared and grabbed the book off the wall with one of his robotic hands before moving away with it.

“You keep a cursed book in your house?” Twilight asked Ethan flatly, for his part Ethan looked embarrassed.

“I just haven’t had time to destroy it lately.” He said his face turning slightly red. “So can I offer you something to eat, I mean I’m sure you don’t eat meat, but I’m sure you wouldn’t mind cereal right?” He asked her.

“Sure I’ll take cereal.” Twilight replied before thinking about the first part of the sentence. “Wait you eat meat!?” She asked in shock.

“Well yeah, humans are omnivores.” Ethan replied from where he was rummaging in the fridge.

“You aren’t going to eat me are you?” Twilight asked.

“Yes I plan on it; I’m actually just fattening you up first. You’re too skinny right now.” Ethan told her with a chuckle.

“The master is joking Miss Sparkle, he has no intentions of eating you.” Wadsworth said floating by as he rearranged several objects on a shelf.

“Oh come on Wadsworth let me have a little fun.” Ethan said coming back into the room and handing Twilight a box of cereal.

“No milk?” Twilight asked raising an eyebrow.

“I don’t like brahmin milk.” Ethan told her with a shrug “Although they make very tasty steak.” He added with a slight smile as Twilight looked at him in annoyance.

“I’ve never heard of a brahmin, why don’t you just use cow milk?” Twilight asked.

“Oh right, sorry I keep on forgetting that you’ve never been in the wasteland before.” He said apologetically. “Anyways what we call brahmin were cows before the war, now they have two heads.” He told her with a shrug.

“What!?” Twilight shouted in horrified confusion. Ethan facepalmed and sighed.

“Do you like books?” He asked her and received a nod.

“Yes I was a librarian before I came here.” Twilight replied nervously.

“Good here read this and eat the cereal.” He told her before tossing her a book. “I coauthored it so I know it’s great.” He added with a note of pride in his voice.

“The Wasteland Survival Guide, written by Moria Brown, coauthored and researched by Ethan Smith AKA the Lone Wanderer.” Twilight said reading the cover aloud.

“Yep, trust me it’ll help you and it’ll tell you more about the Wasteland and our ‘proud’ history.” Ethan said with a shrug as he moved back to his fridge. Twilight sat in one of the comfy chairs and began to read while munching on the cereal, Ethan moved into the chair across from her and began to eat his own dinner.

“Is this a joke?” Twilight asked a few minutes later.

“Hmm?” Ethan asked looking up from his meal

“I asked whether this was a joke.” Twilight repeated holding up the book.

“What do you mean?” Ethan asked her slight confusion showing on his face.

“It says that your species essentially committed suicide.” Twilight said flatly. Ethan nodded. “But no species would ever do that!” She shouted.

“Humans are odd that way.” Ethan told her with a sad look, it was the first time Twilight had seen him look anything other than happy.

“But how could your leaders have been so…” Twilight trailed off, she didn’t have appropriate words to convey her feelings.

“Retardedly asinine.” He finished for her, but she shook her head.

“Fucking moronic!” She said with great disdain.

“Don’t ask me from what I can tell everyone was crazy back then.” Ethan told her with a shrug as he continued to eat.

Twilight went back to reading. Every few minutes she would raise her eyes and look at Ethan questioningly but she never asked whatever question was bothering her. Meanwhile Ethan had gone over to one of his equipment lockers and retrieved several guns which he disassembled and then reassembled repeatedly them. When Twilight looked up from the book she saw him doing it, he looked like he was lost in a trance, almost like the weapons had a special meaning to him that was lost on her. Then a single tear fell from his eyes and landed on the guns spread out before him.

“Are you okay?” She asked quietly.

“Mhm.” He replied before looking up from the guns. “Sorry what was that?” He asked her.

“I asked if you were okay, you were crying.” Twilight said softly.

“Oh that; I’m sorry these guns bring back bad memories but I’ve found that the best way to move on is to work with them.” He said with a sigh before he finished reassembling the guns before him.

“What kind of bad memories?” Twilight asked.

“Well this was the gun that Colonel Autumn used when he was killing my dad’s scientists. And then my dad died in vain trying to stop him” He said holding a up a small boxy pistol.

“I’m sorry.” Twilight told him sincerely, Ethan let out a small sigh.

“Thanks Sparky, it happened two years ago and I still get sentimental about it. Although I didn’t realize that I cried, damn it’s been to long since I had a friend to talk to.” He said with a tiny chuckle.

“What about the others?” She asked.

“Well this magnum belonged to Agatha’s husband; she was an old widow who broadcasted her own radio of violin music. Then she was killed by raiders.” He said, a hard glint had come into his eyes. “I made sure that they regretted it, dearly.” Twilight flinched at the tone of his voice.

It was tone that she’d heard only once before. It was the tone of voice that Celestia had used when she’d discovered that a dragon had burned down a large town. She’d returned two days later tired and covered in blood. Twilight had been too shocked to do or say anything to her for a week. Ethan saw her flinch and his face softened.

“Sorry, like I said bad memories…” He told her trailing off with a slightly sheepish look on his face.

“You confuse me.” Twilight told him shaking her head in annoyance.

“Oh?” He asked.

“I don’t understand you, one second you’re happy, the next you’re broody, and then the next you’re embarrassed. You remind me of Pinkie Pie.” She said with a slight groan.

“With a name like that I just know that whoever that is is awesome.” He replied with a grin and Twilight let out another groan. “Anyways I’m sorry if I’m a bit erratic, it comes with the territory.” He said with a grin before he got up and put the guns away. Twilight went back to reading; Ethan went upstairs and returned with two glass bottles. “Want a soda?” He asked distracting her from the book.

“Sure.” She replied with a smile, Ethan tossed her one and she caught it expertly in her magic. Ethan popped the bottlecap off the soda and took a short drink, he sighed in satisfaction as the ice cold Nuka Cola flowed down his throat. Twilight looked at it experimentally before she followed his example. “This stuff is good, wait, how can three hundred year old soda not be flat?” Twilight asked in confusion.

“I’ll tell you when you finish it.” He replied with a shrug, Twilight eyed him wearily but shrugged before she continued reading and took the occasional sip of her soda. When she’d finished it she looked up at him expectantly but fond that he’d become distracted by what looked like a copy of the device attached to his wrist.

“So what is it that keeps it from going flat?” She asked trying to break his attention away from the device.

“My theory is that it’s the small amount of radiation that they included during production.” He told her with a smile, Twilight stared at him blankly. “Like I said people back then were crazy.” he told her with a chuckle. “The real question is are you going to let yourself be denied that great taste by something as easily fought as a small amount of radiation?” He asked her with a wide grin, she threw the bottle at him.


“So what am I going to do tomorrow?” Twilight asked Ethan, she was curled up on a spare mattress that he’d had lying around, he’d set it on the floor next to his bed so she wouldn’t have to sleep alone in the guest room.

“Well first things first we’re taking you to see Moria so that we can get you some armor, normally I’d let you use a set of my old combat armor but seeing as how it’s not made for unicorns… Then I’m going to take you out and teach you how to shoot and defend yourself downtown.” He told her.

“I’m not sure that I’m comfortable killing people.” Twilight protested.

“Then you’ll be dead.” He told her flatly.

“Alright I’ll learn.” She said with a sigh.

“Sorry it’s the way of the world and you need to learn until I can find a way to get you home.” He told her.

“Do you really think you can find a way?” Twilight asked him but Ethan just smiled at her.

“Sparky I’m the Lone Wanderer; I’ve taken over an alien space ship with the help of a prewar medic, a little girl, a cowboy, a samurai, and wastelander. I’m not about to let a little thing like magic stop me from returning you to where you belong.” He told her with a grin. “Wadsworth, would you get the lights please?” He asked the robot butler.

“Of course sir, would you like some warm milk before you sleep?” The robot asked while he turned off the lights.

“When the hell did you become so sarcastic?” Ethan asked.

“I think it was that alien robot tech that you put in me sir, now if you’ll excuse me I have a doomsday device to complete.” Wadsworth told him before floating out of the room.

“He wasn’t serious was he?” Twilight asked quietly.

“Na he’s joking, I think.” Ethan told her. “If he’s not we’ll know soon enough, good night Sparky.”


Celestia sat bolt upright in her bed and looked around in confusion and terror.

“It was just a dream sister.” Luna said from beside her.

“Luna what are you doing here, shouldn’t you be at court?” Celestia asked.

“It ended early and when I walked by your door I heard you crying out in fear, the guards told me that you were having a nightmare.” Luna told her gently.

“Oh, I’m sorry for disturbing you.” Celestia said with a frown.

“Think nothing of it sister, do you want to talk about it?” Luna asked.

“No, although I suddenly feel better about where Twilight is, I think she’s with a friend.” Celestia said her frown deepening.

“She’s Twilight Sparkle; barring an emotional breakdown I think that she’d be fine almost anywhere I’ve never seen a mare as adaptable as her.” Luna said with a smile.

“Neither have I Luna, neither have I.” Celestia told her before she laid her head back into the pillow. “Good night sister.” She whispered before closing her eyes, her sleep seemed much easier but Luna kept a silent vigil over her sister’s sleeping form until it was time for the sun to rise.