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Soul Edge, the unholy sword of gloom was given to the astral chaos, thus ending the madness of death that it brought in its wake...

Or so it was thought.

A small shard survived, and though the body was now gone the tiny fragment had survived. Within it was all the evil that the blade once did. It would ressurect itself... However, it would take till the end of reality for it to regain its full form.

And to the end and beyond it waited, building itself up from scratch, patiently awaiting a host to bear it once more..


A threat has appeared in Equestria, and has already taken the lives of hundreds. Not risking the lives of any more royal guard, Celestia sends her faithful student and friends to retrieve the Elements in a desperate attempt to wield them against the monster known as Nightmare.
Then, on the field of battle, the unexpected happens. The Elements seemed to have failed, but only to an extent. The enemy collapses on the battlefield...

Who is she, and why can't she remember anything?

A Soul Calibur Crossover. For the sake of the story, the pony in the picture is not Nightmare-Siegfried. In fact, they're not male at all. More characters will be added as the story progresses. Thank-you to the artist.
UPDATE: Featured! 12/16/2014
Featured! Again! 07/28/2015
Featured for the third! 08/11/2015

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Soul Calibur is an old favorite of mine. I hope to read this story as it progresses, and good luck. :twilightsmile:

I liked the gameplay of SCV. :fluttershysad:

We shall see how this story progress...

3571841 Same here, Nightmare is best monster, but the story on SCV was pretty bad admittedly.

I didn't mind SCV. The story was batshit, but the game was a blast.

Heh inuendoes. :rainbowwild: I'm looking forward to more of this. :twilightsmile:

A mind wipe and a transformation on two of the most corrupted things I've ever had the pleasure of beating the carp out of.*
Let's see where this is headed shall we?

Also as I sat typing this message a part of me was saying that the tree of harmony could be a reborn Soul Calibur.

*That's right I beat Nightmare, and by extension Soul Edge, so bad that he leaked fish.


The story just getting interesting....


Very interesting idea , i wonder why this story hasn't gain more like?

Poor Nightmare and Soul Edge. I wonder if any of the Mane 6 will try and take the sword. After all it has corrupted far better creatures.

Kinda disjointed, but that seems to be what you were going for. Be nice to see were the next chapter takes us, hopefully we'll start to get some answers.

O...K. Random attempt at committing murder there at the end by Rainbow Dash. What the hell was that all about? She started to threaten the pony to not try anything, flew off in anger and annoyance, then immediately (I think) turned around and charged the pony and tried to suffocate her? What?

Evil sword being carried away by unsuspecting 'unicorn'
(Look at cover art)

Hmm...Is this story still alive or is it dead? Because I really want to know what happens next, because right now, I'm kinda confuse what's going on in it. :rainbowhuh:

... Yeah... Me too. I'm gonna go back and probably re-edit the crap out of this. I haven't added a new chapter in a while, so... Be patient?


I see, well I don't mind waiting for a long while, As long as I know this story is still alive and what not....it is still alive, Yes-No? :rainbowderp:


Yeah... It's breathing.


Ah, that's good to know, it would be a shame to let it go to waste. :twilightsheepish:

New chapter is out. Also, MY SECOND FEATURE! sdjn;dnuwfeitrkjfjgsw

*Alondro dum-dee-dums along and finds a sword sticking out of the ground emanating all sorts of evil vibes* Bodaciously radical dude! *he picks it up and... the sword begins wailing in horror at what it finds in his mind* Time to play... :pinkiecrazy:

Damn....Almost a year, I thought this was dead

I would love to like and favorite this story but the fact that it updates yearly and only 1-3 k words just not worth it

I took a bit of a break, so...
Do whatever feels natural.

If memory serves, if Siegfried/Nightmare every went to sleep Soul Edge would take over his body and kill everything in the vicinity.

Well... This is in my favorites now.

5384693 I think it went to waste. It was interesting too!

6242863 Yes, indeed. Quite sad, Yes-No? :pinkiesad2:

i don´t think you are willing to tell me in which way the dark tag is meant? I am just curious if this is a chance to see a friendly Soul Edge, or if this is going to be a Soul Edge is killing everyone fanfiction, just curious.


Tell you why it's dark? Well... I do not want to spoil anything, BUT....

Ever heard of Higurashi?

6256630 Higurashi? as in Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni? That manga/anime/murder mystery cd game?

Good chapter but my personal opinion on the matter, when Twilight was having her little inner debate... It should've gone like this. (at least the last thirty seconds)

The story seems to have suffered somewhat due to the time elapsed; the writing style varies somewhat between the chapters. Except the prologue, which varies more and doesn't really match the other chapters. I see what you're trying to do with the fragmented memory style, but it doesn't seem to quite get it right.

Also, on an unrelated note, you may want to try adding a space between paragraphs. Right now it's sometimes present and sometimes absent.

Either way; there's not enough here to give any feedback on the characters or plot other than asking for more (the delay in properly securing a high-profile prisoner is questionable, though, but potentially plausible for a number of reasons). I'm also questioning the minor detail of how the elements restored Luna's form but not her own.


Ok, so... I'll try to answer your issues with the fanfic without spoiling anything. Bear with me for a moment, ok?

You... are right in the sense that the writing style has clearly changed, but at the same time please realize that as a human being I'm subject to change over time. New experiences may change my previously closely-held notions. In the sense of writing, it might become mature if I read something like the Discworld series or continue to watch documentaries of random animals such as the awesome nautilus. In addition, the way I right is strange. I must have a correct mindset to do it- notice how I specified 'a' mindset, and not 'the' mindset. To put it simply, I have to hear a voice telling me the story. Depending on the story, the voice may change.

As for the paragraph thing, In chapter two, you'll notice a lot of spaces between paragraphs. You'll also notice a lot of dialogue (not a lot in the sense that there's a lot of talking, but in the sense that there are a lot of points where someone speaks.) There's also lots of onomatopoeia. In literature prose, whenever a character speaks there must be more space in between... look, I'll give you an example:

She was brought out of her thoughts by her flashing. After a moment, she remembered. The confinement spells. With a more energetic gallop than pinkie Pie, she ran up to the door f her guest room. From there, she heard a gentle knock as well as the door handle being turned.

"E-excuse me....? Hello? Is anypony there?" a voice from inside called. Twilight stood frozen, her horn blinking still. "P-please, I just need to use the mare's room."

Whenever there is dialogue, like the one above, there must be extra space to show it off. I don't know if that's the correct explanation, but it's how I think of it.

Now, for you're comment about Luna... in physics, there is a certain law used to describe why matter cannot be created nor destroyed. That's all I'll say about that. Hope I've made your uncertainty a little more at ease...

6270814 Usually spacing either follows the printed model, lacking it to save space (and keep costs down), or follows a spaced model (more frequently used for digital books) so it doesn't feel like there's a wall of text.
But what I took issue with was how is wasn't consistent, especially for the writing style.

Also, considering that nighmare moon was around Celestia's size while Luna wasn't, it's safe to say conservation of matter isn't applicable around magic (though conservation of energy is possible). I'm guessing that you're going to get into it more later, but

I admit that Soul Calibur V's story was somewhat lacking in detail and other stuff, but nonetheless, it's still a great game in my book.

Hmm...most intriguing!

Must. Have. More. OF THIS!!!! Great work!!! Update this soon...PLEASE!!!

doesnt soul edge need the other fragments to regain its form?


Yes. All one of them.

If all of soul edge is given to the astral chaos except for one fragment, how many fragments will it take to make a new soul edge?

Just the one. :)

Is there anything wrong with simply calling her Azure Nights?


Nice vid. Doesn't make a point though.

I was thinking naming the pony Lost Soul and then having become a living Soul Caliber much the way Nightmare is a living soul edge. This makes sense to me because Soul Caliber was forged from a fragment of Soul Edge.

I'm curious, but the chapter dates are a bit deterring, Will this be updated (relatively) regularly? Because this sounds to be a good story, and the mention of Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni holds some parallels to Ponyville that are pretty easy to envision (which are grand!):pinkiehappy:

EDIT: Mmm, this is decent. A bit short but decent. Seems to me that the last few chapters could be put together to make a single chapter. I'm now highly interested in this and i hope to see more.

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