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After taking a school psychological test, The Dazzlings are split up by powers that they no longer have control of: School Policy. As a result of Adagio's scheme, Sonata finds herself in a new class without her friends...

Previously owned by Paton Pendeng

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 17 )

I like it

This is the first fanfiction I've read with Fluffle Puff in it! :pinkiehappy:

Needs more paragraph spacing. more delving into. I think it's a nice start though.

This... isn't too bad actually.
I always thought that Chrysalis would be a teacher as opposed to a student, but being a fan of Fluffy Mixer I understand where this is coming from. I'll stay tuned for more. You've gotten my attention.

Straight from a dream, huh? If this is your transcript from a dream, nobody should be allowed to criticize the plot. Dreams work in mysterious ways. :pinkiecrazy: I like it!

Be sure to add an 'OC' tag for Flufflepuff rather than an 'Other' tag.

5428530 but Fluffle is the very definition of an 'Other'!

5428311 only the second I've seen. Some people need to give Fluffle more love. And hugs. And tacos.

So Sonata got thrown under the bus, and shoved into the special-ed classroom...
Realistically she does belong there, as being distracted by shiny things and having the attention span of a goldfish tends to be problematic in normal society...
Fluffle Puff certainly belongs there, and I suppose Chrysalis is there for emotional disabilities rather than learning disabilities.
Pity Discord ruins it by being utterly unqualified for such a role... such students need a more proactive teacher not a lazy gadabout.

Still trying to figure out what the overarching plan is for the other two Dazzlings... boot their puppylike lackey and leave only a schemer and a brute?
Without a cathartic verbal punching bag that duo is likely to murder each other.


I acknowledge this reasoning, but I will neither confirm nor deny that it is true.

I'd like to see where this goes, if not for the fact that Sonata has an entirely new set of friends to hang out with, one of which sharing her passion for tacos :rainbowkiss:

Will there be more?

This is very cute, I wish that the story had more to it, as it has so much potential for more :twilightsmile:

Do your thing, dude. Knowing your stories, I'm certain this one's in good hands. :moustache:

Also, I'm putting this same message for all the other fics I got from her. Have a Goodknight!

HAH I see whatcha did there, well played!

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