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Editing Jobs

- HiE - A Hollow in Equestria by: Charlie_K (Chapters: 1 - 88)
- Transcendence by: JMB Fictional Writing (Chapters: 1 - 42)
- Lioness of Stormwind by: Vahn (Chapters: All)
- Lioness of Stormwind: War of Kings by: Vahn (Chapters: 1 - 6)
- Justice Itself by: Autocharth (Chapters: All)
- Treacherous Mists by: Autocharth (Chapters: 1 - 4)
- Casting Shadows: Like Moths to the Flame by: Dr. ForgotenFables (Chapters: 1 - 36) & (Chapters: 1 - 7)



Everfree Northwest · 11:08pm Jun 5th, 2015

Well this is gonna be my first blog post... this is just as awkward as I thought it'd be.

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BIO and other random stuff

Gender: Male Nationality: American

Likes: Reading, Travelling, Running, and Fishing Dislikes: Grimdark, Bullies, Tomatoes, and Heights

Fav Genres: Action, Adventure, Romance, and Crossovers (Yes that is a genre.)

A little info about my self: I enjoy editing, yeah it's fun for me, and as of now have helped out with seven stories which you can see below. My favorite stories to read, review, and edit tend to lean towards the action/adventure genre, and a little romance doesn't hurt. Funnily enough, I prefer reading crossovers rather than fics detailing only a single fandom. Maybe I just like watching the chaos that ensues when two different worlds collide. I tend to steer clear of grimdark and tragedy; call me a sucker, but I prefer to see a story end on a happy note or at least an inspirational one.

Just finished ten years in the Army and have now started college again. Ah math, how I loathe you... and it doesn't help that unlike most college freshmen I KNOW that I'm not gonna need it in my job. Yes kids, your High School Calculus teachers lied to you, you're not gonna need any of that junk unless you're a scientist or an engineer. Gonna be majoring in Service Management, which is a fancy way of saying office clerk.

I enjoy travelling, and to this day the best place I've ever went to was the Tokyo Comiket, the world's largest convention for manga and geeks anywhere. And just walking around Tokyo itself was just awesome. I visited during the Christmas/New Years celebrations so I got to see quite a few temples and celebrations.

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Thanks for adding Forgettable to your library.

Achievement unlocked!

You earned the...

...would a group of fans of Changeling fics be called a swarm?

Thank you very much for adding Sunset Shimmer: Element Bearer to your bookshelf. I hope that you enjoy the story when you get the opportunity to read it! :twilightsmile:

thanks for the fave!

Hmm, I guess just due to the Gargoyles being in it. I loved the show as a kid but there just aren't all that many good stories featuring them out there. So when I saw yours I just jumped on it quick. Everything seems well written and I'm a sucker for romance. Good luck with the rest of the story.

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