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His evil was legend. He was an entity of incalculable power and unparalled malice - his icy soul utterly consumed by his plans to destroy all of life, until he was stopped and defeated. But what if that wasn't the end? What if he was given a second chance, in another world? For he was not always like this. Nobody is born evil. But anyone can turn evil. Will he become a hero? Or is he doomed to repeat his mistakes and walk the same path as before, the Path of the Damned?

Edited by Zaleros, TimePrincess
Proof-read by: Bazing, Sage Probo, guardianxela
Former edit: Lazygamer313
Former last check-up (starting from chapter 139): Dubz
Chapters 132-133 proofread: Sixkiller5, DarkZonker, SmurfOnSteroids, Bast, Shadowfire, Wraithguard, Bazing, Sage Probo, guardianxela
Former proof-readers: Vrilix, Defias, Merchent343, TexPony
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Epub with styles (italics, bold): http://www.mediafire.com/file/l7flswrrl68do0y/rebirth-of-the-damned.epub, created by Halusm

1. This is my first fanfiction, so honest criticism is appreciated.
2. This is a crossover with Warcraft universe.
3. English is my second language, so you will have to forgive me for possible grammar mistakes.
4. Hope you like it.
5. There is a prequel called: Project Eclipse.

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So, can anyone guess who the main hero is?

I doubt Arthas can become evil again. The Lich King was basically one sole prescence, which held itself together by using The Helm of Dominion and Froustmourne. Considering Frostmourne was shattered and The helm is now amongst Bolvar's head, I can't really see any reason he would become corrupted again. But perhaps, those items managed to find their way to Equestria as well? If so, Without the helm in Bolvar's possesion, Azeroth is in for some deep shit. I've yet to read the story but Rest assured, I will :pinkiehappy:
And if I had to guess that protagonist, hmm....Tirion, Perhaps? Unless Arthas is both the antagonist and protagonist. A bit of Man Vs. Himself would be interesting.

There are quite a few minor mistakes throughout the story, but they are forgivable since English isn't your first language. Still, I recommend you find a prereader to look over it for you. This is a link to a prereading/editing group. They should be more than happy to help you out if you ask nicely.

That said, this story does interest me. Arthas is one of my favorite Warcraft characters, so I'm interested to see what you have planned for him. (Don't forget that he's a Paladin and not a Mage, so it's entirely possible he could channel the Light even without a horn. Especially considering that the Light in Equestria is considerably easier to get in contact with. :trollestia:)

“So we are ponies, then? Damn it, I liked it better when I was a horse!”

Is that a Team Four Star reference I smell?:pinkiesmile:

I agree with kitsunehero. This is an interesting tale, but the little grammar mistakes have become something of bumps along the storyline.
I'm sure you can fix them in due time.

I was wondering if someone would guess that:raritywink:

Why was I listening this

as I wrote this chapter :rainbowderp:?

:facehoof:I think I need help

Many tags, but not dark. Interesting...

While I have no idea what this is a crossover with, I interests me so I shall watch.

Has one of the many mage's of The Great Forsaken Army, I share a small hatred for the Lich King but, Cool story bro

1410011 Its a crossover with "World Of Warcraft" Starring the Lich King

This is the Lich King dark is all you need

Sorry that this chapter took longer and is a bit short, but middle of the week is studying time :ajsleepy:

So does arthas have any of his powers left?

You will have to wait and see :pinkiecrazy:
If you are reffering to his Lich King powers, then no, because he's not the the Lich King anymore;
If you are reffering to his death knight's powers: it is my believe that death knight's runeblade is more than half of his/her power (not sure if that's correct);
As for his paladin's powers, do you think it would be that easy for him to use them again?

1419263 The entire reason Arthas was a Death Knight was because his soul was trapped inside Froustmourse from the moment he first touched it. With the sword broken, he ceased to be both the Lich King and a Death Knight, and returned to being Arthas. If he doesn't have his Paladin powers, he's got nothing but his physical ability and whatever being a pony gives him.

It does not take much to use paladin powers in the Warcraft universe, just an understanding of the light and the willpower to control it, as evidenced by the undead priests, Scarlet crusade paladins, and Archbishop Benedictus.

While I hate Benedictus after reading Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects, it is my believe that he, as well as Scarlet Crusade's paladins, their and Forsaken's priest (hell, even Nerubians, both alive and undead have those, if I'm not mistaken), were able to use the Light because they truly thought that what they were doing was rigth. And while Arthas also thought so when he slaughtered everyone in Stratholme, the Light didn't listened to him (at least in Arthas: Rise of the Lich King, I don't remember the Caverns of Time instance The Culling of Stratholme that well anymore), because deep down there was doubt in his heart, and he also knew that it was wrong that he "was forced to do this".
To make this short, there's a reason why he can't use paladin's powers, but thankfully, he has no problem using his fighting skills, taught to him by both Muradin Bronzebeard and Uther the Lightbringer, although he had to adapt them to his new body; it's a good thing that people learn things quickly when their fighting, right?

A couple of mix.ups with your and you're near the ending of the chapter.

"It was nothing." said Twilight, slightly blushing. "I'm a bit tired, so I'm going to hit the hay. You're bed is the one on the first floor in this room." she added, pointing at the room she was going into, same as the one Spike went into earlier.


"I assume there is a reason you keep this owl around other than annoying you're quests?" he said, trying to stay in the current topic.

I hope I haven't offended any Horde players, but thats how I explain to myself how come everybody in the Horde is impressed by Garrosh victories in Northrend, which weren't even his, but Saurfang's. Pity he didn't took the credit.

I would advise either reading through the story again or getting someone to find the spelling errors that while not too frequent are nevertheless there. Examples are: Flying where you put Flaying, Prey where you put Pray and Do instead of Does. Otherwise, you're doing quite well.

I have a question, though if it'll spoil anything you don't have to answer it:
Is Arthas purified enough to regain his status as a paladin? Because I'm wondering if he can cast Holy Light without being a unicorn.

Hmm, how should I answer without spoiling to much... Lets just say that there is a reason why in his present state Arthas cannot ask the Light to aid him in any form. As for that part about him not being unicorn, paladins abilities aren't magical, they come from their connection to the Light, so no horn would be needed.

1432188 I kinda figured you'd say something like that, considering how things went on in Reign Of Chaos. Firstly, if the Light magic was inherent to Arthas, Frostmourne wouldn't have allowed him to cast his paladin spells in the last part of the human campaign. When the Lich King starts losing power in The Frozen Throne, Arthas gets weaker, too, which leads to the conclusion that he is borrowing Ner'zhul's power without having any of his own (going by how Kel'Thuzad is unaffected). I just asked about the unicorn aspect to be on the safe side, seeing the mana mechanics and all that jazz.

Aw already the end of this chapter? :fluttershysad:

Ha, they probably waltzed right through Twilights wards with Pinkie's crazy powers.

Make him beat up Twi for suprising him

1435013 No Pinkie Pie already had that stuff set up before Twilight put those wards up.

I'll be happy if this doesn't backfire horribly.

I hope the first music fits, it was kinda hard to find one fitting and at the same time long enough to last a while

That song. Always makes me cry. :pinkiesad2:

1440633 A posthumous, mournful hymn, chanting about a bleak past of loss and pain, with no vision of a future, let alone a happy one?
I'd say you nailed it, brother :fluttercry:

Woah, just. Woah.
I like, and I want more! Keep updating, and btw nice 2.5 k chapters you now started with.
Keep it up! :twilightsmile:

I am really liking the rate that your turning these out, a pity I can only favorite this once.

A good story so far. Some grammar errors, but understandable due to being written/typed in a second language. Perhaps a proofreader or editor to help with such?
The way Arth-... sorry, Matthias talks seems a little to simple for the former Prince of Lordaeron. While this isn't really a problem, I just see him using some more elegant/sophisticated words.

Oh my god Im loving the warcraft 3 cross over I need to see some scourge action though. You cant through a lich king in here with no undeath. When he was getting crush I was also thinking he would cast holy light on himself or something.

I just used the Last Guardian of Tirisfal, one of the most powerful beings ever, as my own personal plot device.:rainbowderp:
Am I going to the writer's hell after I die?:twilightoops:

Well, atleast you got rid of my headache. But I want more! :facehoof:

I only have one little complaint about this story... And it is your use of 'alright'. Personally, I do not remember Arthas using this modern expression anywhere. To avoid the anachronism, I think it is better if you use more archaic/formal expressions, like 'very well', 'well enough' and such.

1456536 Doubtful. I've read a little into Medivh's lore and this seems to tie into something he'd do...

Wouldn't be surprised if he started haunting you though.

"I... did, for some time. They refused to help me, though."

"Well, I they would were with you all the time, do you think that all those things?"

"It wasn't exactly as simple as you make it sound." said Matthias,

Um... What? :twilightoops: I can't make heads or tails of that...

Skele-Gro, ouch. At least he can handle it. Probably.

why do I have a feeling that Skele-Gro is very painful?

Ha, Skele-Gro. Immediately Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets comes to mind! :rainbowlaugh:

Twilight certainly knows how to make payback a bitch.

Do not worry Arthas, The Forsaken wouid do MUCH worse :pinkiesick:

Sooo, is he going to try using the light to heal her? Considering he used to be a Paladin it should be a somewhat instinctual response to at least try, and is about time he tried to channel his former light given powers.

WHY YOU LITTLE! :twilightangry2:
*Sigh*.. Oh well, this one. Suprised me, and as usual. MOAR! :flutterrage:
Poor AJ :ajsleepy:

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