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This story is a sequel to When the Stars Align

After the most bizzare week of her life, Starburst, the daughter of Princess Twilight Sparkle, finds herself in a relationship with Starfall. Despite their personalities being opposite of one another, she agreed to go on a date with the unicorn, and fell asleep next to him feeling happy and safe.

But will this relationship survive the test of time? Between Starfall's not so great beginnings in Ponyville, his tragic past, Starburst's family's attitude, and, worst of all, her friends' merciless jokes, does it even stand a chance?

What does their future hold?

Universe and most characters by: kilala
Cover art by: Faith-Wolff
Edited by: Zaleros, Lazygamer313
Proof-read by: Bazing, Sage Probo, guardianxela
Proof-read of the first chapter by: Zaleros, Sixkiller5, DarkZonker, Bazing, Sage Probo, guardianxela.

Chapters (23)
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Why was I not informed of this!?!

Ive waited so long for this, about bucking time this came out


Good to see this out and about. Can't wait for more.

yay, 2 new stories in one day, both of which i have been eagerly awaiting

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! ADDING Valient there is brilliant. Great job. Good luck with the next chapter.

Oh yes! I've been waiting for this story for some time. The cover art is amazing and the romance between the two is heartwarming. Starfall shows a lot of affection and care towards his girlfriend while Starburst is downright shy whenever he acts amorous towards her...except when he stops touching her ears, at which point she's the forward one. Anyhow, thank you for bringing the Star ponies back into our lives.

A little heavy on the recap there. Anyone reading this should have read the first one before hand anyway. Otherwise, YAY :pinkiehappy:

First the youtube reading of my fic gundam build fighters try premier and now this damn its been a goodd week

I read the previous story over again after learning about this. Yay!!!

This was a wonderful surprise to find when I got home! :pinkiehappy: I look forward to more of your work! :yay:

Ah yeah here we go with the sequel!

It's finally here the sequel! I was also wondering if you could make a chart to who's related to who cause I got confused rading the relationships in the first story. :unsuresweetie:
I'm so sad you killed Trixie too! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT! Did she at least die a badass/protecting mother or will that spoil plot?

Sounds like Starburst is going to have the best time admitting she's going on a date.

at long last, now I must wait for more. The wait shall be excruciating:fluttercry:, but oh so worth it:pinkiehappy:

Haha, thanks for the mention mate :twilightsmile:

I won't hesitate to say that I love this story series so far! Most of the characters are portrayed nicely and I like the cute little interactions between Starburst & Starfall. Though I can't help but ask; why is Prism constantly picked on in these stories?

this story, and the one before it... are BRILLIANT!!!

love kilala's work, been a while since i checked 'em out though :applejackunsure:

cannot wait for more mien freund :yay:

*hides under Starburst's bed*

Oh my god, the adorable is over 9000! Augh! Blood! Sugar! Rising!

Must! Escape!

Going! To! Bllleeaaaaaauugh! *dies from being transmuted into sugar from the sweetness.*:twilightsmile:

:duck: "Really, darling? Must you be so hammy?"

Sush, you.

I'm still confused as to how a guy that's dead and blown to pieces(unless Sombra survived and we don't know about it) could have a kid. And it's not like it could have happened before that since Starfall and Starburst are the same age. Not to mention I swear I thought there had been a mention of him(Starfall) having draconic blood in him explaining the eyes and fangs, courtesy of his father. Unless that was also to imply that Sombra also had dragon's blood in him.

I've been thinking. What if Sombra wasn't Starfall's father, but instead Starfall is Sombra's reincarnation? I'm not saying that it's not entirely possible, it's just a theory.


Glad to see you are continuing the series :twilightsmile:

YEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I'M SO HAPPY xD Been waiting for this :pinkiehappy:

I am going on a date with a homeless ex-thief who had beaten up my father, knows dark magic, and is possibly a son of tyrant who used to run the kingdom ruled by my aunt and uncle, Starburst summed up, putting away her plate. Telling my parents about this will be interesting, to say the least…

There are going to be so many miscomunications and bad interpretations of what will happen in all the chapters that not even DIscord could make something more complex or confusing (to understand) even if he tried his best

*jizzes in excitement* YEAAAAAAAA i havent been this happy since lastnight when twd season 5 premiere came on

I find this interesting, though I'm not sure of a couple things; number one Starburst repeatedly 'suddenly realizing Starfall had been abused in various ways' seemed a bit weird (how did she deduct he'd seen his mom die when he was six?)

Also, I'm not sure of the wisdom in making a fast-paced light, romantic comedy; starring a guy whose meant to have been raped, beaten, abused as a kid and watched his mom die when he was six. I've tried that before, and it didn't work; Storm of Secrets begins fluffy and happy, then turns dark and spooky/ abused past ect; and I lost most of my viewers because people who liked dark wouldn't have gotten past the start, and people wanting fluffy left. I'm not saying it can't be done, just be careful.

That said; I found kilala a while ago on Deviant and had always wanted a story based off her work.

One last thing I'll say though, is that Starburst and Starfall are similar enough names that they're easy to mix up sometimes. Maybe if she were to just start referring to him as "Fall" to make it easier?

Will have to see how this goes.

I'm so happy this came out that, I don't know what to say. I guess the best way to put it, is to ask questions.
Will we find out who star falls father is?
can twilight and flash handle him dating their daughter?
how bad is the teasing going to be with star burst's friends?


Alright; I realize now that this chapter is a summary of a prequel story, so some of my 'how did''s may be explained there, but for the summary they are still pretty unclear.

So judging form the story title, you are implying that stars are in the making. As in little stars are going to be created.

Little stars.... being created.... ohhhhhh....

I was supposed to be studying today, except I started reading the the previous story this morning...

And now I'm here, eagerly awaiting more.:pinkiehappy:

I was going to use an analogy, but I can't think of one, your writing is amazing, period:heart:

5138896 Oh aren't you a joy? I bet you're real fun at a party:ajbemused:

Oh, hey, it's a sequel to an interesting story that I've had in my read later list since the first story started.

And the procrastination continues . . .

I should be grading papers and planning future lessons during my planning period. Instead, I'm reading fanfiction. Damn you.

Now I really want the next chapter this is just too good i can't wait for the chapther where Twilight and Flash find out about Starburst and Starfall. :pinkiehappy:

The beloved nemesis thing is a Hellsing reference isn't it?

5138951 I just through both stories today. Definitely worth the read

Why call him Lance? Is that a middle name or something? Is his cutie mark a lance?

New follower of yours, but just read this one and the original today, what do you believe your time between updates will be?


I am going on a date with a homeless ex-thief who had beaten up my father, knows dark magic, and is possibly a son of tyrant who used to run the kingdom ruled by my aunt and uncle


... That's too much for me to handle. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

I hope that they get busted by their friends in the date :trollestia:

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