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MLP:FIM is the property of Lauren Faust
Bleach is the property of Tite Kubo

Plot aspects for chapter thirty six onward contributed and improved by Ketvirtas and Alondro
Chapters 0-88 proofread by xbox432
Chapters 89-onward proofread by LyonAzakura
Partially inspired by Dirty Bit's story Cuatro
Further inspired by Christopher28's story A Different Viewpoint of Equestria
Further inspired by Trinary story Friendship is Empathy
Random plot elements inspired by SwimmingDalek98 and Phoenix Archangel
Story structure and pacing inspired by Tite Kubo

Ulquiorra Cifer was defeated at the hands of a mere human and died in Las Noches. Or at least that's what he thought. In the boundary that separates life and death for all Hollows, he's found by one that finds him interesting enough to give a second chance at life free from Aizen's control, and free to do as he pleases; he was just never told that his second chance of life would take him to an alternate world he never could've imagined even if he tried.

The land of Equestria is a magical place full of hope, and second chances. In this land where friendship is considered the most powerful magic in existence, can the Cuatro Espada find something that's been missing and learn how to live? Or will his presence be the downfall of the peaceful world and all of its inhabitants?

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Hmmm An espada in Equestria Go On Tracked

Very interesting, very interesting indeed. :rainbowderp::derpyderp2::raritystarry: This is the first 'Ulquiorra in Equestria' fic I've read that actually kept him humanoid, so kudos to you.:pinkiehappy:

Looking good so far.
Tracking this for now. And when the next chapter proves that it is still great then you will get my fav:)

Uliquiorra is best espada

The story so far is rather interesting, it has potential. I am curious where this story will go, hope to see more soon.

I have a feeling that when Ulquiorra releases his zanpakuto, he will be far stronger than Celestia and Luna, and when he releases it a second time he will be like a god to them. (Ulquiorra is the best espada! And I disagree with his ranking.:trixieshiftleft:)

I like your writing style and cannot wait for more of this! Take a fave!:pinkiehappy:

This chapter was interesting, but some of the grammatical errors got in the way of enjoyment, though not much. I got annoyed by you using "their" like it was "there", and not possessive, when it is. I found that in the earlier parts of the story, but that continued to fade as I got further in, until it stopped completely/near-completely. I forget alot of the other errors, although it'd be best to read this chapter over and look closely for any errors.

Anyway, I like how you put Ulquiorra in here. I feel that he's somewhat out of character, but still pretty close to what he would be if Tite Kubo were to collaborate with Lauren Faust and made a Hollow in Equestria series. Overall, this is an interesting read, and I'll be looking forward to reading more of this. Therefore, you have earned a spot in the "Read Later" part of my page, and two Macs: Big Macintosh, and a big Mac computer. :eeyup:

Good fic, but i just gotta correct something:

...can the Cuatro Espada find...

The correct form would be "...can the Cuarta Espada find..." Just saying, keep going... :ajsmug:

(This correction its for the introduction)

now i have 2 Ulquiorra in equestria fics:yay:

I would have thought this was inspired by Dirty Bit's fic "Cuatro" had you turned Ulqui into a pony and/or gave him amnesia. Still the character choice is too much of a coincidence. Not bad though. Not bad at all. :moustache:

Though uh..as much as I want to side with the Princesses, I find it hard to imagine Ulqui to be weaker then them...possibly combined they may be strong but...yeah.

:ajbemused: Never mock the royal muffin...:derpytongue2:


Never say no to muffin! :derpytongue2:

References aside, you've captivated me with this chapter and how Ulquiorra showed off his side as an intellectual! It's absolutely riveting! :raritystarry::raritystarry::raritystarry:

You've earned yourself another reader! :twilightsmile:

Why didn't he just do the EYE thing to show Celestia his memories?
But that is probably just me.
On another note great Fic.LIKE. FAVORITE. And FOLLOWING.:pinkiehappy:

There's already an Ulquiorra crossover on FimFiction, but he has amnesia. I'm interested to see how they deal with him at full power from the get go.

worth a fave Ulquiorra and Stark are 2 of my favorite espada just ahead of Grimmjow and Heribel

ever read Cuatro:rainbowhuh:
and i dont think zero is a valid chapter number, but whatever you want really

I enjoyed reading this. I'm sure some people will compare this to Cuatro, but I want to see where a story will go with Ulquiorra being himself from the start.

I would suggest breaking the chapters up into shorter pieces, if possible. The reader base around here finds shorter chapters and faster updates to be more preferable.

I...surprisingly liked this! :pinkiehappy:

Fav'd and waiting for more :pinkiecrazy:

Nao, I need moar. As in right Nao :fluttershysad: please

2574948 I prefere long chapters and fast updates, even though thats being a bit unrealistic :pinkiehappy:

is ulquiorra going to use his cero at some point because i want to see how celestia, luna and the other ponies will react to seeing such a powerfull attack

I really liked that, I can't wait too what happens next :pinkiehappy:

This fic is just so well written! I love it!

2574948 I dunno, I enjoy long chapters. Also, yeah I do appreciate Ulquiorra being himself rather then Cuatro, but Cuatro is still a good read.

Yo, Charlie_K. Good work! Don't normally do this first chapter, but fave'd!

I cant really bring myself to like it, the flow is about as dull/drone/stiff as the MC is. Kinda like watching two dictionaries speaking at eachother politely.

Plus, i know nothing of Bleach so whenever the dude talk and throws complex names around its just pure noise for me. Confusing.

So i'll pass, its not for me, but i guess Bleach fans will like it.

I read the title and knew it would be inspired by Cuatro. But, when I clicked to it, I was surpised to find it being the same character. Now that is just taking the same idea as Cuatro without the memory loss or form changing. Hmph.
Which, bytheway, it's not without reason for Cuatro is a popular story that has appeared on the feature box every time it updates.

2574910 It is if it's the prologue.

I expected this to be just like Cuatro, with a humanoid Ulquiorra.

I was wrong. Way to keep him in character! :rainbowwild: I have a feeling this will be a great story in it's own right. Perhaps allow Ulquiorra to find his niche with the ponies WITHOUT giving up his (lack of) personality? Show that darkness can coexist with light?

I am reading way too far into it, BUT I STILL LOVE IT. :pinkiehappy:

This... it's like Dirty Bit's Cuatro story, but it portrays Ulquiorra as a bit of a smartass. ME LIKEY! :pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss: YOU HAVE EARNED A FAVE!

Just because this has Ulquiorra in it doesn't mean it's "just like Cuatro." That's the only similarity. People who are saying that evidently haven't even started reading this first chapter yet.

As soon as I saw:

"Thou doth accuse our sister of being treacherous!?" Luna demanded to know and rose from her seat.

I instantly thought of this :twilightsmile:

Well this is awesome timing. :heart: This fic pops up the day before the final chapter of Cuatro is posted. Perfect. :raritystarry: Another bleach crossover to read, with the same bleach character, for me to read once I finish Cuatro. Huzzah! I love this site :pinkiesmile::twilightsmile:

Really liking the story, Ulquiorra was always my favorite character.

the consumption of souls serves no further purpose as their is no overwhelming hunger present,


Other than that, good story.

And another thing... Hueco Mundo's moon is always the opposite of what it is on EARTH, silly.

This perks my interest. Do go on...

2572579 Well he was rank 4 based on his power they knew of. As he said even Aizen didn't know of his segunda etapa. Meaning that he is the fourth strongest with his normal resurrecion, His segunda etapa would place him at the top.

Also why hasn't anybody noticed yet that the title say EQUSTRIA instead of equestria?

what i wanna see is when he uses his luz de la luna and luna herself finds out her name is used for something very destructive. then when celestia and luna both find out about his lanza del relampago...now that will be interesting

Does this require more than basic knowledge of Bleach? I watched the first few seasons, and Ulquiorra never came up yet. Just wondering.

Awesome. I was actually planning on doing a Bleach story and I find this. Amazing story!

This can only end well.

2577965 Try Everything that happened after Soul Society, up until half way through Fake Karakura Town. Read the Manga, it will be faster, seeing as there is no filler to get in the way and slow the story to a crawl

Honestly, I lost all interest in Bleach itself. It isn't really a bad show, but Ichigo is such a a Mary Sue it isn't even funny.

I am curious, enlighten me as to why you would read a Bleach crossover but have no knowledge of the anime/manga. I would assume Bleach terminology would be used at some point, i would not read a Doctor Who crossover because i have not personally seen the show. Please use common sense.

It finally got fixed. I noticed it, but didn't want to point it out. Pretty funny the author didn't notice it his/herself. So, here goes four Big Macs for you. Here's Big Macintosh, two Big Macs from McDonalds, and a big Mac computer. :eeyup:

2578220He got some Character development Recently, which Nocked off most of his Sue points, However it was Recently Revealed that Ichigo is Literally Everything* so that might make him a Sue again

*As in Father was a Shinigami who became Half Human, mother was an Incomplete Quincy-Hollow Hybrid, making Berry-san A Soul Reaper/Hollow/Quincy Hybrid With a Partial Fullbring(Chad and Orihime's power) Despite this he is nowere near the Strongest Character in the series. Make of that what you will.

So, no one is curious about the hole in his chest? You know, the hole that designates him as a Hollow? Like the one in this picture?


That... Is ridiculous. That's like being an alicorn/draconequis/dragon hybrid with a little bit of zebra. Yeah, too much of a Sue. I can deal with a little bit of Sue-ness, but that,,, Wow.


Because curiosity is an offense to common sense?

Okay, sure. Il even explain. I used common sense you see, but i cant see in the future (yet) and i don't know everything.

I read it because i find HiE are often interesting (the conflict in cultures, language and all that, mostly). The ratings showed a very clear positive response (the way i see it: when the number of upvotes is more than 10% of the views, its positive).
Also because i didnt realize it was a bleach crossover immediately ; from the summary a "hollow" could be a number of things and i couldn't recognize it for what it was. (plus the art chosen for the pic reminded me of something closer to a bad guy from sailor moon. Yeah.)

Common sense and curiosity was used, i didnt like (the structure and tone) nor understand (bleach lore, the info dump felt off for the newb i am) what i saw. I didnt upvote/downvote it either, since it was simply not in my field of interest, but i felt the need to share my confusion and it obviously annoyed a few people.

So, that's pretty much it.


His jacket's all the way up unlike in his first appearance. Nopony would see it in such a state.

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