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[Displaced] When our hero went to a costume party, he never expected to end up in pretty pink pony land as Fairy Tail's most badass fire dragon. After an interesting turn of events, he is now the Red Diamond, the King of the Crystal Empire!

Be ready for humor, fights, and maybe avoiding responsibilities.

[All Fairy Tail characters used are not mine, only the creator's. Please don't hate me...]

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I thought this was gonna be a Displaced Duke Nukem. Boy, was I wrong? XD

Why have Duke Nukem when you can have a flying spicy dinosaur?

No, I meant when I saw the title, my first thoughts were that I mentioned in the first comment.

I now see my mistake. Please forgive me, sir.

Hm... not the typical Displaced. But I still want to se more before I give a final judge to the story.

Sombras definitely is gonna die horribly. Igneel's fire can be hotter then the sun, and can be felt even from miles away. Sombras only has Crystal and shadow attacks, not really powerful ones at that. Sombra only flings stuff at his foes in an overwhelming manner. Plus Igneel fought Acnologia, Sombra is gonna get one shot by Igneel when he shows up and we know Sombras ego is so big that he probably thinks that he can kill Igneel no problem. Can't wait to see Sombra get stomped into the ground

Oh yeah, love your other story too

Well, MC at least you're not this jackass...
I would think lava would be stupidly good for you do to all the minerals and shit...

Unfortunately, it is still melted rocks and doesn't feel good coming out of that end, especially when it's cooled down to being solid.

I was listening to Hail to the King by Avenged Sevenfold when I named this, the rest is purely coincidental.
That is pretty funny though.

8555746 Well, the other HttK is hilarious.

Seriously, don't eat or drink during it; you WILL choke and/or do spit-takes with frequency. I laughed so hard I cramped up.

Thing is, I was looking at that story when I saw the notice for this one. Coincidence!

Well...I GUESS!?

Lava soup. Im fine with this.

The first thing the went through my mind when I saw the title was Hail to the King by Avenged Sevenfold.

Well this looks like it could be fun :twilightsmile:

Um... Igneel was never Fairy Tails fire dragon officially, only by technicallity since he was inside Natsu (and the technicallity is a stretch really...)


this comment seems odd for some reason. remind me to come back to it after i read this story.

:applejackconfused: should I open a betting table on how spike will react when seeing this guy??

Hahahahaha dam this chapter made me laugh much harder then it probably should have. I love stories in this kind of crazy style so I hope you continue it

The story certainly has promise, but I think it's moving way too fast. A month passed in under 1200 words! What was our protagonist doing that whole time? I'd love more depth and development here in terms of both character and plot. You might have awesome ideas you want to get out quickly, but it's okay to slow down to give a story room to breathe and let the readers immerse themselves in your world.

It seems like you're a new author on this site. If you haven't already, you might check out this helpful writing guide.

I don't say this to get you down but to encourage you. This story has a lot of potential, and I'm going to be following it. I look forward to seeing what you can do.

Wasn’t there another Hail to the King with King Sombrero, Or am I hallucinating?

8557407 There's this one: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/122954/hail-to-the-king

It's friggin' hilarious. Seriously, don't eat or drink while reading it.

I look forward to where you go with this story.

Is this going to be Igneel at full power or post-acnologia when he got his soul removed?

Is there a magic sword of dragon slaying in my lair?


If it looks like this, you need to run. Very far. Very fast.

Is the title supposed to be an avenged sevenfold reference?

Damn it! I had a similar idea, never finished the first chapter though.
Anyway, good story so far and it has potential.
Now I'm unsure if I should publish my story, but knowing myself it will probably be changed into something else.

hello my fellow side-tracker!
I expect the next chapter delayed till next year?
I can't WAIT!

I Wonder what's gonna happen next when the True Heir Returns to reclaim the Empire?

Either way...I look forward to seeing what happens next.

That won't happen for a few thousand years, but I've got an idea of how it will go~!

Family first. Random people on the interwebs can wait. =)

Two possible results:
A. She gets the throne because the paperwork got too annoying. Or B. He tells her no and asks her to have a nice day bidding her farewell.

literally looked away for a minute and another chapter is out...

Trust me when I say it won't happen again, sadly...

He certainly didn't see that coming did he. I look forward to seeing how the Crystal Empires neighbors will react to when they find out about the new Dragon King of the Crystal Empire.

Oh i'm curious since Igneel is so far back in the Equestria past, that Celestia and Luna are apparently fillies. Will we be seeing Igneel meeting any of notable MLP villains besides Discord, like the Dazzlings or Tirek?

I don't know why but I got the weird image of one of the Dazzlings, if not all three of them falling for Igneel and fighting over him with other mares.

The king is the dead, all hail the new, fire breathing, more badass king :pinkiecrazy:

Fuck bring king paperwork sucks.

It was a bit smaller than a normal dragon. It's body was more similar to a Minotaur than any dragon Sombra ever saw. It's head was of a different shape, not slender but bulky. There were many other differences, but it was, undoubtedly, a dragon.

I don't know, Igneel was pretty big in the series.
Body wise Igneel is actually pretty similar to Dragon Lord Torch.


Fun fact, I was legitimately terrified of everything pink for, like, a week because of her.

Felt a little too short if I'm honest but other than that keep up the good work. Also waiting on Luna Tia to show up.

Well...At least they didn't accused him for stealing & claiming the Empire after killing Sombra. Thought the Princesses would wrongly accuse Igneel for being a new tyrant of the empire and for being a dragon.

But I have a feeling that I probably spoke too soon.

Very well.

Despite this being the Author's Story...I'm probably gonna go with Option B. The Princesses haven't been exactly doing a good job as both Rulers and Protectors of Equestria. Granted that nobody is perfect and everybody is bound to make mistakes. But the mistakes that both princesses have made in the past cannot be easily ignored.

All three bowed in greeting to me, the announcer confirming my suspicions about their names. I bowed to them, a bit awkwardly might I add, but it was the respectable thing to do. Now putting on my ‘Sebastian Impression.’

OH HO, Black Butler reference, nice :pinkiecrazy:

Department of Defence is basically our new military, which is headed by a sweet but intense mare called General Rose Quartz. They deal with everything violence related, from police to castle guards to the army.

1. should be defense.
2. shoulda seen rose being a thing...

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