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So let me tell you about a time, back when I knew many, and was hated by non. Back when I traveled the land more frequently, exploring new lands and 'waters' as I so pleased. In this here land I met quite a few colorful individuals, and that is something that is quite literal in meaning.

But I will start with two who started the chain of events that landed me in my current disposition. A husband and wife, the last of their kind in this wide open world. They were traveling through my main home, a swamp within a stretch of land the locals saw as foul and unruly, the two looking withered and disheveled, same as the current decorum around them. The wife, a pearlescent white alicorn with a mane of sunset alerted her mate when she heard my sirens call

"Hmmmm, hum hum, hum, hum hum hum."

She alerted her darker counterpart, and after hearing it only once they went to investigate for they could not resist the call, they could not sate their curiosity, their desire... just like all thee other's. They walked and wandered looking all around while following the call, until they stumbled apon me sitting on a fallen tree in the middle of a stagnant body of water, cutoff from the rest of the swamp by a landslide. I then looked to them staring at my form in shock.

"Oh hello there!" I announced, "I'm sorry if my little song disturbed your stroll threw my home, I was just trying something that usually appeases my boredom. I wasn't counting on visitors, let me get you two a meal~" I purr jumping into the water and coming up behind them with two plates full of locally grown roots and foliage, perfectly safe for digestion. I put the two plate on a log separating us, the sound of the action make the two jump in surprise, "Here you are, please feed you hunger, I'm someone who loves to feed others, for I can't stand to see others starve!"

They both look at me and my offerings in surprise, not knowing what to do. But the wife, obisly the braver and more trusting of the two stepped up and took a nibble at a carrot and hummed in delight. The husband soon followed in the same motion, also enjoying the meal I have presented to them.

"Good! Eat, it is a terrible thing to be hungry~" I tell them, as they stuff their faces in delight. I take out my own meal, a simple fish with some lemon and pepper. I also pull out some wine and a few glasses, poring us all a beverage to mix with the flavors. They see my meal and slow down a little, before they quickly accepted it, their famine driving them past their instinct.

They wife slows down, before asking me a simple question, "Who and what are you?" she asks, " I wish not to be rude, but you are different from anything we have seen." she asks trying to not to offend, making me chuckle.

"I do not mind, I'm hard to offend and your curiosity, beauty and courage deserves my admirations~" I sipped my wine, " I have gone by many names throughout my time here. Some call me King, others demon. I'm both loved and feared, but my true persona is a mantle I took up long ago, call me Tahm Kench, or just Tahm." I say finishing off my meal quickly taking out a hankercheif to clean my well groomed beard and elegant moustache.

"Tahm," the husband asked, " why arth thou called demon?"

"You see I have hungers that aren't easily satisfied, and I don't usually get many guests, so I make deals with others to get what I want, since I am chased out and denied entry to any town or establishment. Those who call me demon are those who don't hold up their end of the bargain."

"What do you ask for, and in return for what?" he asks again.

"I ask for all sorts of things, but I mostly just ask for help, for them to open their doors to me if I so ask, nice meal and warm bed until my hunger is completed." I say adjusting my hat and then checkin my nails for dirt, "What I give is anything one might desire, gold, fame, a new life in a new land, a second chance, or anything within my power." I then lean over to them and quietly ask, "Are you two in need for such a deal? I would be happy to provide anything you need~"

They both looked at each other before nuzzling, "Could we ask for two things?" said the wife.

I then leaned back and hummed, "I normally don't allow such a thing, but for a couple as nice as you two, I can make an acceptation. So, what is it you two desire?" I ask with a smile.

"We wish to restart our kingdom in this new land, for the windegos of the north have defiled our old lands, make them unable to bare life." the Ebony husband said with a pain in his voice.

"That is something within my power son," I then looked at the wife, "Now what is it you wish?" I ask the mare.

She looked down, at her former meal, "I've always wanted to be a mother, but sadly I am as barren as our old home Tahm... I only wish to have kids, so we may continue our race, and I can be a mother."

I smile, "Done and done. But when you see me, remember you must let me in, understood? Anytime, anywhere, and you must satisfy me, understood?" I held out my green hand, with random gold rings decorating it.

They shook their heads in agreement, and the wife shook my hand, "Deal." I then started to prepare myself for the voyage, ready to transform into my monstrous self, and fishing two potions out of my pockets, one pink and the other blue, deciding on the pink one to leave with them. But the wife had one more question, "Why are you called King?"

I look back at here with my gleming yellow eyes, "Because the world is a river, and I am it's King~"

League of Legends Displaced fic with Humanized Tahm Kench.

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Fantastic start! Keep it up!

I don't think you're meant to put the entire first chapter in the summary.

Interesting, this has potential. :twilightsmile:

I can't wait for it is a good story so far:twilightsmile:

7429349 Wanted to give it a bit of the Tahm Kench trailer vibe, plus I always have really bad discerptions.

7429349 But I really like this one, and I think it came close to what I was going for, so I'm happy with it.

Tahm Kench?


Should be interesting to see where it goes, if it doesn't die like most Displaced stories do.
Seems those that have l crossovers tend to die quicker and more frequently.

This has peaked my intrest. Good job, can't wait to see more.

Tahm klench has klenched many butts, well, at least mine becuse of this story.

Tahm Kench, just your friendly neighborhood crossroads demon. I NEED MOAR!!!

So he created his world's version of the Windigos? I wonder how low he can go.

So once again the ponies are cause of the worlds biggest problems, so not surprised.
Waiting for more

if this story is still being worked on i will happily follow you and even help you for a price of course XD

Well I hope the story isn't dead, because you hooked me easy.

I like league of legend, I like the lore of the game, but Tahm Kench, who has an amazing teaser by the way, is not really a figurehead of the game (instead of a certain fox) and thus, isn't really used for all its worth.

here i am awaiting more, but the authors gone right out the door

here i am awaiting some pages but without an update its been ages

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