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I am the storm.
I have sundered the skies, and torn the earth in half. I have broken Olympus, and spawned a brood so vile and toxic that the earth itself shudders when they walk. My steps are like earthquakes, and my breath is a hurricane.
In ages past, I was struck down by a treacherous blow, and brought into imprisonment.
Now, I am free.
A Displaced Story.

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 32 )

My god... This is awesome!

I try my best :D

Dat scale... wow... stuff gonna get dead :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Holy frick, this story is amazing! The sheer awe that you inspire with your writing astounds me. And geez, you really had to go and use Typhon?! The thing that gods and titans fear?! How in the world did anyone even imprison him?!

A freaking DRAKON?! Are you trying to get the world killed?!

I love it :pinkiecrazy:.

Oh boy. This is going to be awesome! I would like the story twice, but I can't. :ajsleepy:

Something tells me this is going to turn into The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies but better...except without Smaug...dang it!

A human playing the role of the "voice in your head" to some terrible evil instead of the otherway around, how unique.

It's been great fun to read so far, Looking forward to more.

And watch we'll once again have a being who's too powerful for the ponies to beat and so Equestria becomes his playing ground and the Mane 6, Celestia, and Luna all become his bitches.... though in this case it'd make sense. Typhon is THE MOST POWERFUL Greek monster ever born so.... if that does happen? I'd be a okay... and if you do have them beat him let it be legit and make sense such as they don't kill him but instead are only able to imprison him again.... this time in a prison that poisons him with voices that remind him of how much he f***ed up. I'd be up with that.

Hm..... I do have one thing to say about this.... EPIC. Also are we going to actually see Tartarus The Spirit of the Abyss and Cronus the Master of Time?

hmm.... who is taking control?

We wonder WHO would keep the world's sun and moon going if 'Typhon' were to slay the sisters, or would he imprison them in a 'bird cage' so life keeps going with the ponies knocked from their 'pedestal' of superiority?

Like dragons, but more serpentine, and greek.
Most 'dragons' in greek myth are considered drakon, Ladon being the most famous for guarding the fruits of immortality.

*looks at scale*


The particular iteration of Typhon is from a game called Titan Quest.

Daar ofaal rinik kahriil

YES YES, DOWN with the xenophobic ponies that also have WAY to much of a superiority complex. Seriously, for much magic they have at their beck and call the only reason they still survive as a country is the threat of tia directing a solar flare at everyone else's countries

Author's Note:
Typhon 1, Celestia 0.

like it's a surprise

....heh...heheh...hahaha.hahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!! YES MORE WAR, DESTRUCTION. I NEED MORE HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!:pinkiecrazy:

Congratulations on making Typhon a merely impossible challenge rather than a suicide attempt. The Father of monsters and Titan of Storms is the only one the gods of Olympus dared not challenge for his command and instead simply trapped his immense power within a certain box with one small light. And then separated his body into parts that continued to live. You are writing a story without Pandora's Box and Typhon is struggling. His whispers are thunder and his body is lightning and cloud yet he is struggling with mortal opponents. Congratulations on failing proper lore for your character and giving him a body that can be touched.

The crystal heart is an infinite magical well, as long as the empire is filled with good cheer and love. I’m certain our empire will be safe.” Cadance assured her.

So... It's an infinite food source to Tirek?

He's ugly. i expected a storm giant from percy jackson series

Like a giant lizard thats snake like. Similar to dragons

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