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I was once a poor Fate Dealer, that is until I was killed for doing my job and landed in Equestria as The Dealer. Now once again for doing my job I am stoned. And now all I want is to live in peace and I plan on doing just that. But Fate seems to love curve balls as she keeps sending them at me. But I will survive and help others with my fortunes.

I have no idea who owns the cover art but if they don't want me to use it then they can PM me.

Fallout: Equestria Project Horizons Displaced

The Dealer Displaced

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I rather enjoy the premise of this story, though the flow as of right now seems a bit choppy. I am impressed, as I have not come across too many stories using the archetype of the seer, I hope to see a promising story like this bear fruit!

You built a dam in the flow.

yay, metaphorical puns...

We simply state the story written and all the factors for it, are reduced to rubbish by how 'immersion breaking' tis bestowed onto our eyes.

um....that was...well extremely rushed and I don't think anyone would calm down after a few second when a skeleton started talking to them. or that they would calmly bring it into the castle the moment the other arrived.

If this thing is what Celestia thinks it is I can see Celestia reacting as she did at first but she would calm down when she realized he clearly ahs no idea what she is talking about.

also this Dealer wouldn't be so calm to find he is a skeleton and has no memory. at least not as fast as he was calmed.

this had a very interesting concept but it is being rushed like a bullet train at full speed.

so....in all that time Celestia never once questioned Dealer and found out he has no idea what she is talking about?

and if she hates him so much why did she bring Twilight to see him?

there are some glaring logic problems here.

6937781 Sorry, for the memory thing I should have made it more clear that he has bits and pieces of The Dealer's memories from his original Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons version. And tha the will get more of his actual memories as the story progresses.

6937796 She still hates him, but in that time period of a thousand years or so she has calmed down and has begun to have some doubts, with most of the hate now coming from the fact that he predicted Luna's corruption and that she didn't see it coming.

6937807 hmm...alright, I can see that. Though I do still think you need to slow up a bit on the speed of the chapters as events happen rather rapidly leaving no time for some one to digest what is gong on.

as I said I love the concept as The Dealer was one of my favorite characters from Project Horizons.

“So you think it’s alright to divulge other people’s secrets without their consent do you? I guess I will have to fix that won't I? She said to me as she cocked the hammer back and prepared to shoot me. “Any last words?”
“Yes, the true fortune of your cards is as follows. When the Sun sets, you're death will be long and tortuous, and when you are found no one will weep for you because of what you did to your friends.” I said without knowing where the words were coming from.

*pepares a mini nuke LAWNCHER!*

It was at this time that Princess Celestia burst in with a squad of Royal Guards and said to Dealer. “You are under arrest for conspiring to overthrow the crown, now guards take this thing away.” She said and then turned to me and told me that if I spoke of this to anyone I would be put to death.

... is... is celestia evil? i mean he only did his job

6883826 this is 2spooky4me spooky scary skelesans want a tu-toriel? eggcellent day

6975113 Maybe maybe not. You will need to continue reading to find out

7245020 It will take a few months at the minimum mate, but rest assured. I will get you more.

Please comrade continue this story it is something I've never read ever on this site

7675163 God I wish I could. But writers block is a bitch.

7676726 I understand comrade but when you can do it

What you get blocked for?

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