Lets Deal

by Trithtale

First published

I was once a poor Fate Dealer, that is until I was killed for doing my job and landed in Equestria as The Dealer. Now once again for doing my job I am stoned. And now all I want is to live in peace and I plan on doing just that.

I was once a poor Fate Dealer, that is until I was killed for doing my job and landed in Equestria as The Dealer. Now once again for doing my job I am stoned. And now all I want is to live in peace and I plan on doing just that. But Fate seems to love curve balls as she keeps sending them at me. But I will survive and help others with my fortunes.

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Fallout: Equestria Project Horizons Displaced

The Dealer Displaced

Dealt the Hand of Fate

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“Let me ask you a question, have you ever in your life felt guilt over what you have done to others? Have you done unspeakable acts? Do you want to do all you can to fix that which you have done? Well wait no longer, just take a seat at this here table and let the Cards of Fate help you.” I said to the group of people in front of me as I shuffled my cards and waited for someone to take me up on my offer.

“Alright Dealer lets see what the cards have in store for me.” I heard a teen, probably about 16 say to me as she takes a seat at my table.

“Hmm, lets see draw three cards, look at them, then lay them face up on the table.” I tell her and she does as such. Drawing the Celestia, the Knife, and the Body. “Hmm, you have committed a great crime by both this world's standards haven’t you?” I whisper to her and then tell the crowd as I take the cards and reshuffle them. “What she has drawn is the Flower, the Puddle, and the wanderer cards. Which can only mean she has caused great suffering to those that were at one point her friend. She betrayed their trust, and did great harm to them, and for this she was cast away from society and made to live as a wanderer.” I said to the crowd and as I did this I noticed that the girl was visibly shaking and was reaching for something in her jacket, and as she withdrew her hand I noticed she was clutching a .44 magnum.

“So you think it’s alright to divulge other people’s secrets without their consent do you? I guess I will have to fix that won't I? She said to me as she cocked the hammer back and prepared to shoot me. “Any last words?”

“Yes, the true fortune of your cards is as follows. When the Sun sets, you're death will be long and tortuous, and when you are found no one will weep for you because of what you did to your friends.” I said without knowing where the words were coming from.

“Bold words for a dead man, now make peace with your gods.... Good now die.” She said to me, pulled the trigger, then all I saw was black.

The Hand I Have Been Dealt

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P.O.V Private Shining Spear

‘Sir, who do you think this was?” I asked as I looked at the stallion’s skeleton that was laying on the forest floor not twenty feet from the castle gates.

“I don’t know private but keep an eye on it, I’m going to go and get the Captain.” The sergeant said to me as he left.

“Yes sir, I’ll just wait right here. *Sigh* Why do I have to look after the pony skeleton.” I said to myself and after waiting five minutes decided to take a closer look at it. --And I noticed that it was wearing cloths that you wouldn’t normally see somepony wear into the forest. I mean who wears a brown duster and cowpony hat into a dark forest?-- It was at that point that the skeleton turned its head towards me and spoke.

“Ahh what the fuck?! Who are you? Where am I? What are you?!” The skeleton said to me and I admit I may have squealed like a filly and after calming down, I tried to calm the skeleton down.

“Calm down sir. There is no need to freak out. Just calm down and answer some questions.” I tell what I guess is a sir from the voice, and I couldn't help but wonder just how a skeleton can talk.

“Alright... alright I’m calm, I’m calm. Now what are your question?

“What is your name? Can you tell me your name?” I ask.

“I-I don’t know, all I can remember is being called The Dealer.” Dealer tells me and before I can ask him another question the Sergeant and Captain Bright Light arrive.

“Private, what is the care to explain why you are talking to a skeleton?” The Captain asked me.

“He was freaking out and I was trying to calm him down by asking him a few questions, but before you arrived all I got was that he goes by The Dealer.”

“I guess since you found something out I’ll let you off this time, but don’t make it a habit to question unknown beings that just strangely appear in front of the castle. Ok?” Captain Bright Light said to me.

“Yes sir, and shouldn’t we bring him to the castle?” I asked

“ Your right we should. Come on Mr. Dealer lets go.” The captain said to Dealer and off we went.

Thirty Minutes Later

We were about ten minutes into questioning Dealer when the interrogation rooms door was opened and in stepped the Princesses.

“We heard that you brought in a, what was it oh yes, a skeleton stallion. Is this true? Princess Celestia asked before noticing Dealer and her voice became very hard.

“What do you want with my ponies agent of fate? I thought I told your master to leave this world alone. So what do you want? Tell me?!” She demanded of Dealer and I could somehow tell she was scaring him.

“Princess, your scaring him.” I said to her, and she turned her glare on me.

“That’s the point Private. And you are not welcome here Agent of Fate. Now begone from this world.” She said to Dealer and as we waited for something to happen all we saw was Dealer cowering under the table.

“Celestia, what has gotten into you. You are terrorising this young err... stallion for something he is clearly not.” Princess Luna said to Princess Celestia and while the two of the began to argue I saw dealer come out from under the table and ask the Princess’ if they wanted to play a game.

“I refuse to play any kind of game with one who serves Fate.” Princess Celestia said in reply, while Princess Luna accepted.

“That is good news then. My talents will not be wasted.” He said as he drew from a pocket inside his cloak a deck of cards. “Now I will deal you three cards from this deck and lay them face up and I will tell you what your future holds in store for you.” He said to Princess Luna.

“Alright then deal me in, good fortune teller.” She said and he drew three cards then he said.

“You have the Knife, the Nightmare, and the desert. These cards symbolize that you will be betrayed, corrupted, then banished. This is what awaits you in the future, this is set in time and cannot be changed no matter what. I suggest you make peace with whatever you need to as soon as you can. This is what I see in your future, I hope your sister can find forgiveness in her heart for what must be done.” Dealer said before passing out, and I just barely caught sight of Princess Luna’s face before she teleported away... her face showed the emotions of one that had just been told that someone they cared for had died.

It was at this time that Princess Celestia burst in with a squad of Royal Guards and said to Dealer. “You are under arrest for conspiring to overthrow the crown, now guards take this thing away.” She said and then turned to me and told me that if I spoke of this to anyone I would be put to death.

How Long Has It Been?

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“Now my student, I want you to be careful when talking to him. He hasn’t had the best opinion of me, since ever.” I heard being said as my cell was flooded with light from the door being opened and in walked the one who sentenced me here and a little filly who I am guessing is her student.

“Where is he Princess? All I can see is a hanging skeleton.” The filly asked.

“Why doesn’t he introduce himself? We're waiting Dealer, go on introduce yourself.” I was told to do, but she never told me how to do it.

“Little filly would you like to play a game?” I ask as I let my card deck slide free from my right sleeve into my hoof.

“What kind of game?” She asked

“Why a card game, what else would I have to play for the last 999 years?” I ask and after a few moments she agrees to play a game and without asking Celestia’s permission conjures a table and releases me from my chains.

“Alright little miss I want you to choose three cards. You to Celestia, choose three just like your sister did.” I said to both the filly and Celestia and I could feel the glare that she leveled at me without even looking at her as I watched the filly chose three and she picked three in her magic.

“Alright lay them on the table face up. Alright now you little filly have chose Magic, Friendship, and Destiny. These cards represent that you are fated to have great magical power, this power will be wielded with friends, for it is all a part of Destiny’s plan. And you Celestia have drawn the Moon, the Nightmare, and the Sistership cards. These cards show that your sister will return one day from the Moon, still corrupted, but will within days be purified and your sister will be returned to you. Now any questions, little filly?” I ask the filly.

“Yes, I was wondering how you got here? Could you tell us?” The filly asks.

“I am sorry little one, but it seems that even after all this time Celestia here still doesn’t want her little ponies to be around me for very long.” I said to her, still feeling that hateful gaze focused towards me, though slightly lessened at the news that her sister being returned. And after I said this the filly and Celestia left, but not before giving me one last glare and putting the chains back on me and putting my cards in my inside coat pocket to where I couldn’t reach them.

What Just Happened?

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“Ugg, it seems after one thousand and fifteen years, boredom has finally caught up to me and there is nothing to relieve it. *Sigh* And the hunger is not helping either. I already wish that something interesting would happen. Hell I would even take Celestia coming down here to release some pent up anger, than this boredom.” I say and while it wasn’t Celestia coming down here, it was someone familiar. A pink alicorn in particular, but she was looking decidedly more evil than when I previously saw her.

“Hmm what have we here? Well, it seems that Celestia does have some dark secrets. I mean, even I wouldn’t starve someone to death and leave their body to rot till even their flesh is gone. But, I better continue on.” Was all she said before continuing on her way down the hall, and I let out a sigh of relief. And an hour later, I saw what I think is an imposter walk by my cell again towards the exit, but this time I noticed two glowing lights coming from the cell across from me. Lights that look almost the same as what passes for my eyes. And it was then that I realized what I was looking at.

“Hey! You there, in the cell. When did you get here and what’s your name?” I call out to the being in the cell across from me. The light blue eyes then blinked as the sound of a steps echoed across the otherwise empty cells. I then saw a bipedal figure wearing boots, jeans, and a heavy coat and hood set up. It was wearing a mask which lenses glowed sky blue, It then spoke and asked “Shall you return peacefully?”

“Return peacefully? Return what? Also, you are giving me the rumblies mate. So, maybe back up a bit. Unless of course you don’t need that hand?” I asked, starting to get very hungry from the smell of fresh meat.

“Robotics are hard to digest.” Said the figure from within the cell it had appeared. “And shall you return home peacefully?”

“Sorry mate, but even if I wanted to. I couldn’t, because I kinda died there. Sooo I’m gonna have to go with no.” I told the guy.

“The barrier of death is not an issue.” He speaks then walking through the cell bars stepping closer to mine. “But if you refuse my offer one more time. Then I shall release you so that you may fight with the others.”

“If I fight, can I get some, how should I say, “fresh meat?” I ask, with the hunger starting to reach painful levels.

“You’re feeding habits are not relevant to me. Do as you wish, just know that a War is coming for the likes of you Displaced that have refused this offer.” He then snaps and my chains are released as well as the cell door opening.

“Yeah, I think I’m going to go with a no on that home thing. So, the question for now is, how long it takes for me to-” Was all I got out before I bolted for the door.

The bipedal watched Dealer leave before raising a hand to its ear. “Displaced returnment failed. They have another. He then stays silent as he listens to a new command “Understood, Pursuit will commence.” He then started walking for the door and slowly faded from sight with cloaking spells and technology. And during all of this, there was someone hiding in one of the cells down the hall. This person was dressed in a GRU dress Uniform with a red beret and two revolvers holstered on his hip and back with a buzz cut. This man was known as Adam, A.K.A Ocelot.